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Cougars in the NFL

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August 11 (11:06 p.m.)

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August 10 (6:05 p.m.)

New Logo, Highlight Video...

I promised photos of the new logo on Rogers Field, and you can see them on the photo gallery below. They are currently adding another logo to the second field, and there are a couple photos showcasing that as well.

Photo Gallery

Jared Prenguber put together another highlight video from today's practice (the logo can be seen there, too). Check out the accuracy of WSU's quarterbacks and Kristoff Williams' shifty moves below:

August 10 (5:34 p.m.)

Fall Camp Day Three...

The Cougars put the shoulder pads on for the first time today after wearing helmets, jerseys and shorts the last two days. It's still not full throttle, but that doesn't mean it's not full speed. With the addition of shoulder pads, you were able to catch a glimpse of what is coming Thursday with full pads, and it definitely got a lot louder.

When did it get the loudest? When Rickey Galvin carried the ball during scrimmage...

He took the handoff, got lost behind his linemen, emerged, then broke a tackle six or seven yards downfield, then went through another defender after picking up 10 more yards.

Jamal Atofau's hit on wide receiver Isiah Barton also made noise. But to the newcomer's credit, he bounced off and kept running.

I talked earlier about Marshall Lobbestael being out of his knee brace. Well, he was back in it today. Worry not, it is strictly precautionary. Also wearing knee braces were the offensive linemen - also precautionary.

I also talked earlier about the new turf on Rogers Field a couple days ago, and there was an addition to the field for today - a big crimson Cougar logo (I will get a photo posted soon).

Here is what Coach Wulff had to say after practice:

August 10 (12:14 p.m.)

Tuesday Links...

Vince Grippi of the Spokesman Review had THIS STORY on his blog last night (including notes). It also ran HERE, and heoffered MORE THOUGHTS this morning.

Lew Wright of the Examiner also had THIS RECAP.

If you missed THIS STORY yesterday on Husain Abdullah, check it out.

That's it for now. The Cougars hit the practice field again today at 2 p.m.

August 9 (6:11 p.m.)

Day Two Complete...

A few guys on the defensive side of the ball rested a little bit today, which gave opportunities for some new faces to step up and work with the ones and twos...

With Daniel Simmons resting, Nolan Washington was running with the ones opposite Aire Justin - who had a nice pass break-up during skelly (it's on the video link below).

And with Arthur Burns and Alex Hoffman-Ellis resting, Mike Ledgerwood moved to OLB, Hallston Higgins was the starting MLB and Myron Beck remained at OLB. The twos were a freshman trio of Eric Oertel and Darren Markle on the outside, and C.J. Mizell in the middle.

The team isn't hitting yet, but no one seems to be holding back. Sekope Kaufusi was running through people, and Casey Hamlett notched one of a few sacks of the afternoon scrimmage session.

Tuel had to scramble a bit more today, but he still gave the offense a few highlights. If there was an award for practice player of the day, it would go to Daniel Blackledge. He had two outstanding catches, and they are both on the video link below. As Blackledge was talking to Vince Grippi after practice, Nolan Washington walked by and told him he got lucky.

Blackledge was probably the player of the day, but the play of the day went to Marquess Wilson. A Tuel pass was a little high, but the freshman wide receiver went up - I swear his knees were helmet level with the defenders - and he came down with the ball. You're going to have to take my word for it, because it did not make the video.

Offensively, Coach Morton has said that he wants his offensive lineman to be able to play a number of positions. Today, Zack Williams moved inside to play a little bit of center, and Wade Jacobson then moved inside to play a little left guard. That moved David Gonzales from right tackle to left, and Micah Hannam was at right tackle. The right guard was former Moses Lake Chief B.J. Guerra.

The video that I alluded to a couple times earlier is below:

And here is a video with Coach Wulff from after practice:

Until tomorrow...

August 9 (11:24 a.m.)

Preparing for Day Two...

You've been waiting for months, and yesterday Cougar Football finally arrived. Here are a few links recapping the opening day of Fall Camp:

THIS ONE from Vince Grippi of the Spokesman Review, THIS ONE on CougFan and THIS ONE from Lew Wright of the Examiner.

CougFan also has a PHOTO GALLERY courtesy of the legendary Rod Commons.

I also put this together after practice, and I was planning on posting it last night once I got home. However, for some reason I kept getting error messages during the upload process. Ah well. This gives you something to watch this morning. It's only a minute...

If you haven't already, check out Cougar Football on Facebook (

August 8 (9:49 p.m.)

Photo Day Video...

I was back home in Moses Lake Saturday for my brother's going away party - the Cougar grad is moving to New York, hopefully will eventually make millions and then support me in retiring by the age of 35 - and I missed photo day. However, Bill Stevens put together a video from the day's events. Definitely worth checking out...

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

August 8 (6:20 p.m.)

Finally, Cougar Football is Back...

Much like you all, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I am absolutely, positively stoked for this season of Cougar Football. And all today did was add to the excitement. It was only one practice, but there was a lot to take from it.

At this point every year, friends are calling me about the newcomers, so let's talk about some of them...

