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Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/02/2005
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I've got to give a lot of credit to Idaho, in a years time they've made tremendous progress. They're a bigger, stronger, faster looking football team. We might have let up a little bit, but when the crunch was on I thought they really battled and did a nice job. Our defense saved us I thought in the first have. We kept putting them in poor field position. You know, penalties and roughing the kicker. Some foolish mistakes we can clean up

They battled and held them to field goals instead of touchdowns.

I was pleased with the second half. I thought we came out and played better. We are a little bigger and I think we wore them down.

I thought Alex Brink played a great game. He threw the ball well.

The kicking game was good except Bump (Bumpus) tried to make a play and turned the ball over. That was a foolish error. He wont' do that again.

I'm happy to have the win and hats off to coach Holt and his staff, I think they have done a nice job.

I didn't think he (Brink) was shaky. He had some balls dropped. I thought he made a couple of great throws in the second half, a long throw to Hill and another one off his finger trips., then he made a nice pass on the corner route after the 15-yard penalty.

I think we are a better football team than we were a year ago.

We don't know how to put somebody away yet.

I think it (the game) finished just like it should.

Mkristo Bruce:
A win always feels good no matter how you get it. A lot of it was up front (Idaho's passing game), putting pressure on the Quarterback. The quarterback had a lot of time to throw the ball. The d-line can eliminate real fast.

Jerome Harrison
On the first one Bienemann hooked his man and then I think I ran off a Chris Jordan block. The next one down field was J. Hill. He saved me a lot of trouble on that one.

Troy Bienemann
I thought he played great (Alex Brink).

Alex Brink
I think the biggest thing is getting our first win under our belt. We jumped off to a big lead but we needed to stay consistent in the second quarter. We know what we need to work on. We've got to know when we jump out to a lead we need to keep the pedal down. It's nice to get the first win and its nice to improve.

Jerome Harrison:
A win is a win. Our defense played a good game. The offense picked up in the 3rd quarter. We didn't play four quarters. (Nick) Mihlhauser is a great general. (Our offensive line) takes care of me. I take a lot of pride running behind them...we take care of each other on and off (the field).


(on Harrison's 80-yard run) "We missed a couple of tackles on the first run, got cut down like a bunch of trees. That's what happens when you get cut and don't tackle very well. The rest of the night they didn't really do much as far as running the ball."

(on the start of the game) "All the stuff that we say in our program that can't happen, happened early. It was great to see the resilience of our football team that we came back and made it a game. There were some really good things out there. You can't let them get 14-0 on you. It's 14-0 and the offense hasn't even been out on the field yet. It could have got ugly but it just shows you the improvement of our football program. I am very proud that our kids are resilient. They just relaxed and started to play."

(on his quarterbacks) "I thought both of them played well. We have two quarterbacks that I think can help us win and we will go from there."

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