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Post-Game Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 11/05/2005
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Nov. 5, 2005

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WSU Head Coach Bill Doba
"Our kids battled their butt off. They gave it everything they had . I thought they played decent in the second half, better than we have been playing. I took points off, I had confidence in that offense. It looked like it had just a yard, I was told it was a yard, I thought sure we could make it. I felt at the time the wind was blowing, if we took the field goal and three points, then we are kicking into the wind and the score is tied, we were having trouble stopping those guys and if they are throwing the football going down the field, I just wanted to win with these guys and give them a chance to win and I thought a tie at the time they go down and kick a field goal and then we are behind again with the wind in our face. The kid kicked two great ones, I thought they were threw, but they were both just a little left. Tough loss for our kids.

(Hesitation on not kicking field goal) I thought about it long and hard. They way we were moving the ball and running the ball I thought surely we could get a yard. That is the play we worked on all week. It was a toss. It was our goal line play. We put the heavy people in to run it and they just didn't execute well enough.

(Momentum at that time) I just thought we would get a yard and a touchdown we would be up by four. It is tough enough kicking into that wind. If you gave them a short field, a couple of first downs, they kick a field goal and you are down three again.

(Realization No Bowl) They were not real happy. I imagine it set in, I think they realize that.

(Taken points off before) I don't remember, I really don't know if I have or not.

(Defense got ball back) If it was tied, they would be throwing the football. They were just running the ball to kill the clock. So it would have been an entirely different game. You can't second guess. They would have had an entirely different philosophy coming out after us offensively.

(Difference in second half) The coaches did a good job at halftime and got them fired up and ready to go. They came out. It is tough, tough on these guys. They just keep coming back every week, it amazes me. They've got to do it again, two more times.

(Season a surprise, thinking you could get back into the bowl picture) It is a big surprise. A play here, a play there, an interception, a fumble, we competed well in five of the losses. Could have gone either way.

(Approach for last two games) We've got two neighbors coming in. You have the Ducks, then the Apple Cup and that has to be our bowl game. It will be theirs too. It ought to be a heck of a bowl game.

WSU PLAYER Loren Langley
(Long attempts) The 50 yarder I thought was good the whole time. I probably should have adjusted for the wind a little more. It blew left right at the last second and hit the post. Kind of upsetting. The 52, I wanted to make them both, but it didn't end up happening. I felt good, I felt like I kicked both of them pretty well.

(Points off board) I thought it was a good idea, actually. I though our offense was running well. I thought we had a shot to go ahead and take the lead. I thought it was a good idea to go for it because we had been doing well. I wasn't too frustrated at all. A field goal is a field goal from that short. It's not that big of a deal. If we had got it and then got stopped later I could have kicked another one. That wasn't a big deal to me. I honestly thought it was a good idea and that we should have gone for it.

WSU PLAYER Jerome Harrison
(Tough not going to a bowl game) I can't answer that or I get in trouble. I have no nice words to say about that, especially when I feel I was the reason we are not going. I should be able get a half yard in my sleep, with our without blocking, but I had blocking so I should have got the a half yard.

(Agree with going for the first down) Always, can't go against Coach Doba, he's the head coach. If he says go for it, I'm with him 110 percent.

(Lots of yards but no wins) It is disappointing. I would rather have 10 yards and six wins, than all these yards and all these losses. It is very tough. I just feel I should be doing more. If I was doing more we would be winning, so evidently it is not enough yards.

(100 yard streak mean anything) Not a thing. I'm not going to a bowl. Only these next two games mean something.

(playing in front of his mom) It is the best feeling, the best feeling in the world. She's the reason I'm here, I'm blessed to have here. It is always good to play in front of the women that made you, that made you the man you are. And she looks good, that makes me look pretty handsome too, so I thank here for that.

(final two games) We have great seniors, great individuals, great leaders and captains. Out of this oh and six, this part, the seniors and captains never let nobody put their heads down or start blaming or pointing fingers. We don't have a great group of individuals instead of athletes. We don't have that problem in our lockerroom.

(Thoughts on the call) I think it was the right call. I think we would all be calling it probably the best call of the year if we get that half yard. I that was the way to go. If you put three points up and it is tied, maybe we get a break. That was the way to go at the time.

(were they overloaded on the side you were running) They had two guys outside and at the snap one guy jumped inside, he thought we were going to sneak, so we were probably better situation at the snap than we were prior to the snap. I think it was a play call.

(Late Sack) They covered it well. It was a route we ran earlier in the game. It think the corner kind of saw it. We were trying to get it to our inside receiver. They guy came through late. He made a hell of a play.

(Trandon Harvey) He's a leader, he kind of typifies those senior leaders who step up when their number is called, He hasn't been a guy all year we have looked to, but when we do look to him he's a guy who comes through for us. He's battled through some adversity and really come out and made some big plays for us.

(disappointed in not qualifying for a bowl) It is the worst disappointment, it is kind of what we were playing for these last three games. We really wanted obviously to go to a bowl and get that extra month of practice and go down and have an extra game. We have two games and we just have to battle and work hard.

(Next game - Oregon, special) I love playing Oregon, but I guess it doesn't really matter. It is another Pac-10 team and another Pac-10 opponent, just trying to get a win.

(Pac-10 win) We just need to work hard. You can't throw in the towel and say, we are not going to a bowl so we can't go play these two games. We have to go and work hard and battle. We have something to play for and we need to get a Pac-10 win, we have big games against the Ducks and the Dogs.

WSU PLAYER Mkristo Bruce
(Big three and out late) It was great to see our defense clicking. It hurts every time we come out and get them third and long and they just convert automatically. The crowd got into it, we had a lot of help. Bam, big play, have to start over again. It hurts.

(first to second half) It was just a different mentality. I think people started to realize if we don't win this game we are not going to a bowl game. It didn't turn out our way. Cougar defense, we started to show what real Cougar defense is at the end, which is bringing 11 hats to the ball, solid defense.

Arizona State Quotes
Head Coach Dirk Koetter
(on Rudy Carpenter's play) "I think Rudy did awesome. The first half, Rudy was spectacular. Rudy is still going through some growing pains, and at times trying to do too much. He's had so much success that I think sometimes Rudy thinks he's got an 'S' underneath that No. 12 and that he is Superman. He's got to learn that sometimes it's not there and you have to abort the mission. All young quarterbacks go through that. The flip side of that is that Rudy can make some plays running around. He did that in the first half tonight."

(on stopping the Cougars on fourth down after the offsides penalty) "There is no doubt in my mind when they had that field goal and we jumped offsides that they would go for that; the way they were running the ball. I think we would have probably done the same thing had the shoe been on the other foot. That was a huge, huge defensive play."

Quarterback Rudy Carpenter
(on the game) "We had a great game plan this week. We didn't want to get in third and long where we had to make conversions. But when we did, we did a great job converting them; guys were open and coming up with big catches. The offensive line did a great job giving me time too."

(on if he anticipated Zach Miller being open or if it played out that way) "It kind of just played out that way. We had a lot of things where it was either/or. If they played this coverage we had this; if they played that coverage we had someone else. They played a lot of the coverage we didn't expect them to play, so Zach was open a lot of times in the middle of the field and he came up with some big plays."

Tight End Zach Miller
(on why he was open) "They (WSU defense) were really getting deep...they would just leave me in the flats. They fixed that as the game went on but it worked for us for awhile."

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