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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Cougars Swim Past Wildcats
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 11/16/2002
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Nov. 16, 2002

ELLENSBURG, Wash. - The Washington State University women's swim team defeated Central Washington University Saturday, 141-61. The victory marked the tenth consecutive win over the Wildcats for the Cougars.

WSU placed first in 10 of the 11 events, falling to second in the first event, the 400 medley relay. The Cougars had eight different swimmers finish first in their individual events.

"We had a good team effort today," WSU Head Coach Erica Quam said. "Having eight different event winners shows the team's versatility."

After trailing 18-15 following two events, the Cougars grabbed a one-two-three finish in the third event, the 200 freestyle. Lindsay Henahan placed first with a time of 1:55.55, Lesley Ouellette finished second in a time of 1:57.91, and Jill Olson landed in third with 2:00.81.

WSU kept the lead for the rest of the meet, never looking back. They scored two other one-two-three finishes in the 100 butterfly and 100 free. The Cougars also had one-two finishes in the 50 free and 500 free.

Lesley Ouellette had a career day for WSU with two individual victories and one second place. Ouellette, a freshman from Ukiah, Calif., recorded personal best times in her first place finishes in the 100 freestyle and 100 breaststroke with times of 54.07 and 1:07.24, respectively.

Other first place finishers for WSU included Becca Cohen, Sara Schmied, Jane Copland, Sheena Mills, Nicole Chinn, and Jill Olson.

Cohen won the 1000 freestyle with a time of 10:56.25. In the 50 freestyle, Schmied swam a first place time of 25.28. Copland found victory in the 400 IM with a time of 4:31.32. Mills swam a season best 1:01.35 in her first place finish in the 100 butterfly. Chinn also grabbed a season best with her 59.34 time in the 100 backstroke. Olson's victory came in the 500 free with a time of 5:10.92.

The Cougars return home for their next competition Friday, Nov. 22. They take on cross-state rival Washington at Gibb Pool at 7 p.m.

Washington State vs. Central Washington University Ellensburg, Wash. (all results are in yards)

TEAM SCORING: Washington State University (WSU) 141 Central Washington University (CWU) 61

RESULTS: (top three and all WSU finishers)

400 MEDLEY RELAY 1. CWU (A) (Kelson, Settlage, Miller, Biwer) 4:09.92 2. WSU (B) (Dunn, Eldred, Mills, Renfro) 4:12.46 3. WSU (A) (Lubeck, Copland, Irwin, Taylor) 4:18.57 4. CWU (B) (Schank, Landers, Quick, Hansen) 4:25.96

1000 FREESTYLE 1. Becca Cohen (WSU) 10:56.25 2. Emily Von Jentzen (CWU) 11:25.64 3. Jessica Spriggs (CWU) 11:29.95

200 FREESTYLE 1. Lindsay Henahan (WSU) 1:55.55 2. Lesley Ouellette (WSU) 1:57.91 3. Jill Olson (WSU) 2:00.81 --Natascha Renfro (WSU) x2:02.98

50 FREESTYLE 1. Sara Schmied (WSU) 25.28 2. Sheena Mills (WSU) 25.82 3. Amanda Schank (CWU) 25.85 4. Theresa Dunn (WSU) 26.27 --Nicole Chinn (WSU) x25.62

400 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY 1. Jane Copland (WSU) 4:31.32 2. Shelbi Settlage (CWU) 4:45.83 3. Sasha Taylor (WSU) 4:46.11

100 BUTTERFLY 1. Sheena Mills (WSU) 1:01.35 2. Natascha Renfro (WSU) 1:01.46 3. Lisa Irwin (WSU) 1:03.78 --Jill Olson (WSU) x1:03.85

100 FREESTYLE 1. Lesley Ouellette (WSU) 54.07 2. Becca Cohen (WSU) 55.63 3. Sasha Taylor (WSU) 57.75

100 BACKSTROKE 1. Nicole Chinn (WSU) 59.34 2. Brianne Kelson (CWU) 1:02.00 3. Theresa Dunn (WSU) 1:02.55 4. Sara Schmied (WSU) 1:03.68

500 FREESTYLE 1. Jill Olson (WSU) 5:10.92 2. Lisa Irwin (WSU) 5:30.52 3. Elizabeth Scott (CWU) 5:32.35 6. Andrea Lubeck (WSU) 6:10.05

100 BREASTSTROKE 1. Lesley Ouellette (WSU) 1:07.24 2. Shelbi Settlage (CWU) 1:08.01 3. Nicole Chinn (WSU) 1:11.25 5. Karen Eldred (WSU) 1:13.81

400 FREESTYLE RELAY 1. WSU (A) (Copland, Henahan, Schmied, Cohen) 3:39.65 2. CWU (A) (Biwer, Schank, Spillman, Tomaszewski) 3:52.03 3. CWU (B) (Quick, Splattstoesser, Henderson, Ghan) 4:01.67

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