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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Cougars Have Impressive First Day at Head of the Oklahoma
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/13/2007
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Oct. 13, 2007

The Washington State University Rowing team kicked off the 2007-08 season with a bang Saturday with first place finishes in both the Women's Collegiate Four and Women's Collegiate Eight races.

The varsity four boat, consisting of rowers Irena Neffeova, Karin Brevick, Amy Brevick, Hannah Rothstrom, and coxswain Corina Chilibeck posted a 16:21.398 finish, 16 seconds ahead of the second place team, The University of Tulsa. The second varsity four boat rounded out the top three with a time of 16:44.486.

The Cougars' success was contagious as the varsity eight took first in the Women's Collegiate Eight race and the second varsity eight took fourth, advancing both boats to the final night sprints Saturday evening.

At the NightSprint finals, the Cougars recorded first and fourth place finishes. The varsity eight crossed the finish line with a time of 1:33.679, finishing ahead of Pac-10 opponents UCLA and Stanford.

"It was a great start to the year," head coach Jane LaRiviere said. "I think we can call it a successful weekend."

Washington State University rowers also competed in the Women's Championship Pairs race posting fifth, sixth, eighth, and 11th place finishes.

The Cougars will continue Head of the Oklahoma action Sunday in the Women's Championship Eight race beginning at 11:10 a.m. central time.

Head of the Oklahoma
Oklahoma City
Saturday October 13, 2007

Women's Collegiate Four: 1.WSU A, 16:21.398; 2. University of Tulsa A, 16:37.183; 3. WSU B, 16:44.486; 4. Southern Methodist University B, 17:44.778; 5. University of Tulsa B, 17:50.037; 6. Duke University A, 17:51.717; 7. Southern Methodist University C, 17:58.792; 8. University of Tulsa C, 18:27.803; 9. Wichita State University A, 18:41.717; 10. Creighton Women's A, 18:43.305

Women's Championship Pairs: 1. Australia, 16:54.884; 2. University of Texas C, 18:17.655; 3. University of Texas F, 18:22.348; 4. University of Texas D, 18:54.655; 5. WSU B, 19:00.469; 6. WSU D, 19:05.675; 7. University of Texas G, 19:10.477; 8. WSU C, 19:20.885; 9. University of Texas B, 19:33.350; 10. University of Texas E, 19:49.267; 11. WSU A, 20:14.356

Women's Collegiate Eight NightSprint Qualifier: 1. WSU A, 15:03.554; 2. Stanford A, 15:08.169; 3. UCLA A, 15:08.558; 4. WSU B, 15:27.053; 5. University of Texas A, 15:27.215; 6. University of Central Florida, 15:31.813; 7. Duke University A, 15:35.207; 8. University of Texas C, 15:46.299; 9. Southern Methodist A, 16:03.128; 10. University of Central Florida B, 16:09.088

Women's Collegiate Eight NightSprint Final: 1. WSU A, 1:33.679; 2. UCLA, 1:36.836; 3. Stanford A, 1:37.225; 4. WSU B, 1:37.991; 5. University of Central Florida A, 1:39.081

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