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Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/31/2009
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Oct. 31, 2009

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Speaker: Head Coach Paul Wulff
On Topic: Opening Statement on game
" I thought it was a game we could come in and do some things offensively and take a little pressure off our defense. We had a good week of practice and we didn't execute really good today and I think up front that we didn't block particularly well. At times we didn't get a rhythm on offense and we struggled with that and our defense just got on the field too long."

"The line of scrimmage on both sides was definitely won by Notre Dame and when that happens it's pretty tough to function behind those guys. Our biggest downfall tonight was the front play and we just didn't match up and play well tonight."

On Topic: On Jimmy Clausen
"He has a good arm and does a good job. He did a good job of taking away all of their deep stuff. He didn't force anything down field."

"This is his third year playing and I know they were going through a lot of growing pains two years ago, with him being a true freshman, now you watch him grow and he's turned into one heck of a quarterback. From a quarterback perspective he's the best quarterback we've faced this year so far. He's doing a great job before them and without him they are a lot different team. That shows you how important he is to their team."

On Topic: On Golden Tate
"He's a hybrid, a receiver running back, what makes him so good is that he is has the receiving skills and then that's just half the battle and then he gets the ball in his hands and he runs like a great running back. He is a special time and he has a bright future in front of him."

Speaker: WSU Defensive End Casey Hamlett
On Topic: On Notre Dame's size
"They were big, but I don't think that's what killed us. We face that a lot. Most of the lines are a lot bigger than us, so that's nothing that was new. It was just our execution. It wasn't good. We were getting man-handled out there. I don't know how it looked from where you were sitting, but it was a lot of missed opportunities...missed tackles. There was a lot we have to fix."

On Topic: On the delayed run Notre Dame kept running
"We knew it was their favorite run. I don't really have an answer for you why it hit us so many times. We ust didn't adjust properly in practice and that really hurt us. Towards the end we kinda knew it was coming, so we are able to stop it, but not in the beginning when it really hurt us."

On Topic: On the experience of playing ND on national TV
"I definitely think about it. The ND I was playing last year was North Dakota, not Notre Dame. It's fun. It's not something I think about in my preparation for the game, but it's definitely something you reflect on afterwards."

Speaker: WSU Wide Receiver Jared Karstetter
On Topic:
"We just didn't get enough time to operate tonight. It was frustrating all around as an offense. As wide-outs we didn't block downfield. Other times we just didn't get enough time to run our routes. It was just a frustrating night."

On Topic: On Notre Dame's defense
"They defended us really well, especially in the beginning. They disguised their coverage really well."

On Topic: On their scoring drive in the second quarter
"We just came out and executed our offense finally. We ran the ball. Any time you get into second-and-long or third-and-long, I don't care what kind of offense you are. It puts you behind and there's only so many plays you can run to get out of it."

On Topic: On playing Notre Dame on national TV
"It was exciting, especially when we first ran out on the field. That's kinda why I came here [to WSU]."

Speaker: Head Coach Charlie Weis
On Topic: Jimmy Clausen
"Jimmy could have gone back in the game but its 33 to 7 with a little under three minutes to go in the fourth quarter. Jimmy and I talked about it and unless they scored then I told him to just sit this stretch. At that point we wanted to give them one more opportunity to run the offense and put one in before we went to the run game to finish off the game."

On topic: Robert Hughes' power back
"I don't really know when the switch went on and when he decided this was what he was going to be. When he made the decision of this is how I'm going to run with my pads down. Leaning forward and not trying to make everyone miss. It cleaned up the game on how he was going to play today."

On topic: fourth-quarter speech
"I told them at halftime I didn't want them to be content by playing 30 minutes of football well. We were going into the fourth quarter and we had stubbed ourselves in the toe so to speak. In the third quarter we just didn't get as many points as we thought we would score. I was dissatisfied with that. This wasn't what we were looking for."

On topic: On a large win
"I just wasn't used to coaching a game this year where the game was put away. You plan as if the game is going to go this way but it's almost like a coach's unspoken word to not talk about it. You have to practice like the game is going to go this way."

On topic: on off-site home game
"I thought it was awesome and our players thought that to. There is so much excitement in the air and I give credit to all of the Notre Dame and the people from San Antonio. The Alamodome is a great venue to play in and it really truly was exciting. It really was a great experience."

Speaker: Notre Dame Quarterback Jimmy Clausen
On Topic: On his injury
"I just banged up a little bit on that one play. Coach was already planning to put Dayne [Crist] in on the next series, so he just threw him in right there instead. Coach just didn't want to take any chances and went ahead and took me out."

On Topic: On the overall game
"I thought it went pretty smooth, especially in the beginning. We had a couple penalties there in the first few drives, but then we got it going. Coming into the second half coach wanted us to keep pedaling, keep the pressure on and keep scoring. The first two drives we kinda had the same issues. We made some mistakes and it cost us, but then we got it together. After that I thought we did a good job."

On Topic: If he thinks this is the best game they've played all season
"I have to wait until I see the tape before I can say if it was the best game we've played. We executed pretty well and we got the win, which is all we really wanted."

On Topic: On how it felt to have a convincing win
"It was a relief. Close games all the time kinda get unnerving a little bit. We played great offense, defense, and special teams today."

On Topic: On his pass to Golden at the end of the first half
"That's what Golden's been doing since he stepped foot on campus. I was just trying to get it there and throw it as far as I could. Golden went up there and got it. That might be the play of the year."

On Topic: On establishing the pass and spreading the ball
"That's one of the things that coach is so good about game planning. He wants to get different guys the ball based on what the defense is doing. We had a good matchup with Kyle [Rudolph] and their defensive end."

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