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A crowd of 10,000 was on hand New Year's Day to watch as undefeated Washington State took on eastern power Brown University in the first of the continuous Rose Bowls. WSU used third and fourth quarter touchdown runs by Ralph Boone and Carl Dietz to shutout the Bruins 14-0. Brown entered the game a two-to-one favorite, despite a modest 5-3-1 record. The Bruins' 3-0 win over Yale was the key accomplishment that earned the Rhode Island team an invitation to play in the Rose Bowl. A cold spell, followed by a heavy rain and some snow for three days prior to the game, turned the playing field into a sea of mud that slowed both teams. Brown came close to scoring twice in the first half, but each time Washington State's defense, which had allowed just one field goal and one touchdown all season, rose to the task and halted the Bruins short of the goal line, once at the four-yard line. Bruin star Fritz Pollard gained just 47 yards in 13 carries. Pollard later became the first black named to a Walter Camp All-America team and was the first black head coach in the National Football League.
In the second half WSU's size advantage began to pay off as the Cougars took command, scoring once in each quarter. WSU's preparation for the game had been, to say the least, odd. Coach William "Lone Star'' Dietz, out of the Carlisle Indian School, and his Cougar squad served as extras in the football film "Tom Brown of Harvard'' each morning, then practiced for the bowl game during the afternoon. Each WSU player earned $100 for the 14 mornings of movie work. During practice sessions, Dietz appeared in his "classic" coaching attire: a silk hat, Prince Albert cutaway coat, striped pants, yellow gloves, and a walking stick. Originally known as the Pasadena Tournament of Roses East-West game (it was 1923 when the real Rose Bowl facility was completed that the name changed), the WSU-Brown game was played at Tournament Park.


WSU3Boone 3 run (Durham kick)
WSU4Dietz 4 run (Durham kick)


6 Harry "Hack" Applequist, g
14 Benton Bangs, h
10 Ralph Boone, h
7 Bert Brooks, t
2 Ace Clark (Captain)
8 Carl Deitz, f
15 Basil Doane, f
12 Arthur "Bull'' Durham, qb
5 M. Ray Finney, g
3 Roland M. "Fish" Fishback, g
11 Dick Hanley, h
17 Walter Herreid, t
21 Earl King, g
4 Albert Langdon, c
9 Ray Loomis, e
16 Silas Stites, g
1 Clarence Zimmerman, e
Frank Michaels
Clarence Boone

28-3 Oregon
29-0 @ Oregon State
41-0 @ Idaho
27-7 Montana
17-0 Whitman
48-0 @ Gonzaga
14-0 Brown (Rose Bowl)

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