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Past Entries


September 21, 2004

As a result of last weekend, we are now confident that we can defend Cougarland. We all are aware of the key components that got us a positive result against Pepperdine, such as good habits, staying sharp, being confident in our preparation along with many others. Overall we accomplished what we set out to do; although we experienced a mental lapse after the goal we were still able to regain focus and finish the job.

Returning to training today we took a step in the right direction toward consistency. Since we only have two days of practice on our home field, we need to take advantage of them and continue to instill our good habits and maintain focus. From the outside looking in, the intensity is high and the level of competition continues to escalate.

If we combine all of these contributing factors, we will continue to come out on top. As Matt always says, "Utah is now standing in our way," and it is our job to hold ourselves accountable and know our roles. BYU follows Utah; both will be tough games and in order for us to succeed we need to be at the top of our game.

All of our hard work and dedication continues to be noticed by those important! The only ones who know everything we go through and how much it means to us are each other. Let's prove it to ourselves; prove that Washington State University women's soccer deserves a look. An opportunity stands before us to make some noise; as Cougars we refuse to settle for less than our best, so let's give it all we've got. It is going to take numbers 1-30, do your part and be the best you can be today!

By: Junior midfielder Carmen Anderson

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