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WSU Cougars Announce Football Signees
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 02/07/2001
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Feb. 7, 2001

2001 Recruiting Class Release in PDF Format
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PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University head football coach Mike Price has announced 27 football recruits signed national letters of intent to enroll at WSU. Price also announced that two scholarship recruits and one non-scholarship player enrolled at WSU in January. The list of 27 signees included 26 high school seniors and one junior college transfer.

The January enrollees include transfer Nate Mallory, a defensive lineman who started for City College of San Francisco last fall during its 14-0 State championship season, and Norvell Holmes, a freshman defensive tackle from Bellflower, Calif., who signed with WSU a year ago, then delayed his enrollment until January. In addition, walk-on transfer Adam Holiday, a placekicker from Moorpark College, enrolled at WSU in January.

The only junior college player among the 27 new recruits is wide receiver Tyjuan Mayfield from San Bernardino Valley College.

The 26 high school recruits include the much heralded Dwayne Wright, a 6-1 running back out of San Diego's Lincoln High. Wright received nine of a possible 10 votes in the Best in the West poll by the Long Beach Press-Telegram and was named to the Western 100 by the Tacoma News Tribune. He was also a prep All-America pick by Super Prep magazine and was chosen by Prep Star magazine to their Far West team.

Quarterback Chris Hurd out of Deer Valley High in Antioch, Calif., was also recognized by the Best in the West and Western 100 teams and by Super Prep and Prep Star magazines.

Super Prep recognized 12 of WSU's high school signees. In addition to Wright and Hurd, they named Pat Bennett, Troy Bienemann, Jeremy Bohannon, Tim Burnette, Riley Fitt-Chappell, Trandon Harvey, Marty Martin, Bryan Olson, Thomas Ostrander and Alex Teems to their Far West teams covering Alaska, Washington and California.

Prep Star thought highly enough of 11 Cougar recruits to pick them to their West team. They included Bennett, Bienemann, Burnette, Will Derting, Harvey, Aaron Joseph, Ostrander, Graham Siderius, Jimmy Wilson, plus Hurd and Wright.

WSU's freshman class included eight players from Washington, with six of them earning Associated Press All-State honors and seven receiving Red Chip Tier 1 status from the Seattle Times. The AP All-State team included Bennett, Bohannon, Derting, Olson, Ostrander and Ben Woodard. The Red Chip picks by the Times included Bennett, Bohannon, Derting, Joseph, Martin, Olson and Ostrander.

Bennett, a 6-0 linebacker from Forks High, was one of the most heralded players from Washington, earning State 2-A player of the year honors as awarded by USA Today, Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune and the Washington Prep Football Report.

WSU recruits also included a pair of kickers, Nevada All-State pick Graham Siderius and Holiday. Siderius quarterbacked McQueen High to the Nevada State championship with a perfect 14-0 record. As a senior he made 74 of 75 extra point kicks and 11 of 14 field goals, including four over 50 yards. His longest last fall was 54 yards. Holiday, meanwhile, had 29 touchbacks on kickoffs and put several through the goal post uprights.


"One of the recruiting differences this year is we have not been sitting by the phone waiting to hear from recruits. For the most part all these commitments were made a couple of weeks ago, or earlier. They stayed pretty firm. It is a solid year of recruiting."

"Although there are not very many offensive linemen listed, in fact there may not be any listed, some may be offensive line candidates. That's the way we recruit. We don't normally recruit offensive linemen in high school. We recruit defensive linemen or tight ends and then they end up being offensive linemen."

"We have eight players who are 6-5 or better. We have some big guys. On the other end we have at least a dozen players who run 4.5 or better. So we are tall and we are fast. As I say every year, it is probably the best recruiting class we have ever had."

"Some of these players is will come to school next January. One of the players is going to go on a Mormon mission for two years (Ben Woodard from Cheney). We are very excited about Ben Woodard. He is a great talent, a great athlete, and a great student. He was a scholar award winner from the Spokane area. He is big, can run like a deer, but he probably won't report for two years."

"It doesn't always happen in recruiting when you get a blue chip player like Dwayne Wright (committing early and staying firm). They might commit after they visit or after your home visit, but for him to stay committed that long is a real tribute to him and his family and to our recruiting coach Eric Price. They struck up a wonderful relationship and Dwayne held up the entire time. He is one of the few players in this group who can play for the Cougars next season. He is good enough to play for anyone next year. Maybe not the San Diego Chargers - maybe the Chargers, but I don't know about the 49ers. He is definitely good enough to play a lot of places."

"Wright and our kicker Graham Saderius are players we recruited to play as freshman. Obviously Graham Saderius was the kicker of choice, the number one kicker we wanted. We were so happy to get him. He can also punt. He was an All-State quarterback on an undefeated high school team. He has every award he could possibly get from the State of Nevada. He has a great leg. Graham will get the opportunity to do the kicking in the fall. Dwayne Wright will have the opportunity to play next season as a freshman."

"Jimmy Wilson, another running back who is very good. Jimmy is 17, about six-two and a half and weighs 205 or 210 pounds. We hope he is going to be an Eddie George some day. But he is too young right now, so we want to redshirt Jimmy and have him develop, then in a couple of years challenge for that starting position. He has great balance, great speed and good height. We haven't talked to him about gray shirting. It might not be a bad idea, but he's not one of the guys we talked to initially about that."

"Adam Holiday is going to have a chance to do our kickoffs. I just don't know how strong a leg he has. Right now we don't have a kicking coach. I am very concerned about that because we recently lost Jeff Banks to Idaho State. Holday and Siderius were hand picked by Jeff Banks. I let Jeff have a lot to do with selecting our kickers because he is really a talented young coach."

"I think the new facilities helped. However, it also helped to get on these guys early. We visited with them in the fall when the weather was nice, when the stands were filled, when there were students on campus and they were happy and having a great time. That is the time you want to show off Pullman. Not necessarily January. That is why we encouraged kids to come in the fall. Obviously it is not an easy place to get to in the fall because they have their own games to play."

