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WSU Sport Nutrition

Enhancing Athletic Performance Through Quality Nutrition

Lindsay Brown
Lindsay Brown

Director of Sports Nutrition
Washington State University
Bohler Addition M-90A
Phone: (509) 335-4665

Toni Tillett
Toni Tillett

Sports Nutrition Manager

Eating right prepares our athletes for superior performance. High level performance is made up of many parts: solid strength and conditioning, proper skill development, fierce determination, continual practice, and the often-overlooked aspect of nutrition. WSU Athletics department encourages student-athletes, coaches, and others to recognize the importance of nutrition in the performance, health and wellbeing of our student-athletes.

For sound nutrition information and guidance, WSU offers nutrition education and counseling by a Registered Dietitian (RD) who is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). The Coordinator of Sports Nutrition works with certified athletic trainers (ATCs), team physicians, team and strength coaches, as well as other student services staff to help WSU student-athletes reach their full potential.

Collegiate athletes have unique nutrition demands. The lifestyle of a student-athlete creates challenges in meetings these needs with a full schedule of classes, practice and conditioning sessions, team meetings, travel, etc. Lindsay educates student-athletes on not only basic nutrient needs, but deepens teams' understanding of their unique needs through focused, team education. She also spends time working with athletes individually. Lindsay is a member of the Supplement Approval Committee and is the designated professional to answer questions about banned substances and the use of nutritional supplements to ensure safety, efficacy and compliancy to the NCAA dietary supplement rules/regulations.

Lindsay is one of only a handful of full-time Registered Dietitians in a Division I athletic setting. She is invested in enhancing athletic performance through quality nutrition and improving the wellbeing of each student athlete at WSU.

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Benefits of Proper Nutrition

  •  Enhance overall athletic performance
  •  Maximize training sessions
  •  Amplify endurance and energy
  •  Enhance recovery from exercise
  •  Prevent illness and infections
  •  Prevent injuries

Effects of Poor Nutrition

  •  Reduced stamina and endurance
  •  Fatigue
  •  Undesired weight changes
  •  Stress fractures and other injuries
  •  More frequent illness

Nutrition Can Either Make Or Break The Athlete

With conflicting nutrition information on TV, in magazines, on-line, and in the locker room, it is hard to know what to believe and what is safe. Lindsay Brown is here to help you figure out how to safely and effectively maximize your potential through proper nutrition.

Services for Student-Athletes

Private assessment of nutrition behaviors and intake with specific plans to:

  •  Develop effective eating strategies to use before and after activity that will enhance athletic performance
  •  Educate on how to utilize proper nutrition to make healthy body composition changes in the off-season
  •  Support weight maintenance in-season
  •  Learn budget-friendly ideas and skills for meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking
  •  Develop strategies for snacking, meal timing, restaurant eating and portion control
  •  In conjunction with ATC and physician, help manage/treat anemia, diabetes, high cholesterol, injuries, food allergies and more with Medical Nutrition Therapy
  •  Learn more about supplements
  •  Talk about individual nutrition concerns
Services for Coaches
  •  Consultation on nutrition-related concerns about student-athletes
  •  Answer questions about nutrition
  •  Team or small group nutrition education
  •  Create sport-specific nutrition education materials (brochures, handouts, etc.)
  •  Trainings or briefings for coaching staff on nutrition issues or topics
  •  Body composition/weights consultation
  •  Consultation for meals during traveling