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ZZU Points
ZZU Points Prizes

ZZU Points is the WSU Athletic Rewards program for all student Sports Pass holders.

Students earn ZZU Points at WSU Athletic events by swiping their CougarCard at the entrance. Students can earn points at all home Football, Men's and Women's Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Baseball games and use the points they earn from attending these events to earn exclusive WSU gear and behind-the-scenes experience prizes, such as facility tours, chalk talks with coaches and away game trips!

ZZU Points Spring Prize List
Level 1: 130-279 Points (Choose One)
  • Cougar Nike Cup
  • Frisbee
Level 2: 280-414 Points
  • ZZU CRU Long Sleeve
Level 3: 415-519 Points
  • Choose From Assorted WSU Sweatshirts
Level 4: 520-609 Points
  • First Pitch at a Baseball Game
Level 5: 610-660 Points
  • $50 Gift Card to The Bookie
ZZU Points Structure
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
CAF Membership
Early Game Arrival
(One Hour Prior to Start)
ZZU Points Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I earn ZZU Points?
    • ZZU Points can be earned by attending WSU Athletics events. Once you swipe in with your CougarCard, ZZU Points will be added to your account automatically.
  • Who can earn ZZU Points?
    • The ZZU Points program is open only to currently enrolled WSU students. You must be a Sports Pass holder and must present your CougarCard to claim any rewards.
  • Do I need a Sports Pass to earn ZZU Points?
  • What is my ZZU Points balance?
    • Log in to your student account to view your points total. A direct link is available at the top of this page.
  • