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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Rowing Collects Three Wins in Sunday Sessions
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 04/20/2014
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CLEMSON, S.C. – After racing in challenging conditions Saturday, the Washington State University women’s rowing team finished the Sunday sessions of the Clemson Invite with wins in three of the seven races at Lake Hartwell.

Head Coach Jane LaRiviere said, “There was lots of great racing this weekend. Clemson did an outstanding job hosting this event. It was pretty windy out there. We switched up the line ups today in the varsity eight and the second varsity eight between sessions and I think we learned a few things.  Overall it was a solid weekend. We are looking forward to having next weekend off and using the time for a bit of seat racing and final boat selection.”

In the varsity four races, WSU’s boat (bow - Kim Coon, Chloe Rogers, Alex Waddell, Hannah deVos, coxswain – Rebecca Burns) notched a win in the second session (8:34.6) and crossed the finish second (7:52.0) in the first session. Syracuse finished less than two seconds ahead of WSU (7:50.6) in the first session and Clemson finished nearly five seconds behind the Cougars (8:39.2) in the second session. Clemson and Syracuse are tied for 18th in the most recent Division I national poll.

To kick the morning off, the No. 12 WSU varsity eight (bow - Isabella Watt, Elise Jones, Mickey Aylard, Nicole Hare, Mollie McCabe, Jordan Watson, Ieva Adomaviciute, coxswain - Sarah Wu) out-stroked the competition for the win in the first session with a time of 6:52.3. Michigan State finished second, nearly two seconds behind the Cougars. (6:54.2). With a different line up in the second session, the Cougar varsity eight (bow – Isabella Watt, Kendall Boliba, Mickey Aylard, Nicole Hare, Mollie McCabe, Jordan Watson, Morgan Cathrea, Elise Jones, coxswain – Sarah Wu) took third (7:11.4), edging out Michigan State by two tenths of a second. Thirteenth ranked UCLA and No. 20 Indiana finished ahead of WSU with times of 7:04.3 and 7:05.5 respectively.

The Cougar second varsity eight (bow - Mihaela-Teodora Berindei, Kendall Boliba, Carter Marks, Noel Christiansen, Kerry Hassall, Kayla Wakulich, Emily Starkel, Megan McDonald, coxswain – Emily Boquet) mirrored the varsity eight with a win in the first session in 7:03.4. The second varsity eight also had a different line up in the second session (bow - Mihaela-Teodora Berindei, Kayla Wakulich, Carter Marks, Megan McDonald, Kerry Hassall, Noel Christiansen, Emily Starkel, Ieva Adomaviciute, coxswain – Emily Boquet). The crew finished third with a time of 7:27.4. Indiana (7:22.4), ranked 20th nationally, and No. 13 UCLA (7:24.7) crossed the finish line ahead of the Cougars in the second session.

Washington State’s third varsity eight only competed in the first session Sunday. The squad finished fifth and clocked a time of 7:56.1. Michigan State (7:36.3), No. 20 Indiana (7:39.6), Syracuse (7:42.8), tied for 18th nationally, and Oregon State (7:47.7) finished ahead of the Cougars.

The Washington State women’s rowing team returns home to host Oregon State Saturday, May 3 at Wawawai Landing.

Sunday Session 1
Washington State Varsity 8+, 6:52.3
Michigan State Varsity 8+, 6:54.2
Gonzaga Varsity 8+, 6:56.3
Oregon State Varsity 8+, 6:56.7
Syracuse Varsity 8+, 6:59.9
Pennsylvania Varsity 8+, 7:09.9
Miami Varsity 8+, 7:18.4

Washington State Second Varsity 8+, 7:03.4
Syracuse Second Varsity 8+, 7:04.0
Michigan State Second Varsity 8+, 7:08.6
Oregon State Second Varsity 8+, 7:10.7
Gonzaga Second Varsity 8+, 7:13.3
Pennsylvania Second Varsity 8+, 7:17.4
Miami Second Varsity 8+, 7:38.1

Syracuse Varsity 4+, 7:50.6
Washington State Varsity 4+, 7:52.0
Michigan State Varsity 4+, 8:01.2
Oregon State Varsity 4+, 8:16.7
Pennsylvania Varsity 4+, 8:22.2
Miami Varsity 4+, 8:24.9
Gonzaga Varsity 4+, 8:26.9

Michigan State Third Varsity 8+, 7:36.3
Indiana Third Varsity 8+, 7:39.6
Syracuse Third Varsity 8+, 7:42.8
Oregon State Third Varsity 8+, 7:47.7
Washington State Third Varsity 8+, 7:56.1
Clemson Fourth Varsity 8+, 8:04.1
Duke Fourth Varsity 8+,8:10.8

Sunday Session 2
UCLA Varsity 8+, 7:04.3
Indiana Varsity 8+, 7:05.5
Washington State Varsity 8+, 7:11.4
Michigan State Varsity 8+, 7:11.6
Dartmouth Varsity 8+, 7:13.1
Cornell Varsity 8+, 7:16.0
Clemson Varsity 8+, 7:20.2

Indiana Second Varsity 8+, 7:22.4
UCLA Second Varsity 8+, 7:24.7
Washington State Second Varsity 8+, 7:27.4
Michigan State Second Varsity 8+, 7:37.7
Clemson Second Varsity 8+, 7:41.3
Dartmouth Second Varsity 8+, 7:41.7
Cornell Second Varsity 8+, 7:55.3

Washington State Varsity 4+, 8:34.6
Clemson Varsity 4+, 8:39.2
UCLA Varsity 4+, 8:41.0
Indiana Varsity 4+, 8:42.1
Michigan State Varsity 4+, 8:45.8
Cornell Varsity 4+, 8:53.5
Dartmouth Varsity 4+, 8:58.8

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