"I think it is interesting where these recruits live. Forks, Washington - a real hotbed for pro athletes. Okanogan, they are always pulling guys out of there. Lapwai (Idaho), boy have they got some pro NBA guys from Lapwai. We picked out these guys from these small schools and gosh, I think they are excellent. We have a couple of 4.0 students and we have five guys who are 3.8 or above academically."

"Boyer (Lapwai) is a 4.0 student. He is the leading scorer on their basketball team. Lapwai's basketball team won the state championship last year. Bryan Boyer returned kickoffs and he returned punts. He played defensive end, tight end, running back and linebacker. He can play any place you want. He is just great. He was in our camp. He is a neat guy and talented kid. We are lucky to get him. Stanford was recruiting him and they are hard to beat on a guy with a 4.0."

"We wanted to recruit one quarterback. The quarterback we chose was Chris Hurd. Chris committed (early) and at that time we were recruiting Josh Swogger. Josh was taking other trips, so held off and didn't want to commit. When he did commit, after Chris committed,, I said, `Josh, what do you think about coming in January.' I don't want to take two quarterbacks in the same class, but every year we will recruit a quarterback. Josh said that would be a possibility. He was the player of the year in Ohio for his division (IV), was All-State, all everything. Josh is very young. He would be a gray shirt candidate if ever I saw one. We have been recruiting him for a long time. Chris Hurd may be a little further along right now because he's in a passing offense and is very well coached. Every year, however, we intend to recruit a quarterback the quality of Chris Hurd or Josh Swogger."

"Chris Hurd is kind of a combination. He is not a big, strong-armed quarterback, and he's not a real shifty quarterback like Jason Gesser, although he probably is more like Jason than say Ryan Leaf. He is a shifty runner. From what I understand he has a rocket arm, though I have not seen him throw in person. He is really into football. He loves the X's and O's and is chomping at the bit to get into a program that will take advantage of his abilities. A very good friend of mine, Roger Theder, has been a tutor for Chris and he is very high on him."

"We would like to redshirt Chris, but we will let him come in and compete for the job. If you tell kids they can't compete or are not going to get a chance, then you are taking away that competitive spirit. Invite them to come in and see what they can do and if they have a chance to be the guy or the backup and make the traveling squad, so be it. But we would probably like to redshirt Chris and get a little distance between him and Jason Gesser in years of eligibility."

"I think it helped a lot that Arizona, Arizona State and USC didn't have a coach for a long time. That's 75 players out there who are not being recruited. We got in on them quick. We said it was way too hot down there, come up here and cool off, so that helped get some recruits."

"I don't think I have ever told anybody they would start. I have said, `you have the opportunity start.' I think Dwayne Wright has an opportunity to play. If he beats out David Minnich, he's great. If Roger Smith or Jimmy Wilson beat out David Minnich, then they are really something. The reason I think Dwayne can play is he is so physical. This Roger Smith kid is also a big old ball of muscle. He can knock them down. Time will tell how Dwayne Wright ranks, but he is probably the best high school running back we have ever recruited."

"I think Oregon State is recruiting a different kind of player than they recruited in previous years (coaches) and in different areas. Unfortunately they are recruiting the same kind of players I like to recruit and in the same kind of areas I like to recruit, so we probably hit heads with Oregon State more than we ever have in 10 years. They had a great year, they have a great coaching staff and facilities. That's an up and coming program."

"I like it up there (Alaska). I enjoy it when they fly in (to Pullman), get off that plane in the dead of winter and say, `gosh, it is beautiful here and so warm.' They are so appreciative. This Riley Fitt-Chappell guy is an athlete. He came to our summer camp as a quarterback. He's played tight end, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, defensive end and wide receiver. He's gained about 15 pounds since we started recruiting him. We offered early and he committed early. Jevon Miller was a guy we found when we went up to see Fitt-Chappell. We had heard a lot about Jevon. He was a great basketball player on a great team. East High School is one of the best basketball teams in the country and he was their point guard. He thought he was going to be a basketball player. Miller started as a quarterback, but he broke his wrist and they moved him to wide receiver. He didn't get the ball enough so they moved him to tailback and in the last five games he rushed for something like 800 yards. We are projecting him as a defensive back. We picked him up late. I watched him play basketball and he can jump. I thought, what are we doing not recruiting this guy. We have to recruit him."

"I think it is the best way to go (high school recruits, not jaycee players) because you can develop guys. We are only losing two or three starters so we don't have that many holes to fill. We are not in desperate need for a player at a particular position. We don't have the need right now for the community college player, like we have some years. Yes, it is the largest number of high school guys we have ever signed."

"Nate Mallory will play next year, no question about that. Graham Siderius, some of these skilled players could play. Another guy I haven't mentioned is Allen Thompson from Sweetwater High School in San Diego. We recruited him as a defensive back, but he ended up being a great running back and was recruited heavily by UNLV and San Diego State as a running back. We ended up signing him as a running back and will give him the opportunity to play as a freshman. He is big enough and tough enough to have an opportunity to play as a freshman."

"I would say four (haven't cleared NCAA regulations to play) for a variety of reasons. One transferred from a high school, a Catholic private school to a public school, so some of the courses are transferring, some are not. He's working that out. He has a good test score and good grades. Another young man was home schooled, so his classes are still pending. We don't have any poor students in this group. We might have one or two who have a poor test score, but we don't have any poor students, even if they have a lower test score."

"I'm not taking anybody who doesn't have good character. Sometimes you make mistakes. We are not taking a chance on these guys. This is a strong class with good character. In the past we have taken guys you wonder about and some have worked out, some have not."

