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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Senior Q&A: Marcus Capers
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 02/22/2012
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Feb. 22, 2012

Each day leading up to the Cougars' final regular-season home game against Washington, an interview with a senior will be posted to this website. Wednesday's Q&A is with Marcus Capers, a guard from Winter Haven, Fla.

Q: What made you choose Washington State to continue your basketball career?
A: A short answer to that is that when I was picking places to go, they ran out of scholarships here. Taylor (Rochestie) ended up giving me his scholarship, I just looked back when I was making my decision and there was no other school or no other player at the time that I felt like would do that. If he wanted to invest that much in me and he was just a player, I was pretty sure that the coaches would invest more in me.

Q: What was the transition like coming from Winter Haven, Florida to Pullman, Washington?
A: It's very different. Me, being from a predominately black area and this being a predominately white area. And then the weather, which I still haven't adjusted to, was so much different.

Q: Why did you choose 0 as your uniform number?
A: Very few dudes go to college and a few of them play basketball in my neighborhood. One of the guys at the time that did was Dominique Jones and he was number 0, so I did it. Now my brother has 0, as well as Miguel Paul and Austin Rivers.

Q: Who is your favorite professional basketball player and why?
A: Playing now? Ray Allen. Just the way he carries himself, he's really poised, he's a great shooter. And the reputation he has on and off the court, you don't really hear anything bad about him.

Q: What does the ZZU CRU do to get you the most fired up?
A: They're just there. I love them to death and they make me feel like I'm doing something when I'm on the court.

Q: If you could play any other sport, what would you play and why?
A: Football because I liked playing football more than basketball growing up. But I was pretty small and I was still playing with people who were bigger and I was taking a physical beating, so I chose basketball.

Q: Do you have any new dunks you have been practicing? Which ones?
A: I really have been trying to jump in the air and go behind my back. My percentage is really low, but I've gotten so I can do it.

Q: What's the main goal you have set for yourself during this season?
A: Getting enough wins to get to the tourney. I also want to be the senior leader that the coaches see me being for everyone else.

Q: What is your favorite college to travel to and why?
A: Arizona State. The weather, and when I walk around, the ladies aren't that bad to look at.

Q: What do you plan on doing after you graduate from Washington State?
A: If I can play basketball, I want to do that. If not, I want to find something where I'm working with kids. I like to do that and people say I'm good with kids.

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