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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/20/2003
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WSU Head Coach Bill Doba

On struggling in the red zone...
"We have got to score in the red zone instead of kicking field goals. We better get it straightened out. It's great to not play well and still win. Our defense played great again. They gave up three plays in the first half, a long pass and two screens, but other than that they really held them in check."

"We have four tight ends in there and we are still not hammering it up in there. I guess maybe we should go with some play action or some deception. We might be better with just two tight ends and two wides and spread the defense."

On New Mexico...
"New Mexico's defense plays outstanding football and offensively they really keep you off balance with the screens and the throw back to the quarterback. We are lucky to win and we are happy to win it."

On the penalties that continue to haunt the Cougars...
"We still have way too many penalties. We had a couple of celebration penalties and those are selfish. We can't do those things. Our guys know better than that."

On the play of quarterback Matt Kegel...
"Matt (Kegel) stepped up and threw the ball really well. He made some really big throws."

What they learned after being down at halftime...
"We learned that we can come back and play well and we learned that we can finish. We have too many penalties."

On Oregon's win against Michigan...
"I'm glad that they did. I'm glad to see the conference win a game. I'm happy for them and it makes it a better ball game."


Devard Darling -

On facing New Mexico's defense...
"Coach did a good job of mentally preparing us and getting us physically ready. We came out and didn't execute sometimes."

On struggling in the red zone...
"It's nice to get out there with a win. We know our defense is good enough to hold off our opponents, but the thing is that we've got to get in the end zone and get on the practice field and work on that."

Matt Kegel-

On his personal improvements...
"Every game I play in I think I'm going to get better at different areas of my game. I don't think that I sat well in the pocket today. I was running out of the pocket when I didn't need to. The team and I were able to make some good plays in the fourth quarter."

On New Mexico's defense...
"I've never seen anything like their defense, and I hope I never have to see it again."

On the team's consistency...
"We've got to be consistent. Right now we're up and down, up and down and we really need to drive on being consistent. If we were a consistent football team the whole game, we would be a tough team to beat."

Drew Dunning-

On breaking the school record...
"There have been some awesome kickers, Hanson and Lindell, Tony Truant, but its one heck on an accomplishment. After kicking the fifth one on the 49, I didn't remind myself that it was 5 because a lot of them were the same distance as an extra point. It wasn't until I got off the field and people started to comment that I realized what I had accomplished."

Issac Brown-

On WSU's coverage...
"We just ran different coverages. We were trying to blitz a lot during the first half, and then the second half we were dropping more into coverage."

Calvin Armstrong-

On New Mexico's defense
"It was a really confusing defense I mean that's the thing that they rely on. To get people to run free in certain gaps and making big plays in the backfield and it worked for them today. We made some big plays and we were lucky to get the win today."


Coach Rocky Long

"Washington State is a great football team. They're great on offense and defense, and scary on special teams with the weapons they have."

"We played a little softer on defense and had looser coverage than usual."

On the incoming game plan
"I thought we were going to be able to move the ball much better. We run the option more depending on the defense we're playing against. They were a very good defensive team today.

On the halftime lead
"I really felt that it was going to be a nail-biter until the end. We came out in the second and couldn't do much on offense. Washington State's defense is very good. You have to give them a lot of credit. They found a way to win. That's what good teams do."

LE-D.J. Renteria

"They (Washington State) are pretty talented up front. You have to give them respect. They are a very good team. They're running backs helped double on me and I respect that. They're a top 25 team year in and year out. They are very tough."

On the time of possession
"If I had it my way, the defense would always be on the field. If we wouldn't have given up 23 points, it would have been a lot closer of a game. They came out and made plays."

On Matt Kegel
"He's a talented athlete that is just trying to go and do what's best for his team just like I am doing that for my defense. He came out and moved the ball and made plays."

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