Coach Wulff has said multiple times that a couple of the freshman wide receivers are going to have to play this year. If that scares some of you, it shouldn't. No one was in pads, but Kristoff Williams, Bobby Ratliff and Marquess Wilson all looked like they were already on the same page with the Cougar quarterbacks. The same goes for Isiah Barton, who caught a deep ball from Tuel along the sidelines.

Speaking of Tuel, he looked sharp. I don't chart his passes, so I'm not sure how many he missed on during skelly and scrimmage. But I can tell you it wasn't many. You could probably count them on one hand. Marshall Lobbestael said he was feeling great, and he wasn't wearing a brace on his knee, so that is a good sign.

Coach Rasmussen's tight ends looked great. Andrei Lintz and Skylar Stormo each caught deep balls while blanketed, and freshman Aaron Dunn made an amazing grab, adjusting and snatching an underthrown ball about three inches off the ground.

Rickey Galvin looks quick, real quick. The running back position is going to be fun to watch. There are a number of guys competing to win the starting job, and they should all be making each other better throughout camp. James Montgomery practiced, and he looks like he is pretty close to his old self.

Overall, it was a pretty good day for the offense. They celebrated on the final play of practice by taking a knee at the goal line.

I was primarily focused on the offense today, but Mike Ledgerwood made a couple of outstanding plays for the Cougar defense. He picked off one of the Cougar quarterbacks during skelly and took it in for a touchdown. And then during scrimmage he broke up a pass that was nearly intercepted by one of his teammates.

I have a couple of videos for you from after practice. Coach Wulff and Tuel each spoke with the media, and you can watch the videos below.

Only 28 more practices until the Cougars suit up against Oklahoma State. The team will hit the field again tomorrow at 2 p.m., in another helmets-only practice. I should have a couple more things for you tonight or tomorrow morning, so check back later for a couple more videos.

August 6 (5:55 p.m.)

Are you Ready?

Around 48 hours from now, you should be reading about WSU's first practice. But what to do until then?

I can help you pass about 10 minutes. Check out the video below to hear Coach Wulff's thoughts heading into Fall Camp, which begins Sunday at 2 p.m.

August 5 (10:11 a.m.)

A Couple Bits of News...

Planning on coming to Pullman this year for a game, but are unsure of where you are staying? Wanting to relive the glory days of dorm living and Rotunda dining? Well then I have an offer for you...


If you don't want to click the link to find out what I'm talking about, let me break it down for you. Gannon Hall is now available for lodging.

The USA Today Coaches' Poll will be RELEASED TOMORROW MORNING, and for the second-straight year, Coach Wulff will have a vote.

Enjoy your Thursday...

August 3 (10:10 a.m.)

Good Morning Cougar Fans...

A few links to pass along...

Vince Grippi has THIS STORY on James Montgomery's return this season.

Lew Wright has THIS PREVIEW of the 2010 season.

Check out THIS STORY on Jerome Harrison. Shout out to DarrowStreet on CougFan for finding it...

August 2 (2:02 p.m.)

A Couple Links to Pass Along...

Happy Monday to you all...

Let the countdown begin to Cougar Football. Less than six full days from now, fall camp will be underway. At that point, we can start the countdown to the season-opener at Oklahoma State.

I have a couple story links to pass along:

THIS ONE from Vince Grippi on the support Coach Wulff has from both the administration and his players...

THIS ONE on former Cougar defensive end Adam Braidwood, who is giving it another go in the CFL...

And THIS ONE from the Oregonian on how the Pac-10's new logo came to be...

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, and Go Cougs!

July 30 (3:56 p.m.)

Behind the Scenes at Media Day...

As promised, I have behind-the-scenes footage from yesterday's Pac-10 Media Day.

Before we get to the video, I have a few things I'd like to point out. The first is that this is my first foray into posting video content. The plan is to have a lot more of this type of stuff this year on the blog. But still, the quality will get better. I promise.

This brings me to my next point - the music will also get better. I have been trying for an hour to get some different music on the video. Unfortunately, this is currently beyond my scope, thus I had to choose from a drop-down menu consisting of six possibilities. And this little ditty was the clear winner. Seriously, believe it or not, by miles...

Finally, we will be unveiling a new way to access the blogs before fall camp gets underway. There will be new features that allow for more interactivity. You will be able to post comments, ask questions, etc. I will have more information next week, so stay tuned.

Without further ado...

July 30 (11:03 a.m.)

Plenty to Watch and Read from Media Day...

The first thing I want to do this morning in thank Kevin Kooyman. He did an outstanding job at Media Day yesterday. It is definitely an enjoyable experience, but it can get tiring. He was a perfect ambassador for Washington State Football, and he made Cougar Nation proud.

On to the videos...

I should have a behind-the-scenes video for you later today, but here are a few from the Pac-10: THIS FIRST ONE is absolutely awesome (my favorite part is about 1:56 into the video, where it talks about quarterbacks rising to the status of those that came before them, and then they show Drew Bledsoe).

They also have THIS ONE of Coach Wulff from New York and >a href="">THIS ONE of Wulff and Kooyman at the podium.

