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Washington State vs. Oregon
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/21/2006
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Oct. 21, 2006

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A great win for our kids. We've been so close, you know, against SC. We played great defense against Cal. Finally we put the two together and got some points.

I can't say enough about our defense. We lost Ropati Pitoitua and then we lost Aaron Johnson, those are your two guys in the middle and then with the three man front they are still your one guy. Then Tarkington goes in and Eichelberger, two kids who have been backups all year. They just played their guts out. I thought Mkristo Bruce played his heart out, They were on him pretty good. And Broadus finally got a sack.

They are an excellent football team. They tried to give it to us early. I thought we were going to have another Stanford. They fumbled and we fumbled back. Really pretty sloppy in that first quarter. After that both teams settled down and played really well.

(TDs in the redzone) We got a couple, anyway, we got two out of four, I believe. We were like 47 percent and our opponents like 47 percent over the whole year. We just hadn't done it the last couple of weeks. Putting Jed back there and running the quick belly. I think Jed Collins ought to get a game ball for something, he got tackles on kickoffs, he caught passes, he blocked, and he ran the football, he got a touchdown didn't he, one or two. He stepped up and did a nice job.

(run game) We didn't run well early. It looked like they were in our playbook almost, or in our head sets. Bringing that safety up got in there in good shape. Late in the ball game when it looked like we were going to pass, and I think late in the ball game they were wore down too. They've had a lot of injuries in their front also and I think it hurt their depth. But man, that offensive line of their's is huge, the biggest in captivity. My hat is off to them. They didn't quit. They kept coming back. They got that last touchdown, they are an excellent football team.

(making Collins a RB) He's been a running back. Last year he was a fullback and he asked to be a tight end. We've used him back and fourth. Obviously we weren't getting it done with quarterback sneaks. We needed some bulk to hit it up in there so we put in the belly play. Actually Levy (Levenseller) and Rosy (Rosenbach) put in the belly play last week.

(adjustments after losing two tackles) Really none. We just threw them in where the other guys were. We played Oakey, a lot more three-man front, so we could spell those two guys because none of them have every played a whole game. Tarkington came in and his transcripts weren't here and he sat for the whole preseason. He didn't get any of it. He couldn't practice but he could eat. It took a while to get him back in shape again. The other guy (Eichelberger) is just a different person than he was a year ago. Eichelberger a year ago couldn't hardly get through a practice. He satyed this summer, he worked his tail off, he was here for the whole preseason and he has really made giant strides. He has done a nice job and he played quite a bit today.

(injuries) It is a bone chip in Johnson (elbow), medial collateral sprain on Ropati Pitoitua and we lost on the block extra point we lost Roof running back making that tackle. It is a bad heel bruise. The x-rays at least were negative. Brackenridge had a pulled hamstring.

(Brink's play) I think he played well. He made a fumble and I'm sure that wasn't in his plan. On that route the receiver was suppose to break it off, he was going to go to him if it was there and it wasn't, he went too deep, and he had to pull it down and came back and tried to go to the other place and bang he got hit. He gets all the blame for those things and sometimes the receivers run the wrong routes. He is steady Eddie. He knows the offense and has done a nice job.

(what does this win mean). It means we've got five (wins) and we need one more. These guys deserve this win. They way they played against SC, the way they played defensively against Cal, they deserved to get a break and get a win. I think they've earned it.

(did it feel different, Oregon being ranked) I would be lying if I said it didn't. I think it felt different to everybody if you saw all the kids coming out of the stands. I wish they wouldn't chant 'overrated'. I think they are real good. I think it is a putdown to us, we just beat a good team, don't them they are overrated.

(what position is Jed Collins). He's a football player, how's that. He's a tight end for us. That's great we can bring him back off the line. He did some great blocks too.

(are you that much better having beat a team like Oregon) It is about time we did, I guess, put it that way. We've come close a few times. But it is good to get one of the big three out of the way.

WSU WR Michael Bumpus

"We tried some new stuff. We tried to get the ball to Jed Collins. We didn't really try any fullback dives last week. And it was the line getting the push. This week all through practice emphasized getting a push, that really helped. This gives us a lot of momentum going into UCLA this week, a lot of confidence. It is a great win, it is a ranked team, an upset. A little momentum builder, hopefully keeping this ball rolling so it gets bigger and bigger by the season ends and we'll get to a bowl game.