"It wasn't tough to find offensive linemen this year, but tight ends are such good athletes. You can recruit a Riley Fitts-Chappell who is 6-7, 265 pounds, but he can play quarterback and wide receiver and run. If he can't play those positions, then eventually he might end up as an offensive lineman. Why recruit an offensive lineman who is short and doesn't have the growth potential some of these guys have? Look at Tim Burnette. He could play a lot of positions. Troy Bienemann. I watched him play basketball and he is an athlete. He is a smart, smart guy. We will play these guys at tight end and find out who can catch, who can move, and the ones who can't we will disperse to other positions. The next spot is defensive end, then the next is defensive tackle, then it might be offensive line. We like tall guys because you can't put on height. You can put on weight and strength, but not height."

"Of all the games, Wes Patterson visited during the Apple Cup and the teams he was thinking joining were Washington and Washington State. He came to the game and fell in love with the area and the attitude of the kids and players, even though he saw us on our worst afternoon against the team that was also recruiting him. He committed to us and wanted to help this team beat the Huskies. He is going to be a real success story. You guys are all going to be writing stories about Wes Patterson someday. He has come a long way and is a very special human being."

"It is nice to have four or five freshman defensive backs Chris Ball can work with (Jeremy Bohannon, Aaron Joseph, Jevon Miller, Wes Patterson-Aumya, Alex Teems) for four years." "Aaron Joseph played quarterback. He came here and visited a couple of times and committed to us. He has great speed and is a great student. I think he can be a safety for us. I could see him playing as a wide receiver or running back, but that's not what we recruited him for. He's that kind of athlete."

"Eric Price recruited eight of these guys. He was the top guy this year."

2001 Washington State Football Recruits - January Enrollees

Holiday, AdamPK6-3230Jr.Newbury Park, Calif. (Santa Paula/Moorpark College)
Holmes, NorvellDT6-3285Fr.Bellflower, Calif. (St. John Bosco)
Mallory, NateDT6-3235Jr.Kent, Wash. (Kentridge/San Francisco CC)

2001 Washington State Football Recruits - Fall Enrollees

Bennett, PatLB6-0210Fr.Forks, Wash. (Forks)
Bienemann, TroyTE6-5250Fr.Mt. View, Calif. (St. Francis)
Bohannon, JeremyDB6-0175Fr.Richland, Wash. (Richland)
Boyer, BryanDT6-4230Fr.Lapwai, Idaho (Lapwai)
Burnette, TimTE6-6235Fr.San Clemente, Calif. (San Clemente)
Derting, WillLB6-0205Fr.Okanogan, Wash. (Okanogan)
Fitt-Chappell, RileyDE/TE6-7265Fr.Anchorage, Alaska (Chugiak)
Harvey, TrendonWR5-11185Fr.San Diego, Calif. (Sweetwater)
Holmes, JasonDE/DT6-8260Fr.San Diego, Calif. (Horizon Christian)
Hurd, ChrisQB6-2185Fr.Antioch, Calif. (Deer Valley)
Joseph, AaronSS6-2200Fr.Tacoma, Wash. (Franklin Pierce)
Martin, MartyWR5-11175Fr.Tacoma, Wash. (Puyallup)
Mayfield, TyjuanWR6-0180Tr.San Bernardino, Calif. (Eisenhower/SBVCC)
Miller, JevonDB6-1185Fr.Anchorage, Alaska (East)
Olson, BryanDE6-4250Fr.Kent, Wash. (Kentlake)
Ostrander, ThomasWR6-2185Fr.Yakima, Wash. (East Valley)
Patterson-Aumya, WesCB5-11190Fr.Bellflower, Calif. (Bellflower)
Siderius, GrahamK6-2195Fr.Reno, Nevada (McQueen)
Smith, RogerRB6-0220Fr.Beverly Hills, Calif. (Beverly Hills)
Swogger, JoshQB6-5242Fr.Youngstown, Ohio (Ursuline)
Teems, AlexDB5-11180Fr.San Pedro, Calif. (San Pedro)
Thompson, AllenRB5-10190Fr.San Diego, Calif. (Sweetwater)
West, AdamTE6-6225Fr.Venice, Calif. (Venice)
Wilson, JimmyRB6-2205Fr.Phoenix, Ariz. (Phoenix Christian)
Woodard, BenLB/TE6-5230Fr.Cheney, Wash. (Cheney)
Wright, DwayneRB6-1185Fr.San Diego, Calif. (Lincoln)

HIGH SCHOOL: Graduated from Santa Paula High in June, 1999...during prep career earned varsity letters in soccer (3), volleyball (2), football (1) and track (1)...captained all four a FRESHMAN attended Camarillo High and played JV soccer...transferred to Newbury Park High for his SOPHOMORE year, playing varsity soccer...scored 20 goals in Miramonte League competition...also played JV football as a defensive end and receiver...attended Santa Paula High for two a JUNIOR scored 22 goals as soccer team reached State semi-finals...also played volleyball...SENIOR year received all-league first team honors in football as a tight end and made it to the CIF playoffs...selected to play in the East-West All-Star soccer named the Tri-Valley Player of the Year while earning all-league honors as a forward...league's most valuable offensive was 32-3-1 overall and 12-0 in league reached the CIF semi-finals...earned MVP honors and received the Cobra Award in volleyball...anchored 4x100 relay team to the league title...also competed in the league meet in the long jump and high jump, finishing second in the latter at 6-6.
JUNIOR COLLEGE: Attended Moorpark Junior College, earning two letters in a FRESHMAN (1999-2000) was used as a kickoff specialist...19 of his kickoffs went into the endzone...during SOPHOMORE (fall 2000) season averaged eight yards deep into the endzone and was credited with 29 touchbacks (80 percent touchback average)...several of his kickoffs went through the goal post uprights.
WSU CAREER: Enrolled at WSU in January, 2001 as a non-scholarship athlete...will participate in spring drills.
PERSONAL: Adam Holiday...born 4-26-81 at Tustin, Calif....parents Leon Holiday and Mary Jo Fischer...three younger brothers, Justin, Coby and Neah...mother played tennis and field hockey at Berea College in aunt Carol Weheisit did her undergraduate studies at WSU while her husband Ralph Weheisit taught criminal justice classes at WSU...enjoys surfing, dancing, golfing and going to the a high school senior received the Army's scholar-athlete All-America awards in both football and soccer while finishing with a 3.47 prep GPA......attended the Olympic Development Program for soccer for two years...will pursue a pre-law and political science degree.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended St. John Bosco High, graduating in June 2000...coached in football by Kiki Mendoza...captain of team senior year...also played basketball as a a SOPHOMORE was team's defensive rookie of the year...named to the All-Del Rey League second team...during JUNIOR year was a first team all-Del Rey League pick on defense and won the team's award as the Iron Man (2-way player)...also won the team's strength award...SENIOR year had 47 tackles in 10 games, made two sacks, picked off one pass and recovered two fumbles...named to the All-Serra League first team...the Braves' co-MVP winner...picked to the All-Far West teams by Prep Star Magazine and Super Prep Magazine.
WSU CAREER: Enrolled at WSU in January, 2001 and will participate in spring drills.
PERSONAL: Norvell Holmes...born 12-18-81...mother Claudia Holmes...father brother Kenny...looking at a business management or computer technology major at WSU...first signed with WSU in February 2000, did not enroll in August, as originally planned.