Now, the stories...

Vince Grippi at the Spokesman Review had THIS POST recapping what Wulff and Kooyman said at the podium, THIS POST on the Media Poll and THIS POST with his stories from Media Day.

Ted Miller of had THIS RECAP from when WSU was at the podium.

The New York Times has THIS STORY on the discussions that will be taking place at today's Athletic Directors meeting in Los Angeles. The Times also had THIS STORY on what the future might hold for a Pac-12 TV Network.

Howie Stalwick talked with WSU AD Bill Moos and had THIS STORY, which also covers some of what will be discussed today.

If you're longing for more from Media Day, check out Grippi's BLOG POST from this morning. He has plenty more to pass your Friday...

July 29 (5:11 p.m.)

Headed Home from Media Day...

Coach Wulff is staying behind for a function tonight with the Pac-10, but Kevin Kooyman, The Professor and myself are headed home.

It was a great day at the Rose Bowl, and you can check out some of what was going on in this Photo Gallery.

I posted more photos on Twitter today, and if you'd like to see them you can go to MY TWITTER PAGE (@WSUFootballBlog). I also brought the FlipCam, and will have a video for you all to check out tomorrow.

The day started with Wulff and Kooyman on the podium with print media, and then the two went through a series of interviews for television. They then made the rounds with different radio stations, Web sites and a few more TV stations before sitting down for lunch, where writers were able to get one-on-one interviews.

WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos was also making the rounds this afternoon in Pasadena, and wherever he went there was a buzz. There is definitely a common theme shared by people who know him - they are happy to have him back in the conference, and people know he is going to do great things for WSU.

I will have links, more photos and a video (hopefully) tomorrow, so check back for more from Media Day.

July 29 (8:33 a.m.)

Checking in from the Rose Bowl...

Just got off the bus and have arrived at the Rose Bowl for Pac-10 Media Day...

If you haven't already, there is still time to submit questions for Coach Wulff and Kevin Kooyman. You can send them via Twitter (@Pac10), and they may get asked by webcast host Steve Physioc. The webcast will begin at 9 a.m., and Wulff and Kooyman will be on the podium at 9:45 a.m.

You can watch the webcast live HERE.

If you submit questions for Kooyman that aren't asked on the Pac-10's webcast, go ahead and send them to me on Twitter (@WSUFootballBlog) and I will get as many of them answered as I can while we are at the airport headed back to Pullman.

I will try to post again today, but it is going to be pretty busy. I will be taking photos and I have the flip cam, so expect a video covering today's events to be up tomorrow.

July 28 (9:28 a.m.)

Pac-10 Media Day...

The Pacific-10 Conference made some major announcements yesterday in New York, unveiling its new logo and informing everyone that once Colorado and Utah join, the league will be called the Pac-12. But it wasn't just Commissioner Larry Scott making the rounds...

Coach Wulff was also on hand in New York for interviews with national media, and he continues the bicoastal media tour today at ESPN. He already joined Scott and the other nine Pac-10 head coaches to ring the NASDAQ opening bell this morning.

The Professor, myself and redshirt senior defensive end Kevin Kooyman are headed to Pasadena today, and we're having dinner with the other SIDs and student-athlete representatives this evening. Coach Wulff will join us later in the evening before we get up the next morning and head to the Rose Bowl.

Now that you're all caught up with our travel and dining plans, let's get to the important stuff you need to know for Media Day - how you can be involved and how you can follow along...

First things first - you can watch all of Pac-10 Media Day at the conference's newly-designed Web site. They will be streaming live HERE.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the coaches and players via the Pac-10 Twitter account (@Pac10). Questions may be submitted at any time leading up to the event or on the day itself. The best questions will be selected and asked by the webcast's host, Steve Physioc, who will be calling Pac-10 football games this season on Fox Sports Net.

The Media Day webcast will begin at 9 a.m. Coach Wulff and Kooyman are leading off for the coach/student-athlete portion at 9:45 a.m., but just in case you also want to submit questions for others, here is the complete schedule:

9:30 a.m. - Introduction - Dave Hirsch
9:35 a.m. - Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott
9:45 a.m. - Paul Wulff/DE Kevin Kooyman - Washington State
10:00 a.m. - Dennis Erickson/PK Thomas Weber - Arizona State
10:15 a.m. - Rick Neuheisel/FS Rahim Moore - UCLA
10:30 a.m. - Steve Sarkisian/LB Mason Foster - Washington
10:45 a.m. - Jeff Tedford/LB Mike Mohamed - California
11:00 a.m. - Break
11:15 a.m. - Lane Kiffin/QB Matt Barkley - USC
11:30 a.m. - Jim Harbaugh/LB, FB Owen Marecic - Stanford
11:45 a.m. - Mike Riley/RB Jacquizz Rodgers - Oregon State
Noon - Mike Stoops/QB Nick Foles - Arizona
12:15 p.m. - Chip Kelly/DT Brandon Bair - Oregon

I'm bringing a camera and our FlipCam, and I will pass along any pertinent information from Media Day, so check back here as well.

This is just the beginning Cougar fans. The 2010 season is around the corner...


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