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A-Z Baseball Gameday Guide

Alcohol Policy

Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol can contribute to unruly or dangerous behavior. Violators will be removed from the facility.


Service animals or those in training for guests with disabilities are allowed in the facility. All other animals are prohibited.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Locations

An ATM is located in the park next to the concessions building.

Bags, Containers and Coolers

Bags, containers, and coolers must be small enough to fit completely under one seat, and must be so kept at all times to maintain clear aisles, walkways, and stairs. Hard sided bags, suitcases, coolers, or other similar devises are prohibited.

Bailey-Brayton Field

Bailey-Brayton Field is located on the east side of the WSU campus. The park has a seating capacity of 3,500 and features a video board in left-center field. In the fall of 2013, the Bailey-Brayton infield underwent a remodeling that included new logos and a FieldTurf mound. Washington State is believed to be the first school on the West Coast to have an artificial surface mound. Click here for more information.

Banners and Signs

Hand held banners are permitted if they are in good taste, contain no profanity or derogatory statements, and do not block the view of other patrons.

Beverage Containers

Glass and metal beverage containers are prohibited. This rule does not apply to personal canteens or thermos bottles, which are one liter or less in size. Beverage containers (especially glass and metal) can: hide and store alcohol, shatter or break (which can result in sharp edges and/or pieces), or become dangerous projectiles, threatening the safety of spectators, participants and officials.

Broadcasts Butch

In 1927, Governor Roland Hartley presented a cougar cub to the students of Washington State. This first cougar mascot was named Butch in honor of Herbert "Butch" Meeker of Spokane, who was WSU's gridiron football star at the time.

Governor Clarence D. Martin presented Butch II to the student body in 1938. Butch III and IV were twin cubs presented by Governor Arthur B. Langlie in January 1942. Governor Langlie also presented Butch V in 1955. Butch VI, the last live mascot on campus, died in the summer of 1978.

Mascot Purpose: Washington State University mascot, Butch, is a widely recognized symbol of the university. Appearances by Butch, not only at athletic events but also at other functions related to the university and its constituent groups, are a source of pride for members of the cougar family and a means of promoting the university.

For more information please visit Butch T. Cougar's Website.


Videotaping equipment is not allowed in the facility without written permission from the WSU Athletic Department. To obtain permission, patrons should call the Athletic Department at 509/335-5646.


Hand held photography cameras for personal use are allowed at all WSU athletic facilities.

Code of Conduct

It is the goal of the WSU Public Safety Department and Athletics Event Management to provide a safe, enjoyable, and positive environment for all participants and fans. Safety and security policies have been established to benefit everyone entering Bailey-Brayton Field. Please help us maintain a FUN and SAFE environment for athletes, students, families, and all patrons by complying with all facility policies. WSU, along with the NCAA and Pac-12 Conference, has assigned a high priority to assuring athletic events are conducted in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere that promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches, and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial, sexist, or other abusive comments or actions directed at umpires, student-athletes, coaches, team representatives, or other patrons will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.

Comments, Questions, and/or Concerns

 Athletics General Line/Tickets - 1-800 GO COUGS
 Cougar Athletic Fund - 1-800 IMA COUG
 Event Management - (509) 335-5646
 Facilities - (509) 335-6216
 Marketing/Promotions - (509) 335-0214


A concession stand is located in the park and sells a variety of food and drink items.

Disabled Guests

Seating for wheelchairs is available in Boxes 18 and 19 near the 3rd base dugout. Please contact the Event Management office at (509) 335-5646 with special needs or concerns.

Click here for more information about parking for persons with disabilities on the WSU campus.

Driving Directions

Get directions to campus events here.

Emergencies and Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation routes will be determined by Public Safety Personnel (Police, Fire, and Event Management). Please remain calm and follow the directions of the Public Address Announcer and the nearest Event Management personnel.

Emergency Phone Calls

For any emergency occurring on campus, dial 911 for ambulance, police or fire service. If you are calling from a non-campus phone, dial (509) 335-0911.

Entry Search

Management must rely on communication with and cooperation of the spectator. A visual inspection will be made at the gate. This is a voluntary search. Patrons will be asked to open bags, purses, etc. If a patron does not volunteer for a search and there is reasonable suspicion that they possess banned items, they may be denied entry.

First Aid

Please contact the nearest Event Staff member for first aid assistance.


The Player, Personnel, and Media entrance opens two (2) hours before game time. The spectator gate opens one (1) hour before game time. Spectators are allowed to enter the stadium through the player gate to watch batting practice; however, the stadium will be cleared one (1) hour before game time for spectators to purchase tickets.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found may be turned in or claimed at the Marketing area. You may also call (509) 335-0392 to claim items after the completion of the series.


Click to view an online map of the WSU Campus


Artificial noisemaking devices are prohibited. In addition to confiscation, violators may be subject to university disciplinary action (if applicable) and to removal from the event site.

Parking and Transportation

Permits are not required in the Yellow 1 Beasley Coliseum parking lot, located just west of Bailey-Brayton Field, beginning 2 hours before game time.

For more parking information, click here.

For Pullman Transit information please visit Pullman Transit's Website.

Playing Surface

The Bailey-Brayton game field is made of a synthetic playing surface called FieldTurf. The only dirt on the field is around the pitcher's mound. The base paths and normal dirt infield area feature a reddish brown playing surface, while the rest of the field is a bright green. The reddish brown turf also trims the field along the outfield walls, down the left and right field lines and in front of the backstop. Players wear normal metal spikes on the surface.


Free roster cards are provided at each game. Visit the marketing area to pick up your complimentary copy.

Prohibited Items/Safety Policies

The following policies have been developed with spectator and participant safety in mind. Failure to abide by the following policies may result in ejection and/or legal proceedings.

Prohibited Items

 Non-service animals
 Glass or metal containers. This rule does not apply to personal canteens or thermos bottles, which are one liter in size or less.
 Bota bags
 Hard sided bags, suitcases, coolers, or other similar devices
 Large bags (all soft sided bags must be able to fit under your seat)
 Artificial noisemakers (horns, whistles, etc.)
 Tobacco products. Smoking is not allowed in Bailey-Brayton.
 Camcorders without written permission from WSU Athletics (to obtain permission please call (509) 335-5646

Safety Policies
Our staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where guests can enjoy the Cougar Baseball experience free from unacceptable behavior, including the following

 No Smoking in the Bailey-Brayton facility.
 No Throwing of Objects
 No unruly or disruptive behavior
 No Foul/abusive language or obscene gestures
 Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption

Any guest not adhering to the above code or behaving in an unruly manner will be removed from Bailey-Brayton Field. Event management staff reserves the right to determine what unruly or unacceptable behavior is.

If anyone is interfering with your enjoyment of our event, please contact the nearest Event Staff member for assistance.


View the WSU Baseball schedule here.

Smoking Policy

Smoking will not be permitted inside the Bailey-Brayton Field facility.


Current Conditions

Will Call

Will call is located at the main gate of Bailey-Brayton Field. WSU recruits, high school coaches/teams, guests of WSU players/coaches, and guests of visiting players/coaches can pick up their tickets from the ticket window to the right of the gate. All other will call can be picked up from the ticket window to the left of the gate.