HIGH SCHOOL: Graduated from Kentridge High in 1997...coached by Marty Osborn, earning three letters each in football, basketball and baseball...SOPHOMORE year baseball team advanced to state playoffs...SENIOR year football team was 10-1 before getting knocked out of the state playoffs...first team All-South Puget Sound League as a defensive end...selected a Northwest Nugget by the Tacoma News Tribune...a "Red Chip" pick by the Seattle Times and an All-Northwest selection by Super Prep Magazine...also named to the All-West team by Prep Star Magazine.
WSU CAREER: As a FRESHMAN (1997-98): Redshirt season...earned two defensive scout team awards the week of the Washington and Illinois games.
JUNIOR COLLEGE: After leaving WSU, did not attend school in the fall of 1998...then attended Bellevue Community College for two semesters, spring and fall of the spring of 2000 as a RS-JUNIOR enrolled at City College of San the fall was a starting defensive tackle for head coach George Rush's finished 14-0 and won the California State JC Championship, defeating Bakersfield College 31-13 in the title game.
WSU CAREER: Returned to WSU in January, 2001, and will participate in spring drills.
PERSONAL: Nathan Kent Mallory...born 09/22/78 in Renton, Wash....parents Robert and Beverly Mallory...two brothers Scott and Rick...Rick played offensive guard at Washington and later was the Husky tight end coach for Jim Lambright...sisters Judy and Amy...likes to hang out with friends...enjoys camping...will pursue a degree in sports psychology.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by Mike Mitchell at St. Francis High...played both tight end and defensive end...also played basketball...during JUNIOR season earned first team all-league honors...made over 60 tackles and two sacks...SENIOR year earned league co-MVP honors on defense...finished with 72 tackles and one sack...on offense, caught 27 passes at tight end for 313 yards and one touchdown...named by Prep Star as the #5 tight end on the West Coast...named by the TNT to the Western One Hundred...first team all-league...all-San Jose Mercury News...first team all-Mid Peninsula....all-metro team...National Football Hall of Fame scholar-athlete honoree...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Tory Michael Bienemann...born 2/18/83 in Minneapolis, Minn...parents Thomas and Gail Bienemann...father self employed and mother a nurse sister Cassandra...prep GPA 3.87...high school member of the national and the foreign language honor society...interested in a communications major at WSU.

HIGH SCHOOL: A three-sport standout at San Clemente High, where he was coached by Eric Patton in football...played tight end and defensive end...also played volleyball and basketball...during JUNIOR season was named to the all-league team on both offense and defense...led his team in sacks...SENIOR year had six sacks and 19 passes blocked on defense, while on offense caught 33 passes for over 300 yards and seven touchdowns...pre-season All-American...picked by Prep Star as the #1 tight end on the West LA Times all-county pick...picked by the TNT as one of the Western One Hundred...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Timothy David Burnette...born 6/11/83 in San Clemente, Calif....parents Brian and Karen brother Steven and one sister Kristen...father a pastor and mother a dental assistant...prep GPA 3.38...California Academic Award recipient in Spanish...finalist as a scholar athlete for the National Football Foundation's College Hall of Fame...will look at a communications and sports broadcasting degree...considered Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon and Colorado State before selecting WSU.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by Denny Neely at Okanogan High, where he also played basketball and baseball...FRESHMAN first team all-league was league champion and third in state with an 11-1 record...SOPHOMORE first team all-league linebacker...All-NCW went 12-1 as league champion and second in a JUNIOR an All-State pick at linebacker and running back in Class won State title with 13-0 record...rushed for over 1,400 yards and had 70 solo tackles on defense...second team all-league in baseball at left field...state champions in Class A baseball...SENIOR year named to the Associated Press 1A All-State first team as a defensive back...named by Washington Prep Football Report to its 1A All-State team as a linebacker and the player of the year for that classification...a Prep Star honoree for the west region...first team all-league selection at went 11-1 to win league championship... named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times.
PERSONAL: William M. Derting...born 12/21/82 in Omak, Wash....parents Brad and Margaret owns and operates a cattle ranch...two sisters Bess and Maggie...Bess is a WSU student...three uncles, three aunts and four cousins have also attended WSU...prep GPA 2.8...Grand Champion Beef Fitting and Showing at the Okanogan County Fair for two years...enjoys roping, welding and hunting...will pursue a degree in agriculture.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended Kentlake High, where he was coached by Mark Torgerson...played linebacker, tight end and on the offensive line...also played baseball and a SOPHOMORE was named all-league honorable mention as a utility player on the baseball team...during JUNIOR season earned all-league honorable mention on the offensive's most improved player...SENIOR year named to the All-State team on defense by the Tacoma News Tribune after earning All-South Puget Sound League first team honors on both offense and defense...made 144 tackles, including 10 TFLs and five sacks...also recovered three fumbles...SPSL North's top defensive lineman...a Seattle Times all-area pick...All-State 4-A pick by Washington Prep Football Report and the Associated Press as a linebacker...earned all-area and All-State team honors on defense...Kentlake's Mr. Defense...named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Bryan Jerrold Olson...born 11/19/82 in Seattle, Wash...parents Durwood and Vicki Olson...father a crew chief, mother a brother Erik and one sister Mallorie...prep GPA of 3.35...Kent Rotary Student of the Month in Jan. 2001...interested in pursuing business and marketing at WSU...among the schools recruiting Olson were Washington, ASU, Oregon and OSU in the Pac-10...wants to major in marketing.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by Ken Dalton at McQueen High, where he handled punting and kicking chores and was the team's quarterback...also played baseball one season...JUNIOR year named to the All-State first team as a placekicker and to the all-division first team as a punter...connected on eight of 12 field goals, including a long of 46 reached the State championship game before losing...honorable mention all-league infielder for the baseball team...SENIOR season McQueen High came back to win the State title with a 35-0 win over Wooster to complete a 14-0's fourth state title in 11 years (also won in 1990, 1992 and 1997)...finished the season making 74 of 75 PAT kicks and 11 of 14 field goals, four over 50 yards and six over 40...longest field goal 54 yards, while his misses were from 39, 42 and 50 a quarterback threw for 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns...also rushed for 368 yards and seven more touchdowns...named by Prep Star as the top kicker on the West Coast and to their All-America Dream Team...All-State, league and division first team kicker and punter...first team all-division and second team all-league quarterback...picked as one of two specialists among the TNT's Western One Hundred.
PERSONAL: Graham Peter Siderius...born 12/19/82 in Glendale, Calif....parents Marten and Janice Siderius...father a manager, mother a brother Andrew plays football at University of Nevada, Reno...prep GPA 2.8...interested in a business major at WSU...enjoys snowboarding and wakeboarding...several Pac-10 schools and Wisconsin were on his list.

