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Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/22/2007
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Sept. 22, 2007

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WSU Coach Bill Doba
"That was an old fashioned butt-whipping. They're the No. 1 team for a reason and played well. We tried some bend but don't break, but they kept throwing those hitches underneath. John David Booty did a nice job.

"We moved the ball at times, but other times didn't. We did things you can't do against good teams. You can't give up field position like that.

"John David is strong and quick and they protect him. Everything is a 1-2-3 (drop) or they roll him out or max protect.

"We missed too many tackles. We had some guys in the right places, but we didn't make plays."

WSU QB Alex Brink
"We were a little inconsistent at times. We moved the ball well at times, but shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers, or penalties or not making third and shorts.

"Their defensive line allows them to do a lot of things. They can drop their linebackers in coverage because their line gets so much pressure.

"When the defensive ends come as hard as they do, it speeds up the game and you have to make quick decisions and get the ball out quick. Most of the game we did that, but one mistake can really cost you.

WSU TE Jed Collins
"We came out really confident. We wanted to run with them and give them a good game. (Despite the score) we are still walking out as the same team and will be focused on next week.

"They're a good team. Their defense is fast and physical and we didn't make enough plays. Against a defense like that, you have to work really hard to make positive yards.

"No. 55 is really a standout guy and made a lot of big plays."

(On USC tight end Fred Davis)
"He is a stud. He does everything they need him to do and a little more. He has the hustle, heart and the size. He deserves all the awards that come his way."

WR Charles Dillon
(On the kickoff return he had in which he got caught from behind by David Buehler)
"I was going right, bounced left and hit the hole. I saw the kicker and thought I could outrun him, but couldn't."

(on USC's team)
"I've never seen so many big guys lined up. Their second and third string could be first. They have six tailbacks who are all top picks and could get scholarships anywhere."

USC Head Coach Pete Carroll
"I really liked the game we had today, especially in response to Nebraska. The guys played really well and were flying around all night. We really felt like we were playing together and were in full control. We were able to do a lot of good things and got a lot of guys in. Washington State is a good team with some real firepower with Brink and Bumpus."

(On the emphasis on Passing Game)
"We really weren't trying to force anything, we just really needed the work. We feel we have guys talented enough to really be special, but we just needed to execute. Patrick Turner rebounded really well and had a good game. Last week was such a different game and we really wanted to get back to a balanced attack."

(On the running game)
"You saw some really great stuff tonight. Chauncey was running like heck out there. He's just so tough to tackle and Stafon, it just seems like he never goes down on the first hit. Joe was out there making guys miss. Just really great stuff today."

(On Fred Davis)
"He's had a really steady career. He's always been a great blocker. He's one of the top tight ends in the country. It's great when we know we can go to him in tough situations and tonight was just that night for him. His athleticism was on display, just running by guys and over guys. He's another guy who stayed around and worked hard and stayed with it."

(On Keith Rivers)
"I don't know how you can be any better than Keith. He was just blowing guys up, knocking out ear pads, just making some great plays. He's a real leader out there."

(On the importance of coming out well in the second half)
"It is really important to us that we come out in the third quarter and get after it. We always want to recapture the momentum from the first half and there are always things we want to accomplish. It was great tonight to get Hershel and Joe started."

TE Fred Davis
(If he had been anticipating a game like this)
"It has been a long time coming. I felt like a wide receiver tonight. I was just glad to do anything I could to help us win, whether it was blocking, catching or whatever, as long as I help us win."

(On the play where he hurdled the defender)
"I remember the catch earlier in the game when he came at me low, so I knew this time he was going to be lowering his shoulder again, so I just tried to get up over him."

(On his senior leadership)
"I'm trying to do things right on and off the field and in the classroom, staying on top of my studies and if I make any mistakes, to make sure that I fix them. I just want to show the young guys how to do it."

LB Keith Rivers
(On the key to the defense's success tonight)
"We had a great game plan. Coach Carroll and Coach Holt were right on with what they were doing. We had a great feeling for what was going on and after the first series we didn't see anything we didn't see in practice."

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