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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
June's Journal
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/18/2007
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I wanted to let you all get to know my staff and what their various jobs are. I started with my Associate Head Coach and husband, Mike Daugherty. As you read his "interesting" job description, you'll understand why I maybe should have waited on his.


The first thing I am in charge of in this program is keeping the head coach happy and content. This is pretty much a full time job and entails many aspects both on the job and off. Some of those aspects we will leave for another time. We will just concentrate on those that have to do with things that occur in the office and on the court.

My areas of responsibility include scheduling of just about everything that happens -- games, practices, Halloween parties, etc. Our head coach wants to play a nationally competitive preseason schedule with people that we can beat. She wants to play all of our games at home in front of large, rabid crowds. If we travel she wants to go someplace warm, preferably with a beach and a couple of days on either side to practice on her tan. We also can't go anywhere that a 747 can't land. Given these parameters I have been known to annoy the coach with my scheduling efforts.

One of my other responsibilities is offensive coordinator. My instructions are to make sure that we end up in the top three in scoring in the Pac-10 while playing an exciting brand of basketball that includes a lot of fast-break baskets, three point shooting and bruising interior play. I do my best every year to make sure by the end of the season that these things have been accomplished offensively.

I also direct player skill development and conditioning. I get a lot of help in these areas from our great strength coach David Lang and our assistants Bryan Holsinger and Mo Hines. It is good to have this help because if the head coach isn't happy with these areas I can always direct her attention to these three.

As you can tell by the tone of my blog, the Cougars' new head coach expects us to be good at our jobs and is always motivating us to be excellent in all the areas she puts us in charge of. I do my best to make sure that happens.

Welcome to the new era of Championship Cougar Basketball.

Back to work!!!

Mike Daugherty

Washington State Cougars Cougar Athletic Fund