HIGH SCHOOL: Transferred to Youngstown Ursuline High as a junior where he played quarterback for head coach Jim Vivo...also played basketball...FRESHMAN year attended Mathews High...Youngstown Vindicators pre-season most promising athlete...SOPHOMORE year earned first team all-league...threw nine touchdown passes and over 2,000 yards...Trumbull County honorable mention...JUNIOR season transferred to Youngstown Ursuline...threw for 1,600 yards and five touchdowns...rushed for 500 yards and 11 touchdowns...first team Steel Valley Conference...Ohio honorable mention...SENIOR year threw for 2,300 yards, rushed for nearly 500 yards and completed 60 percent of his passes...led team to 14-1 record and Division IV State Championship...threw for 25 touchdowns, including 20 in last seven games...first team All-State and conference...Division IV Player of the Year...CBS Sports All-American...nominated to play in Ohio's North-South All-Star game.
PERSONAL: Joshua James Swogger...born 5/10/83 in Sharon, Pa....parents Jeffrey and Andrea Swogger ...father self employed, mother a dialysis brother Randall and a sister Dana...2.8 prep GPA...interested in business and hotel restaurant management program at WSU...Louisville, Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan and Akron also offered him scholarships.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by Michael Walsh at San Pedro High, where he also competed in track...played both running back and defensive back...JUNIOR year earned Academic All-State honors...second team all-league...SENIOR year was an all-league pick on both sides of the ball...MVP on league championship team...pre-season All-American...academic all-star...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Alexander Richard Teems...born 12/11/83 in Torrance, Calif....parents Richard and Linda brother Austin and one sister Ariel...father a U.P.S. driver, mother in human resources...prep GPA 3.47...perfect attendance sophomore and junior years in high school...interested in a degree in graphic arts at WSU...uncle Jack Lightsy played football at UCLA...scheduled visits with Oregon, Oregon State, Wisconsin and Fresno State, then committed to WSU and cancelled the other trips.

HIGH SCHOOL: A standout running back, defensive back and kick returner for coach Keith Brown at Phoenix Christian High...also competed in track...SOPHOMORE season rushed for 300 yards and seven touchdowns...first in the region in triple jump and second in long jump...during JUNIOR campaign named to the all-region first team, All-State team and All-American team after rushing for over 2,000 yards and scoring 26 touchdowns...also had 62 tackles and one went 12-1 to win state a SENIOR rushed for 1,891 yards and 31 touchdowns...also returned three kicks for touchdowns...a Prep Star honoree in the west region...all-region, All-State and All-Arizona honoree...1A-3A Player of the Year...2A Offensive Player of the Year.
PERSONAL: James (Jimmy) Wilson...born 8/05/83 in Great Falls, Mont...parents Lynn and James Wilson Sr...father a computer programer and mother a billing sister Rachael...prep GPA of 3.6...interested in pre-law at WSU...among the schools interested in him were Michigan, Penn State, Arizona and Stanford.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended Forks High, class of 2001...coached by Terry Jensen, where he played running back, linebacker and returned kicks...also participated in basketball and a FRESHMAN earned honorable mention all-league...SOPHOMORE year was the first sophomore captain in school history...all-league first team as a running back and second team as a linebacker...rushed for 1,224 yards and 12 touchdowns...earned all-academic honors for football and basketball...JUNIOR season earned league's offensive player of the year honors...first team all-league at linebacker...Forks High School Scholar Athlete of the Year...league all-academic honors in football and a SENIOR named the 2A Washington Player of the Year by the Associated Press, USA Today, Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune and Washington Prep Football Report and to each outlet's All-State team as a running honorable mention Northwest Nugget by the TNT...a Prep Star honoree for the west region...Wendy's Heisman Prep Award for Washington state...west coast All-American...honored by faces in the crowd in Sports Illustrated...rushed for 2,448 yards and scored 30 touchdowns on offense and had 148 tackles on defense...during the regular season had 1,674 yards, 23 touchdowns and an 8.3 yard average...prep career rushing total of 5,420 yards and scored 65 touchdowns...his rushing total ranks fourth on the State career list...league MVP...first team all-league at linebacker and running back...named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Patrick (Pat) Bennett...born 11/09/82 in Forks, Wash....parents James and Rachel Bennett...father is a computer consultant and mother a brother Andy who played defensive end for Boise State...earned two gold medals for family career and community leaders of America...attended a national youth leaders conference...prep GPA 4.0...interested in hotel and restaurant major...both of his parents attended WSU...long list of schools interested in tripping Bennett, including Duke, Michigan State, Northwestern, Oregon State, Notre Dame, Hawaii, Stanford and Washington.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by Chris Johnson at Horizon Christian High...played tight end and defensive line...also was a two-year letterwinner in basketball...during JUNIOR season basketball team won San Diego Section Division IV a SENIOR team had 12-1 season winning the league, conference and Division V state championships...caught 20 passes for 332 yards and four touchdowns...on the defensive side of the ball made 21 tackles including three sacks.
PERSONAL: Jason Duane Holmes...born 10/30/81 in San Diego, Calif...parents David and Patricia Turner...father a code enforcement officer and mother a military brother sister Joshlyn...cousin DeAndre Douglas also plays football at WSU...Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz is a cousin by marriage ...interested in communications and business majors at WSU.

