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Q&A With Jazmine Perkins and April Cook
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 01/10/2012
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Jan. 10, 2012


Editors Note: The following is featured in the 2012 Winter edition of Cougars Quarterly. The publication is sent to Cougar Athletic Fund members and season ticket holders. To learn more about the Cougar Athletic Fund click HERE or call 1-877-IMA-COUG. For WSU Athletics ticket information click HERE

Washington State women's basketball senior guards Jazmine Perkins and April Cook are both members of the 1,000 point club at Washington State. The two sat down with Cougars Quarterly to talk about their senior season and the 2011-12 campaign.

CG: How have you seen the program develop from your freshman year to now?

Cook: I would say the one word that describes it is confidence. With everybody, from the players, to the coaching staff, our fans have more confidence in us. It's been building up over the years.

Perkins: I think it's going from playing a whole 40 minutes a game to not having to do that by bringing more players in. We don't have to play the whole 40 minutes. We have more depth.

Jazmine Perkins (L) and April Cook (R) are both members of the 1,000 point club at WSU.

CG: Did being a part of turning the program around appeal to you?

Cook: That was one of the reason I wanted to come here. I wanted to take on that challenge. I think Jaz agrees with that. We wanted to change the culture and change what people think about this basketball program.

CG: What do you enjoy most about WSU?

Cook: I'm into the whole community. It's like a real college town and close knit. It's not like the women's basketball team goes this way, and the football team goes this way and the men's basketball goes this way. Everybody is cool to everybody.

Perkins: And helping each other.

Cook: Yea, there's a lot of support between other players and other coaches. It's a really tight-knit community with a lot of support. Perkins: I really like our coaching staff. I couldn't ask for a better coaching staff.

CG: What is it that you like about the coaching staff?

Perkins: They just want to know you as a person. It's more than just we're on their team. They come to us and ask, "How can we help you succeed with life beyond basketball."

CG: You both have recently become members of the 1,000 point club. What does that mean to you?

Perkins: It's exciting to be a part of that but at the same time that's not what I would want to leave on.

CG: What would you want to leave on?

Perkins: That we were June Daugherty's first recruiting class at WSU that came and did exactly what she said we were going to do, and that is to help turn this program around. That's how I want to leave: (To have people say) "They did that. They came here and they did what they needed to do to leave the path for the rest of the future Cougs."

Cook: The 1,000 point club, that's just a part of it. Like Jaz was saying, being able to leave a legacy here. I'm really honored to be a part of that.
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