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Washington State vs. Oral Roberts
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 03/15/2007
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March 15, 2007

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Head Coach Tony Bennett

On an overview of the game
"Obviously, we got off to a slow start. When we started getting back on defense and getting them off the offensive glass, we were back in the game. The flurry at the end of the first half really helped."

On the end of the first half and the beginning of the second
"Taylor's drive and Kyle stepped into the passing lane. We came out and got some quick baskets.. Then we held them in check for the most part."

On the significance of the victory to the program
"It's important. It was nice to finish like that and get that first win under our belt. It validates we can play with."

On Clark's performance
"Ivory stepped up. You need some balance and we shared the ball well. Ivory has helped us a lot. His ability to change the game (defensively) is a big asset. .Robbie did a good job on Green, then Ivory came across to help him."

On his team's spirit and temperament
"They're a hard-nosed group of kids. As freshmen and sophomores, they had to eat a lot of dirt. They're tough-minded and there's a fire burning within. You need that to have success at this level."

On the decision to end the double team on Green
"We were doubling him too far out on the floor. That opened up their passing lanes. It's harder to rebound when you trap the post. Robbie's long and that bothered him."

Student-Athlete Robbie Cowgill

On Caleb Green
"He's a great player. He's strong; he's crafty. We trapped him at first, but he found the open man. Then we went one-on-one and put as heavy choke on him. Ivory was cleaning up behind me."

On sending a message to doubters
They can say what they want to say. We'll continue to do what we do. We can compete with anyone no matter who we go against.

Student-Athlete Ivory Clark

On coming in off the bench
"I wanted to be a spark off the bench. With Weaver out, I wanted to be more assertive"

On anticipating Green's shots
"It was easy for me to come from the weak side with Robbie guarded him. He was smiling like everything was so sweet. I wanted to wipe the smile off his face."

Student-Athlete Daven Harmeling

On the program's turnaround
"We've been in the system a few years. We believe in the system and we were able to turn the corner this year."

On the team's mood before the game
"We were confident coming in, but we walk a fine line between beating anybody we play and losing to anyone, if we don't play well. "

Oral Roberts Quotes

Head Coach Scott Sutton

Opening remarks
"You have to give a lot of credit to Washington State. I think they showed in the second half why they are one of the best 10 or 15 teams in America. They executed, they made shots and made it tough on us to score. You have to give them a lot of credit. I think one of the biggest keys determining the outcome was the 30 seconds prior to halftime ... We made a careless error, they steal the inbounds play and take all the momentum into halftime.''

"I thought they were a very, very good team. I'm disappointed we didn't win.''

On the defense against Caleb Green
"They decided to double Caleb. I think he did a great job passing out of the double team, which I've said, when he makes good decisions, he's a fantastic player. He got a lot of easy baskets. It seemed like the quit doing that the rest of the first half and we got the ball inside to him. He missed a couple of easy shots, which he rarely does. I thought in the second half they did a tremendous job. They didn't really double. They sent Clark every time once (Green) got the ball into the paint, they sent Clark from the weak side. He had five blocks but it seemed like 10. They did a nice job. The thing is, we don't see very often, and we haven't seen it since December, is size like that. We just don't have it in our league ... It's a little bit of a disadvantage with that. Give them credit. They were an outstanding defensive team, which I thought they would be. The did a great job if making it tough on Caleb.''

Senior Ken Tutt

On the momentum change before the end of the first half:
``We were a little disappointed that we lost the lead at the end (of the first half). The guy hit a tough shot and they stole the inbound play and go into halftime with all the momentum. We pretty much told everybody to keep their heads up. We still had a two-point lead. We just had to commit to gout out there and try to make a run in the first five minutes ... They came out tougher in the first five minutes and that really got them going.''

Senior Caleb Green

On the defense played against him:
"I wasn't really frustrated. I was trying to stay aggressive, it's what I do every game. I stay aggressive for my ball club. They did key on me, especially in the second half ... I felt they did what a top program is supposed to do, they eliminated me as a factor for the second half. With the weak-side help, I think they guarded great.''

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