HIGH SCHOOL: Prepped at Franklin Pierce High, where he was coached in football by Howard Lutton...played quarterback, receiver, linebacker and defensive back during career and also returned punts...also played basketball and competed in a SOPHOMORE was a member of the school's 400m relay team that placed fifth in the state meet...all-academic league selection in football, basketball and track...during JUNIOR season threw for over 800 yards and 12 touchdowns while earning all-area second team honors...honorable mention all-area on defense...averaged 22 points during basketball season...three-sport academic honoree for a second year...SENIOR season was picked to the all-area second team at linebacker by the Tacoma News Tribune...also picked by the TNT as the defensive player of the year in Pierce County after being named to the all-league team as an outside linebacker...a Prep Star honoree for the west region...earned all-area second team honors at quarterback...first team all-area at outside linebacker...all-area defensive player of the year...academic conference honors in track and football... named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times.
PERSONAL: Aaron Joseph...born 7/13/82 in Tacoma, Wash....parents Abraham and Linda Komomua...father a corrections sister Alina Komomua...prep GPA 3.5...member of the FBLA...enjoys snowboarding, weightlifting and surfing...interested in a graphic design and fine arts major...Oregon, OSU, Washington, Georgia and Hawaii were on his interest list.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended Eisenhower High School where he was coached by Tom a JUNIOR earned first team all-league honors...during SENIOR season captained the team...first team all-league.
JUNIOR COLLEGE: Attended San Bernardino Valley CC, where he was coached by Ron Smedley...SOPHOMORE season ranked 11th among the 2000 California Community College leaders in yards per game with 97.9...sits 12th among Calif. CC players in catches per game with 6.1...leading receiver in the conference...all-conference pick.
PERSONAL: Tyjuan Rashone Mayfield...born 7/17/80 in Northridge, Calif...parents Darryl and Wanda Mayfield...mother a secretary and father owns his own business...twin brothers Jahnal and Shanal...two sisters Shadae and Monique...intends to pursue a communications major at WSU.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended Cheney High, where he was coached by Tom Oswald...four-year letterwinner and senior captain...also played basketball and baseball and captained those teams as a a SOPHOMORE earned the basketball team's newcomer of the year award...during JUNIOR campaign was all-league offense and defense...All-State offense and defense...made the first team all-league in basketball and was an all-league outfielder for the baseball team...during SENIOR season earned all-league honors on both sides of the ball...was the league's co-MVP on defense and the back of the year on offense...All-State as linebacker and tight's defensive MVP...picked to play in the All-State game...caught 41 passes for 468 yards and six touchdowns...on defense had 80 tackles, four sacks, two interceptions and two fumble recoveries, one for a touchdown.
PERSONAL: Benjamin Luther Woodard...prep GPA of 3.6...parents Tom and Dianne Woodard...grandparents Keith and Elaine Midgley...two brothers Bryan and Bert...four sisters Brenda, Beu, Bianke and Breanne...won the Ray Flaherty scholar-athlete award...undecided about what he will pursue at WSU.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended East Valley High, where he was coached by Barry Reifel...also competed in basketball and soccer...returned kicks and played defense in addition to his wide receiver duties...FRESHMAN year was third on team in went to state quarterfinals with 8-3 record...second team all-league in soccer...during SOPHOMORE year earned second team all-conference honors on went 9-2 and again made quarterfinals...earned second team all-league honors on state championship soccer team...during JUNIOR season an All-State pick with 70 lost to Meridian of Bellingham in the State 2A championship game...first team all-league receiver and defensive back...first team all-league soccer captain...honorable mention all-league in basketball...capped SENIOR season by being named to the Associated Press All-State 2A first team at wide receiver...caught 43 passes, the fourth most among all 2A players, for 768 yards, 14 touchdowns and a 17.9 yards per catch average...a Prep Star honoree for the west player of the league...first team all-league as a receiver, defensive back and kicker...selected to play in All-State game...nominated for Wendy's High School Heisman...captained state quarterfinalist team...named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Thomas Alton Ostrander...born 8/24/82 in Kalispell, Mont....parents Terry and Twyla Ostrander...father a project manager, mother a high school brother Tim, who also attends WSU, and one sister Tiffany...prep GPA 3.90...member of national honor society...Young Life leader...Junior Masonic award recipient...CWU alumni honor scholar...interested in a sports medicine major...Washington, Boise State and Idaho were also interested in Ostrander.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by James Rivera at Bellflower High...a running back and defensive a SOPHOMORE rushed for 900 yards...during JUNIOR season earned first team all-conference at defensive back...SENIOR year was picked to the Press Telegram's first team dream team at corner...also a member of the Press Telegram's Preseason Elite 18...LA all-stars first team...selected to play in an Australian all-star game...had 20 carries for 400 yards and five touchdowns on offense...collected 63 tackles, 11 pass breakups and two interceptions on defense.
PERSONAL: Wesley Patterson-Aumya...born 1/04/83...parents Matt and Martha Aumya...two brothers, Nicholas and Dante...two sisters Niquie and Carla.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended Lincoln High, where he was coached by Tony Jackson...during JUNIOR season rushed for over 1,600 yards and earned all-league and all-area a SENIOR rushed for 2,283 yards during the 11-game regular season, including 28 touchdowns...finished the 11-2 season with 2,323 yards and 25 rushing touchdowns, plus 14 receiving touchdowns...a Prep Star pick as the #13 running back in the West...named by the TNT to the Western One Hundred...named to Super Prep's All-America team and to their Far West team...a Best In The West pick by the Long Beach Press Telegram, receiving nine of a possible 10 votes...picked to the Las Vegas Sun's Super 11 first team.
PERSONAL: Dwayne Wright...born 6/02/83...parents Eddie and Gwen Ford...two brothers Kenrick and Andre...two sisters Ashley and Roxanne...interested in a social science degree...schools interested in tripping him before he committed were Washington, Nebraska, Arizona, Arizona State, California, USC and UCLA.

