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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/27/2007
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Oct. 27, 2007

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WSU Head Coach Bill Doba

On the game...
"We needed that one. That was great. It was a good win for our kids."

"Coach (Leon) Burtnett comes up with game plans and he's changing things at halftime. He really studies it and I thought our defense was really well prepared. Certain formations, they like to do certain things, the kids were calling out the plays. We took advantage of the scouting report."

On Andrew Roxas...
"How about Andrew Roxas, a true freshman. I don't think he's ever played center. He worked at it all this week. (Offensive line) Coach (George) Yarno got him ready and I think we maybe had one bad snap. That's a credit to that kid. It took a lot of courage. He got the ball back in shotguns, everything else. He did a nice job."

WSU Offensive Line Coach George Yarno

On Andrew Roxas...
"All the players play all the positions. The younger players all learn how to snap a football. We just wanted to put the best five on the field at the time, and he (Roxas) is our sixth guy, so he is going to go in. If anyone gets hurt he is the first one in the game. We'll move someone out to tackle, but he is a guard or center."

On the offensive line...
"I am really proud of all those kids. Some adversity set in. They've never wavered, they never questioned anything. They just kept working hard and they got a little reward today, so that's great for them."

WSU Quarterback Alex Brink

On the game...
"We said these next five games are a new season for us. And so this is just one of five, but we're going to take it one practice at a time and one game at a time."

On success against UCLA...
"We have been able to run the ball really well against them which has created good balance. That is something that's very important, especially in this league."

WSU Center Andrew Roxas
On experience at playing center... "I only started playing center when I got up here."

On jitters...
"When it got down to it, those butterflies turned into excitement."

WSU Running Back Dwight Tardy

On the offensive line...
"The line clicked. The line's been working hard two weeks in a row. We've had some guys heal from injuries. We needed the win, so we prepared ourselves mentally for the win. The line did a great job."

On his performance...
"I was loving every minute of it. I thought, 'Yeah, keep feeding me.' I'm satisfied with my performance today."

WSU Running Back Kevin McCall

On Andrew Roxas...
"I tip my hat to Roxas because he came in as a young man with not much experience, but he proved he was a man today."


UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell

(On play of game)
"It was not a very good performance. It didn't help that we lost a couple of big play makers for us offensively early in the game. We started off offensively pretty well with the early score but we didn't have the continuity to win a game like that."

(On offense)
"We still had plenty of plays to be made out there. We had a number of dropped passes. We had some protection breakdowns at times. We just didn't have the continuity to help our defense. Our defense had a lot of snaps and WSU has a very good offense and if you give them a lot of snaps they are bound to make some plays against you. We put too much pressure on our defense. The offense has to hold their part of the weight up with making some plays and taking advantage of scoring opportunities and we didn't do that. It's unfortunate we didn't play the caliber of game that we should have been playing. I know a lot of that was losing a couple of key players on our offense."

(On letdown against lightly regarded teams)
"There is no rationale for that. We planned and prepared hard for this game just like we've planned and prepared for any game. The way I saw the game is we didn't make the plays. We had plenty of chances to make plays in that game. There were some wide open players and we just didn't make plays. And we're going to continue to work on being more effective and being more productive and that's really all you can do is keep coaching hard and getting our players to execute and do what we need to do in the course of a game. I don't have an answer for that and we'll continue to try and find that answer and as soon as I get it I'll let you know. But we'll keep working at what's necessary for us to be competitive and continue to move forward."

(On pass interference calls)
"They took advantage of some opportunities, and penalties helped them some a little but we didn't make the plays. It came down to us not making the plays and they made more plays than we did."

UCLA Right End Bruce Davis

(On strategy for the rest of the season)

"We have to go back to the lab tomorrow, watch the tape and fix what we need to fix. The important thing for us now is to keep our heads up. We still have a lot of football to play and a lot left to play for. College football is up and down this year and we are living proof of that. We lost one and I wish I could do something about it but I can't. We are looking to the future now."

(On lack of offense)
"Sometimes we didn't give our offense the opportunity to score points. It's not just the offense and it's not just the defense, it's all three phases, special teams included. We just need to make the plays. We've got the players; we've just got to make the plays."

(On stagnant score)
"On the defensive side we gave up 27 points. I've got to take the blame for that. Our offense can only do so much but I don't want to point the finger. UCLA football did not go out there and do what we were supposed to do today."

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