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ZZU CRU Leader Expectations

  • ► Be enthusiastic, loud, exciting and crazy at all sporting events
  • ► Take ownership of promoting a specific sport and ZZU CRU
  • ► Assist with promoting ZZU CRU and athletics events (Tabling, Passing out flyers, Special events)
  • ► Participate in the Soccer March to the Match (unless you have class)
  • ► Attend as many games as possible and bring friends with you (Individuals who attend the most games and bring the most fans will earn rewards)
  • ► Interact and build relationships with other fans at games and events
  • ► Work with residence halls, campus groups and the Greek community to improve student attendance at games

To Get Involved, Contact:


Spirit Executive Director: Maddy Foreman

  • ► Oversees day-to-day operations of ZZU CRU, social media, events and programming. In charge of gameday operations at events. Oversees the Sport Leaders and works to improve athletic awareness on campus.

Assistant Spirit Executive Directors: Cristina Martija-Harris/Hansell Torres

  • ► Assist the executive director with gameday operations at events. In charge of membership and ZZU CRU Sport Leader recruitment. In charge of 2014-15 Executive Board recruitment.

Events and Program Director: Zak Cherif

  • ► Helps coordinate events and increases interaction with ZZU CRU on campus. In charge of executing ZZU CRU events.

Marketing Interns: Kaylee Candy, Sam Ferenchak, JT Newton

  • ► In charge of implementing ZZU CRU gameday promotions. Work the ZZU CRU table at sporting events. Assist with operations in the marketing office.
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