HIGH SCHOOL: Participated in football, and track during prep career at Richland coach Lonnie Pierson...returned kicks and played wide receiver and in the Bomber secondary...JUNIOR season earned first team all-conference and all-area honors at defensive won the 4A State Championships with a 13-1 record...made 62 tackles and had six interceptions, three that he returned for touchdowns...ran on the 4x100 relay team that finished fourth in the 4A state meet...SENIOR year named to the Associated Press and Washington Prep Football Report 4A All-State first team, as a defensive back for AP and as a receiver for WPFR...player of the year in 4A classification by Washington Prep Football Report...Seattle Times All-State first team defensive back and honorable mention Northwest Nugget by the TNT...caught 31 passes for 755 yards and 11 touchdowns while averaging 24.4 yards per reception....first team all-conference at wide receiver, defensive back and special teams...All-State defensive back...league co-MVP...All-Northwest at defensive back...named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Jeremy Tyler Bohannon...born 7/01/83 in Kennewick, Wash....parents Anthony Bohannon and Dorothy Allen...mother an operations engineer...three brothers Jason, Justin and sister Jordan...was the citizen youth fellowship president...belonged to the African American Student Union...will look at a communications major...Washington, Montana and Idaho also pursued Bohannon.

HIGH SCHOOL: Coached by Tommy Williams at Lapwai High, where he also played basketball and competed in track...a tight end and defensive end...SOPHOMORE year first team Central Idaho League (CIL) D-Line and O-Line...made it to the first round of the state championships...starter on district champion basketball team...state qualifier for the shot put and discus...JUNIOR season first team CIL tight end/ went to first round of state tournament...25-1 basketball team...league, district and state champions...fifth at state in the discus...SENIOR year first team CIL tight end and D-Line...second team CIL special teams...picked as one of the Western One Hundred by the TNT.
PERSONAL: Bryan Boyer...born 2/03/83 in Lewiston, Idaho...parents Steve and Shirley Boyer...father a farmer...two brothers Buck and Beau, and one sister Betsy...prep GPA 4.0...class valedictorian...FFA President for three years...ASB President senior year...interested in an agriculture and business degree.

HIGH SCHOOL: Competed in football and track at Deer Valley High, where his football coach was Mike Paul...played quarterback and defensive back...also competed in track and a SOPHOMORE threw for 1,700 yards and 14 touchdowns...earned first team All-State...second team all-league...league champion in the pole vault at 13 feet...during JUNIOR campaign threw for over 1,300 yards and 13 touchdowns while playing through a back injury for the first eight games...earned second team all-league a SENIOR threw for 1,800 yards and tossed 25 touchdown passes...threw just two interceptions and also rushed for five scores...slowed by an early season knee injury that was caused by a growth honorable mention Best in the West pick (received two of a possible 10 votes) by the Long Beach Press Telegram...Prep Star Magazine picked up #10 among West Coast quarterbacks and the top signal caller in Northern California...named to the TNT's Western One Hundred...picked among the top 20 preseason quarterbacks in the nation and fifth on the west coast...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Christopher Scott Hurd...born 7/06/82 in Concord, Calif...parents Mike and Lisa Hurd...father is in real estate and mother is a brother Matthew...prep GPA of 3.0...will look at a business major at WSU...recruited by Ohio State, Arizona, ASU, UCLA, Washington and BYU.

HIGH SCHOOL: Attended Beverly Hills High, where he was coached by Carter Paysinger...also played basketball...during SOPHOMORE season rushed for over 1,500 yards and 16 touchdowns...earned first team All-Bay League...was first team all-area...made the sophomore all-state a JUNIOR earned all-league and all-area honors while rushing for 1,100 yards and scoring 12 touchdowns...SENIOR season team finished 6-4...rushed for over 1,200 yards while scoring 15 touchdowns...earned first team all-league honors.
PERSONAL: Roger Smith III...born 8/28/83...parents Roger and Lena Smith...father is a health and safety manager and mother a manager of a certified public accountant firm...sister Randi Smith a member of the WSU Cougar track brother Robert...interested in a business administration major...was pursued by Oregon State, Tennessee and Colorado State.

