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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 02/25/2009
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On the team's success on the road and busing the team up from Lewiston for home games...
"That might not be a bad idea. When we played Arizona they were in the hotel we were at. A lot of teams will put their teams on a Friday night in a hotel. Maybe that's a good idea. Those were nice (road) wins and that's a consideration for next year maybe."

On Arizona's unique challenges...
"They are certainly the top two teams...the best basketball our league has seen this year. At one point they were up big on UCLA, and that tells you something. (Nic) Wise is playing great basketball, he is so quick. They have your scoring point guard with great quickness, then that wing player who can get his own in a lot of different ways, sometimes they play him at the four, in (Chase) Budinger, then a dominant interior player. (Kyle) Fogg is playing at a high level, Zane Johnson, they have nice complimentary players, I don't even know if complimentary is the right word, they just have good players in there besides their big three that are contributing. They have a pressure system defensively when they want to turn it up that bothers a lot of people and it bothered us down there. They are playing good ball and are obviously playing with confidence. They certainly had every chance to beat Arizona State being down 17 and being able to turn it around that quick in a 10-minute span was impressive."

On the last homestand for seniors and Daven Harmeling's season...
"One of the neatest things I saw, and my dad even commented to me because he was at the UCLA game, you should have seen Daven on the bench coaching up. Just coaching those kids encouraging them during the game. Right when the game ended and we beat them he ran up into the stands and gave my Dad a big hug. He was probably as happy as anybody. There is a bigger picture going on here, he has perspective. Yes of course he is frustrated with his season and I wish he was shooting the ball at a higher clip and doing some things better but in the big picture, in the long run I'm just so pleased with how he's handled it and the season is not over yet and there is a lot of fight left in him. He'll have his chance and he'll have a chance to play a prominent role in a couple of these games coming up. I'm encouraged by how he's mentally being everything he can for the team and just his mindset. He's done some good things for us defensively, it's not all tied into shooting percentages. But certainly he wishes up to this point would have gone a little differently for him."

On reasons for Harmeling's shooting struggles...
"I can't. Shooting is a funny thing. I think he's worked at it. He's always been a little more of a streaky shooter. Mechanically his shot's a little different with a little more movement and motion and I think sometimes the consistency when you are a streaky shooter you can go on some streaks. It's not like he's been able to shoot 10 to 12 shots a game or get to the line a lot to get a shooter out a slump. The minutes he is playing and the role he is playing is usually 1 to 4 shots a game and that's tough. Where if you're getting double-digit shots you can sometimes find your stroke. And I know he's a conscientious kid and wants it so bad. He doesn't get to shoot his way out of it, but there is still season left so we'll see."

On the seniors' contributions to the program...
"Caleb (Forrest), probably the toughest kid we've had in our program since I've been here. He just shows up and competes and you never ever question if he gives you everything he's got. One of the more unorthodox players but strangely effective. He's had some big games for us and is a complete player even though it doesn't look like he's the smoothest guy, he's pretty darn complete. I love the fact that he's waited and paid his dues and now he's getting his chance. He got spot chances throughout his career but he's really gotten some consistent time his senior year and he's really cashed in on it and he deserves it. He's been an important part of the success we've had this year and even last year. Similar to Daven in terms of his character and I'll say that about all of them. He is rock solid, all about the program and just tenacious; tough as nails."

"Aron (Baynes) has really improved through his four years. His hands, his ability to score, he's gotten serious about his body trimming down. People sometimes misunderstood Aron early they would say `does he have a bad attitude?' Not at all he just gets so discouraged and is so hard on himself. He wants to win so bad and wants to help the team and he'll buy into screening all day to get those shooters open and never says a word if he doesn't get the ball all the time inside. Then when he gets it he tries to make good decisions. He's bounced back when he's had a few dry spells. He'll do whatever you ask, he is very unselfish and I love how he has improved his game. You've got more pictures of him when we win - I've never seen somebody celebrate more intensely and stomp around on the floor. He is so happy when his teammates win or they do something well, and that's a joy to see. He has given us what a lot of teams In the country don't have these past few years and that's a legitimate inside presence."

"It's no coincidence since Taylor's (Rochestie) been here this program has been on solid ground. He has brought a confident winning attitude and he's a fierce competitor and he's a great kid. It's been well documented his unselfishness, his willingness to come off of a scholarship to help the program. All these kids are all about winning and though we haven't tasted the success this year as in last year, they haven't changed one bit, nor has Taylor. He wants to win, he has a huge heart. Academically he's sound, and these are the type of kids that make universities proud whether they win or lose. Certainly it comes down to how you do in wins or losses, but the kind of character and legacy they've left behind, along with the success, is significant. I've been fortunate to have a group like this and I think they've showed the way to this younger class character wise and leadership wise. They have gotten the most out of their abilities and that's always the ultimate compliment."

On thoughts of being out of the tournament...
"No, you can't ever say that. I told my guys before the UCLA game `I've got a lot of fight in me I hope you guys do too.' Absolutely not. With the Pac-10 Tournament there is always that chance, and it's who can play good ball. I've said it for the last month I just want to play good basketball and that will take us to where we need to be if it means postseason or not. As far as the NCAA Ttournament, I haven't even looked at are numbers and where we're at. We've probably got to win the Pac-10 tournament, who knows? It's can we play the level of basketball that gives us a chance to be successful. I thought they fought back against USC, being down early they showed some resiliency. Then they went into UCLA and we weren't great defensively that was obvious, but they played with a reckless abandon and did something that not many have here."

On whether or not WSU made itself available for an NIT home game...
"I have no idea...Hopefully if we play well we'll get consideration for that, or some other postseason play would be great. My focus is can we play quality basketball, because that will take care of it. If you know someone on the panel and can lock us in we'll take it."

On 6-0 guards in college basketball, the Pac-10...
"Well you're talking to a 5-11 ½, maybe six-feet guard, when I played...It is, this year is the, I guess you could call it the year of the mighty-mights. In a sense last year there were tremendous bigs. I think this year there are really good bigs. Last year was dominant with bigs and guards. But, like you said, the small guard, the quickness, and the scoring ability by all those guards is impressive this year. They've taken over games, you can certainly go down the list with almost all of them and I still think (Darren) Collison is terrific. I guess he's a little over six feet. But as many people say, the game belongs to the guards, especially at the college level late in the game. I think you're seeing that most of the upper-tiered teams in our league right now are the more experienced teams, and especially with experienced guards, with exception of Isaiah (Thomas) who's playing well right now...they're almost all really upper class teams who are making a case for tournament play."

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