WSU WR Jason Hill:

(How big the win) It was huge. If you could see the faces fo the guys in the lockeroom right now, it was crazy down there.

(What happened to day) first off we didn't pay attention to that (not getting it done last week). Second off, we went out there and had fun. Sometimes you are going to get the breaks and sometimes you're not. Our coaches preached it is about how you react to it. I think we reacted alright today.

(redzone monkey off back) It felt good. During the whole week that was an emphasis of ours. It worked out.

(changes). Just to calm down, execute. Over the weeks we have kind of pressed. Tonight we didn't do that at all, we had fun, like I said.

(Jed Collins) Man, he played great. He had a great week of practice, that's the part you guys don't get to see. It paid off, hard work paid off. How you practice is how you play. He proved that today.

(first touchdown a key?) It definitely was. Like I said, we came out tonight to try and have some fun, get that feeling back, having fun and get a big win. It felt good.

(Hill's touchdown) We caught them in cover two (coverage) and I just took the outside. The corner, I don't think he saw me go by. I was happy he didn't.

(How nice to have the offense compliment the defense) It is wonderful. Now our special teams have got to step up a little bit, kickoff cover, that's the emphasis coach Skipper will put on this week. It was nice, it is a team, offense, defense, special teams. As much as we can do we are going to try to do.

(Health) I'm getting better, I'm not 100 percent. I would say I am about 80. After every pop I take it hurts a little, but I guess that is part of football. (last week?) Below 80. Personally I don't think I should have went last week, but I'm a soldier and had to do it for the team.

(third quarter first drive). Like I said, it is about having fun. In the lockerrorom guys were excited and coach Doba preached to us, lets go out and have fun. Everything is against us anyway.

WSU DT Bryan Tarkington

"coaches have been showing us all week, if someone goes down be ready to go. When adversity strikes you be the one to answer. That's what he has been telling us if someone goes down. They are a good team, solid o-line was solid. All we have to do every week is attack the line of scrimmage. If we attack the line of scrimmage and get in our gap we win the game, we win our battle.


It was a huge win. We came out with a good start. The defense is going to do what they do every week and get us the ball back. That really helps us, lifted us. We were able to run the ball. Dwight Tardy had a great game. Alex did his thing and controlled the ball when we needed it and overall, special teams, everybody did what they needed to do today.

(beating a ranked team) This is my first ranked team upset. It was real nice beating them. We have some Oregon guys on the team and they were really happy about the win.

(cure to redzone problems). Not the cure. Coach Rosenbach and Levenseller put in some new plays for this game and I was just lucky enough to get the opportunity to be the guy in a couple of them. Everybody has been telling us we are the worst team ever in the redzone and we took that to heart and tried to change it around today.

(TDs) Second and third career touchdowns, I couldn't ask for anything else. Once we were down there our coaches said expect to score. I was just lucky enough today to be the guy to get the ball in the redzone.

WSU DE Mkristo Bruce

It felt so good. All week we talked about just having fun. That Cal game it just seemed flat, we came out flat in the first half. We went to the lockerroom and made some changes and we said come out and have some fun. To come out here and get this win was amazing. The biggest thing was a couple of starting tackles went down and we preached all week, all year, about when the phone rings, answer it. You never know when you are going to be able to go in. Tarkington went in there and played his butt off and so did Eichelberger. My hats off to those guys. We came out here and played as a team. It was fun.

That is the Cougar offense we are used to seeing, the offense we know.

(offensive productivity) It was huge for us (defense). Anytime we score a touchdown it is huge momentum for us, we have the crowd on our side.

WSU DB Eric Frampton

What defense is is you plug away, you plug away, you have got to have endurance. We play with endurance. On third down we don't get down on ourselves.

WSU RB Dwight Tardy

We were frustrated with the running game. Skip (coach Skipper) made it a point we had to step up our level. That's what we did. We finished and we wore them down a lot. We didn't do anything special, we just played Cougar football.

WSU DB Tyron Brackenridge

(INTERCEPTION) That route we've been working it all week. They like to run number one with a fade and number two in the flat like a five-yard out and every week we were working on that because that is something they like to do. Everytime they do that we have a jump call. It happened there at a perfect time. Actually that time we didn't have a jump call, I just saw it coming. I almost had another one. Every year I get an interception to house I always put the ball up like that. They (coaches) were happy for me, but they said don't do it again. You won't see that again.

WSU QB Alex Brink

It was a good win, a good win for our team, it was good for me, it felt good. Our offense played well, the defense played well, we handled them. We overcame adversity and we did things right down the stretch. I didn't want it to be a big deal this week but this game means a lot to me, it always does and it will forever. To stick it to them like that, play well, it feels good.

(swept Oregon schools) That feels good because the last two years we've been swept by them. More than anything I think it is important for our team to get two big wins, northwest teams, a tough Oregon State team and a really good Oregon team, and to get those wins is going to help us obviously to our aspirations for a bowl game.

We got a big win. More than the personal things, it gives our team a great opportunity, it sets us up for a huge run these next four games.

As far as a meaningful game, as toward a bowl, I think this is the biggest win for me and one of the biggest for our team the past few years.

Oregon Head Coach Mike Bellotti

We turned the ball over way too much. We weren't as good a football team on defense today and we just couldn't get out of some situations. Give credit to Washington State. They played well. We played very poorly and it's disappointing. I would like to say we're the better team but we didn't show that today. To their credit, they took advantage of the gifts that we gave them and the opportunities that we gave them and we didn't make enough of our own.

On the rhythm of the game:
We were too sloppy in our handling of the football. We had a lot of yardage but when you turn the ball over it really doesn't matter. Again we have to take care of the possession of the football.

On the quarterback change:
We made the decision to change it up and go with Brady [Leaf]. [Dixon] wasn't injured at all.

On Dennis Dixon's play:
I don't think he played well. I don't think overall the turnovers had anything to do with him, but it certainly takes away certain things. You tend to press a little bit more. I thought he wasn't quite as comfortable in the pocket today as he might have been. But overall I couldn't put the turnovers on him early. We just have to make sure we have a spark and have to make sure we get the ball down the field.

On Brady Leaf's play:
I thought he played good. Again, if you don't win, nobody plays good in that regard. Overall he did provide a spark. He came in and moved the team. We were in a different mode at that point, but I was pleased. I've said all along we have two quarterbacks that can win in this conference, and I believe that and we'll just evaluate this thing as it goes. Dennis is still our starter. Brady may play; it just depends on the situation.

On Jonathan Stewart's play:
I think one of the problems is that his ankles are taped up. It creates a little bit less agility and he's not on stride sometimes. He's not had a chance to practice as much recently. These last couple of weeks he usually doesn't get to practice until Wednesday and that's hard. He's playing through some injuries and I applaud him in that regard. He just was struggling to handle the football.

Junior quarterback Brady Leaf

I always like playing. It was exciting to get in the game. I wish it was under other circumstances. I wish it wasn't that Dennis wasn't playing very well, which, he was doing fine, we just weren't moving the ball and had a couple key turnovers. But it was good to get in the game. I wish things had turned out a little differently.

On the offense early in the game:
We were moving the ball pretty well using that new offense Coach [Bellotti] put in, but I guess we just got behind a couple points and just took too much time off the clock. We went away from [the offense] to just try and get the ball in the end zone a little more and just couldn't quite get it done in the second and third quarter.

On the mood in the locker room:
We're disappointed but we have to keep an optimistic point of view. It's a long season. We can still finish the season with ten wins so that's what we're looking towards right now. We have two conference losses and we have a non-conference game next week, but we have to keep an open mind.

Sophomore running back Jonathan Stewart

I just had problems holding onto the football today. It got me down a little bit and I tried to get my head up but it was just a bad day.

On sitting out in the second quarter:
I was just trying to get my head right during that time and maybe that's why they sat me out. Something wasn't right. I was fumbling the ball so I was just trying to work on me.

Senior safety J.D. Nelson

We have a lot more games to play and that's something we have to look forward to. We know that the team that went out there today was not the best effort we could put forth each and every week.

On the team's goals:
We're looking to win every single game from here on out. That's all we can do. We're going to take it one week at a time like we always have. Just because we have two losses in the Pac-10 now doesn't mean we're going to lie down and give up on the season. There are a lot of games still to be played and our goal is to go 10-2.

Sophomore wide receiver Jaison Williams

On the main problem Oregon had:
Turnovers. Plain and simple. Too many turnovers. We went out there and did not play our game. Once again, just too many turnovers and we need to fix that. Every day at practice we need to go out and fix that problem.

On what he said to Jonathan Stewart in between the first and second quarters:
I was just trying to tell him the game isn't over. I was just trying to tell them to go out there with a new head every down, every snap and do not focus on the negative parts of the game.

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