Attended Chugiak High at Eagle River, where he was a quarterback, defensive end, tight end and punter for coach Bruce Shearer...also played basketball and baseball...SOPHOMORE year was first sophomore to throw for over 1,000 yards...second team all-conference honors...JUNIOR season second team first team all-conference...SENIOR year earned first team all-conference honors at tight end and defensive end...second team all-conference as a punter...second team All-State at tight end and defensive honorable mention Northwest Nugget by the Tacoma News Tribune...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team.
PERSONAL: Riley Daniel Fitt-Chappell...born 9/23/82 in Anchorage, Alaska...parents Steve and Darla Chappell...both parents work as brother Adam...prep GPA 3.75...plans to pursue an engineering degree at WSU...Michigan State, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State and BYU were his other schools of preference.

Attended Sweetwater High, where he was a running back and defensive back for head coach Eric Peterson....also ran a SOPHOMORE earned Metro Conference newcomer of the year honors...during JUNIOR season was all-conference first team at running back...earned all-county honors...named to the Union Tribune all-academic team...rushed for over 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns...on defense added six sacks and 12 tackles for loss...captained the track team and was the team's MVP...won the conference championship in the 100 meter...SENIOR year earned Metro conference player of the year...made the all-conference first team as a running back...named to the second team all-county team for defensive back...was twice named player of the week by the Union Tribune News...Star News player of the's offensive back of the year...had 175 chances rushing for over 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns...also added three sacks and five tackles for loss.
PERSONAL: Leslie Allen Thompson...born 6/13/83....parents Timothy and Myrtis Spears...prep GPA 3.1...high school teammates with fellow WSU recruit Trandon Harvey.

Coached by Angelo Gaska at Venice High, where he played tight end and free safety...also played volleyball...during his JUNIOR season at St. Monica High School team earned CIF Division-10 a SENIOR transferred to Venice High...earned first team all-league city section at tight end...made 28 catches for 600 yards and nine touchdowns.
PERSONAL: Adam William West...born 2/06/83...parents William and Ellen West.

Prepped at Puyallup High for coach Jeff Gardner...played wide receiver and defensive back...also played basketball and competed in track...SOPHOMORE season earned all-area honorable mention...received the coach's award in track...during JUNIOR campaign earned first team all-league and second team all-area honors...was a state qualifier in the 200m and 100m in track...SENIOR year picked to Washington Prep Football Report 4A All-State second team and the Tacoma News Tribune's all-area first team at wide honorable mention Northwest Nugget by the TNT...finished with 39 receptions and averaged over 20 yards per catch while hauling in 13 touchdown passes...also named by the TNT to their South Puget Sound League first team at wide receiver for the south division...first team all-league and all-area...honorable mention MVP...participated in the East vs. West game at wide receiver... named a Red Chip Tier I recruit by the Seattle Times...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team...captained the track team.
PERSONAL: Marty Martin...born 2/08/83 in Cirencester, England...parents Bob and Karen Koreis...father a librarian and mother a sister Kristi...was a Big Borother...made the O.D.P. Washington soccer team for the regional pool...interested in pursuing a business major at WSU...among the schools pursuing Martin before his commitment to WSU were Kansas State, Utah, Arizona, ASU and Washington.

Prepped at East Anchorage High, playing football for coach Roger Spackman...also competed in basketball track and soccer...JUNIOR season rushed for 750 yards and gained 400 yards receiving...also accumulated 350 yards on punt returns and kickoffs...scored 10 touchdowns...second team all-conference at running back and first team at cornerback...was selected to the Rising Stars West Region Gridiron Greats Team...member of state championship basketball team...selected to the all-star team at the Nike Iolani Prep Classic basketball tournament in Hawaii...earned second team honors on defense...was all-conference and All-State first team honors in soccer...selected as the 1999 Alaska Gatorade High School Boys Soccer Player of the Year for a second a SENIOR earned first team all-conference honors at running back and defensive back...All-State second team at defensive back...selected for the Rising Stars West Region Gridiron Great Team...MVP of the 2001 Alaska Prep Shootout basketball tournament as well as Player of the Game.
PERSONAL: Jevon Miller...born 5/4/82...parents John and Rosemary Miller...two sisters Lashonda and Kesha...interested in WSU's management information systems program.

Coached by Eric Peterson at Sweetwater High...played wide receiver and running back as well as defense...also ran a JUNIOR was named to the All-State first team at wide receiver for underclass players...was the Metro Conference MVP...all-conference first team...named to the San Diego Union Tribune all-county team...was picked to the all-conference first team at wide receiver...picked to the Union Tribune all-academic team...named the San Diego Union Tribune's athlete of the MVP...caught 77 passes for 1,780 yards and 23 touchdowns...also had 142 tackles, 77 of them solo efforts and four interceptions...was the league's overall MVP in track...was the league champion in the triple jump and the long jump...state finalist in the triple jump...the Union Tribune's San Diego track athlete of the year...SENIOR year played both wide receiver and running back, the latter to help the team...rushed for over 700 yards and 15 touchdowns...a Prep Star honoree at receiver for the west region...also selected to the Super Prep Far West team...all-conference first team pick at wide receiver...named to the San Diego Union Tribune all-county team...garnered all-conference honors at wide receiver...also an All-State wide receiver...was a finalist for San Diego Player of the Year...named to the Union Tribune's all-academic team...made 49 catches for over 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns...also had two interceptions on the other side of the ball.
PERSONAL: Trandon Harvey...born 5/23/83...teammates with fellow WSU recruit Allan Thompson...actively pursued by California, with Oregon and Washington also schools showing interest.

Attended Mead High, where he participated in football, basketball and coach Bob McCray...played defensive a JUNIOR earned player of the game twice...SENIOR season earned honorable mention for the Greater Spokane League...was the player of the game three times...captained the basketball team to the district playoffs.
PERSONAL: Charles Jermaine Harris...born 12/7/82 in Anadarko, Okla....parents Wade Pribble and Marie Harris...father a mechanic and mother a nurse...three sisters, Takesha, Latasha, Falicia...was the student body treasurer during his junior and senior years in high school...interested in WSU's marketing or business programs.

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