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An extra benefit is any special arrangement by a WSU employee or a representative of WSU's athletics interests (i.e., a booster) to provide you, your relatives, or your friends with any benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Receipt of such a benefit is an NCAA rules violation unless it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to all WSU students, or is available to a particular segment of the student body on a basis unrelated to athletics ability.

Accepting an extra benefit or preferential treatment can have serious effects on your athletics eligibility. Some examples of impermissible benefits include the acceptance of cash, a discount on any services because of your athletics reputation, free food at a restaurant, or lodging and transportation. It is permissible to accept an occasional meal from a member of the Athletics Department Staff or a booster, but you must check with your coach or the Compliance Office prior to the meal. Boosters are only to provide an occasional meal in their own home. If you are ever in doubt about a gift, benefit, or service, ask your coach or a member of the compliance staff.


As a student-athlete at WSU, you will come into contact with many of our support groups and/or individuals who have made financial contributions to the Athletics Department or to the Cougar Athletic Fund. These people, better known as "boosters," or "representatives of athletics interests", may want to associate with you.

Washington State University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is responsible for the control and conduct of the intercollegiate athletics program, and this responsibility includes accountability for the acts of athletics representatives (i.e., boosters). Once an individual has been identified as a representative of athletics interests, he or she retains that identity forever and is governed by the same NCAA and WSU rules and regulations as our athletics staff members.

For more information about what a booster can and cannot do in regard to current student-athletes please refer to the "Boosters, Alumni and Fans" section.

Receiving Benefits from Former WSU Student-Athletes

Extra benefit rules include benefits that may be provided to you by former WSU student-athletes. In general, you may only accept benefits from former student-athletes if the person was a teammate of yours at WSU and if the benefits are similar in nature as that provided when you were both in school. For example, if a former teammate wishes to return to campus on an occasional basis and treat you to dinner, that would not be considered an extra benefit.

Examples of activities that are NOT permissible include:

  • ► A former student-athlete paying transportation, lodging and meal expenses for you to attend a professional athletics contest in which the former student-athlete will be a participant
  • ► A former student-athlete providing you with rent-free housing
  • ► A former student-athlete providing you with a vehicle or use of a vehicle

Things that the NCAA considers to be Extra Benefits

  • ► Discounts or credit on purchases
  • ► Free or reduced-cost services (i.e., services provided at less than the normal rate)
  • ► Use of telephone and credit cards for personal reasons without charge or at a reduced cost
  • ► Permitting a student-athlete to use your personal property
  • ► Providing money either by gift or by loan
  • ► Any other tangible items (e.g., clothes, tickets, meals)
  • ► Providing free or reduced rate housing for a student-athlete

REMEMBER: If you are not sure whether you can do something, please call the Compliance Office in the WSU athletics department. We would rather you be safe than sorry!