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Captains' Corner

May 13, 2008

Hello Teammates!!

For a long time I've been wondering what am I going to do after graduation and if I was ready to leave good ole' Pullman and my teammates who I have grown to love. I was leaving you guys to go to Arizona next year to pursue a masters in occupational therapy. However on Saturday, as you all know, I pulled my hamstring in warm-ups. God is really good because had I pulled it the actual competition I would definitely be done with track for sure. However, currently the coaches and the trainers, and compliance are working to get a medical red shirt for the outdoor season so I can come back and be with you all for one last year.

To be honest, when I was healthy and wrapping up my season I would look around at all you guys and think of all the crazy memories we have developed and realized I wasn't ready to leave you all. I think our team has such a unique bond that many teams fail to even care about. I was talking to a friend from ASU and he said "why do you and your teammates hang out so much?" I was blown away when he said that because I assumed all teams were that close but they really aren't.

We have all been there to cheer each other on in the victories and encourage each other in our defeats. When I hurt my hamstring I realized how much I care about you guys and you care about me. I was in the training room after my injury on Saturday thinking to myself that I was gonna stay in there and just be mad because my season had come to an end. Then I realized my season isn't over I am still team captain and each one of you needs me to cheer you on. Just because I can't compete doesn't mean my team is done competing. So I wiped my tears off, fixed my face, grabbed my crutches and went outside to support our team to victory. Just because I couldn't get a point or so on the board doesn't mean I couldn't use my voice to cheer for you all. I was soo happy to see all of the women and the men who had stepped up and led the Cougs to victory. I may have been on crutches but I still went from event to event cheering on the Cougs. That's what it means to be a Coug. I'm proud of you all and good luck at Pac-10s. I hope I can come and be with you all.

Sarah Burns

Washington State Cougars Cougar Athletic Fund