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Jensen Wins Indoor Women's Weight Throw
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 01/14/2011
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Jan. 14, 2011

PULLMAN, Wash. -- Washington State junior Kjirsten Jensen won the women's 20-pound weight throw with throw of 57-feet, 4 3/4 inches (17.49m) Friday night at the Ninth WSU Open Indoor, a two-day meet held at WSU's Indoor Facility.

Jensen, from Arlington, Wash., threw over 56-feet three times during the competition with her winning throw coming on her sixth and final attempt. Teammate Cassie Whitfield, a junior from Spanaway, Wash., finished second with a toss of 57-1 1/2 (17.41m).

Eastern Washington freshman Jordan Arakawa, competing unattached, won the men's 35-pound weight throw with a mark of 54-4 1/2 (16.57m). Mike Jensen, from Central Washington, finished second with a throw of 49-2 1/2 (15.00m). Masters competitor George Mathews (Hayden, Idaho) threw his weight 59-8 1/4 (18.19m).

The WSU Open Indoor meet continues Saturday, Jan. 15, at 8:30 a.m. with the remaining field and all the running events. Spectator admission and parking is free of charge.

          Ninth Annual WSU Open Indoor Meet - 1/14/2011 to 1/15/2011
                              Pullman, Washington

Women Open Weight Throw ========================================================================== NCAA Auto: $ 21.00m Meet Record: # 19.10m 2004 Marie Muai, Washington State Name Year Team Finals ========================================================================== Finals 1 Jensen, Kjirsten Washington State 17.49m 57-04.75 16.42m 17.32m 17.40m 15.48m 16.50m 17.49m 2 Whitfield, Cassie Washington State 17.41m 57-01.50 16.76m 16.81m 17.41m FOUL 16.81m FOUL 3 Midles, Gabby Idaho 16.92m 55-06.25 FOUL 16.81m FOUL FOUL 16.83m 16.92m 4 Self, Torrie Central Wash 15.00m 49-02.50 14.68m 14.18m 15.00m 14.38m 14.75m 14.73m 5 Smith, Kirsten Unattached 14.74m 48-04.50 14.57m FOUL 14.58m 14.53m 14.40m 14.74m 6 Nutsch, Sarah Idaho 14.68m 48-02.00 FOUL 13.80m 13.91m 14.05m 14.68m 14.10m 7 Midles, Olivia Unattached 14.48m 47-06.25 13.72m 12.70m 13.75m FOUL 14.48m 13.42m 8 Bingham, Mari Unattached 13.96m 45-09.75 13.65m 13.81m 13.78m 13.64m 13.96m 13.82m 9 Stueckle, Jordan Central Wash 13.53m 44-04.75 13.53m FOUL 13.22m 10 Leonard, Kristine Idaho 13.50m 44-03.50 12.36m 13.50m FOUL 11 Baumstark, Kaylee Central Wash 12.63m 41-05.25 FOUL 12.42m 12.63m 12 Afoa, Shaina Central Wash 11.93m 39-01.75 FOUL 9.22m 11.93m 13 Lutjens, Katy Idaho 11.24m 36-10.50 9.60m FOUL 11.24m 14 Korn, Jacqueline Central Wash 10.90m 35-09.25 10.13m 9.61m 10.90m -- Flynn, Emily Unattached FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL -- Murillo, Emma Unattached FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL

Men Open Weight Throw ========================================================================== NCAA Auto: $ 21.50m Meet Record: # 20.98m 2008 Matthew Wauters, Idaho Name Team Finals ========================================================================== Finals 1 Arakawa, Jordan Unattached 16.57m 54-04.50 15.21m 16.57m FOUL 15.26m 15.17m FOUL 2 Jensen, Mike Central Wash 15.00m 49-02.50 14.62m 14.65m 14.89m 15.00m 14.92m FOUL 3 Potes, Jesse Central Wash 13.90m 45-07.25 FOUL FOUL 13.13m 13.25m 13.90m FOUL 4 Meyer, Jake Lewis-Clark 13.71m 44-11.75 FOUL FOUL 13.54m FOUL 13.71m 13.20m 5 Levkiv, Andrey Idaho 13.62m 44-08.25 FOUL 12.50m 13.29m FOUL 13.18m 13.62m 6 Sheriff, Tommy Unattached 13.32m 43-08.50 13.10m FOUL 13.09m 13.32m FOUL 12.98m 7 Ramirez, Daniel Unattached 12.98m 42-07.00 12.80m FOUL 12.98m 12.78m FOUL 12.92m 8 Funk, Austin Hammer Idaho 12.47m 40-11.00 FOUL 12.00m 11.67m FOUL 12.47m FOUL 9 Holmstrom, Eric Unattached 11.70m 38-04.75 11.49m 11.27m 11.70m 10 Oursland, Paul Unattached 11.36m 37-03.25 9.46m 11.36m 10.88m 11 Murray, Johnathan Hammer Idaho 11.33m 37-02.25 FOUL 11.33m 11.32m 12 Jankay, Travis Unattached 9.67m 31-08.75 9.67m FOUL FOUL *Master/ Mathews, George Hammer Idaho 18.19m 59-08.25 16.42m 17.62m FOUL FOUL 18.19m FOUL

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