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Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 02/13/2009
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Feb. 13, 2009

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Final Score: WSU 67, Oregon 38

Washington State Cougars
WSU Head Coach Tony Bennett
On the game...
"It was certainly a good start, I think the way we defended. Obviously when you combine hot shooting with that kind of defense, it puts you in a great spot. The guys came out and played with a great amount of passion and guys certainly had their rhythm and shot the ball well."

"I still think against California we played pretty good defensively. We had stretches against Stanford. We were 9-for-13 tonight from the 3, I know what that feels like, we had that done to us twice. Saturday I was pleased against Cal and tonight, I was pleased...I looked statistically, giving up 17 offensive rebounds, eight to one guy and then having 17 turnovers was a bit too many. I thought we were a little too shaky at times, some of the young guys. But just at times, but overall it was a good performance."

On Oregon...
"I think, they're obviously struggling a little bit now. It's tough to go through, but, the kids, their team didn't stop playing hard. I just challenged our kids to be...battle, battle like crazy. I laid it at the feet of the seniors, I said 'show me and lead us in the right direction for the rest of the way'."

On giving the bench some minutes...
"Those are very valuable minutes for guys like Harthun, Abe Lodwick, Capers...Marcus has played before...DeAngelo, all of them. And then to reward some of the guys who work real hard in practice for us, that's always a positive."

On Klay Thompson's play...
"He seems fresh and he's making some good decisions, handling it better, shot selection is good, defending harder. I think he's becoming more and more consistent. That's good to see. He's done the job."

Senior Taylor Rochestie
On WSU's play tonight...
"I think it was a combination of our coaches getting us ready the right way, knowing how to coach us the last couple of days and getting us fresh and physically and mentally prepared to play this game. The second part is the players were just ready. We've had a couple loses in a row, we come back home, we were 1-4 at home before today (in Pac-10 play). We just wanted to start over and reestablish our home court advantage. We got it going on defense, as soon as the defense kicked in...when Klay, you know, doesn't even see the basket and makes everything he shoots up there, that definitely helps.

On how the win feels...
It felt really good, just because it's a win. Right now, it comes down to, we're having fun and we're getting better as a team, but we need to win some more games. We've had some close losses, we've had some losses that weren't that close, and to come out on the winning side is what's most important. The way we came out today and the way we did it today was on the defensive end and that's who we are, so that was exciting."

"I think you can just take a win. You can take some confidence. Some of the guys came in off the bench and gave us a huge lift, scoring some points, doing well on defense, so it gained some confidence not only for the starters but for the guys coming in. That's going to be huge as we go farther into the Pac-10. We know we can win. Just feeling what a win feels's been a long time since the Stanford game."

On the team's shooting...
"I think it starts on our defensive end. When we get confidence that we can stop teams, then it's not so much 'oh we've got to score, we've got to score.' We've coming from behind, or getting ourselves in a hole. When you hit a couple shots and get a couple of stops, you start to get in a rhythm in the game. When you have Klay shooting like that, you can get the ball inside to Baynes and you can do the little things that really help. We were feeling it tonight and we kept the ball moving and knocked out some shots."

On Saturday's game...
"We're going to play a good team in Oregon State that has a whole different style of play and we're going to have to be ready, but we're confident that we can come out here and play well."

Freshman Klay Thompson
On his shooting...
"I just think, during practices a lot, I've been working on getting my balance right. Every time my balance is straight up, I think it's in almost every time. I think I start to miss my shots when I'm off balance and taking off rhythm shots and just not taking smart shots, that's what it comes down to."

Senior Aron Baynes
On WSU's defense down low...
"I think that's a credit to the guards. They were making it tough, getting down and helping out the bigs as well. It was good, we tried staying down. We have to work on our defensive rebounding, I think we gave up way too many offensive boards and too many second-chance shots. Apart from that, we played pretty good 'D' down there."

Oregon Ducks
Oregon Head Coach Ernie Kent
On recruiting Klay Thompson to Oregon...
"We did look at him some, sent some letters, talked about him."

"We kicked ourselves for it a bit. He might be freshman of the year right now in the conference. He played very well and if he continues to grow he's going to be a heck of a player."

On the loss...
"I felt we hit a wall but it's important to bounce back and grow from this to go play the Huskies on Saturday."

"We really struggled offensively; our press was effective for awhile."

"I don't take anything away from WSU, Thompson hit some good shots with us in his face, he had some good plays. Rochestie got them going and then Baynes joined the party in the second half."

"Right off the bat we were sluggish, it was my gut feeling. Our group was flat."

On what's next...
"It's important to move on, don't let them see tape, get them fed, and put them to bed."

Washington State Cougars Athletics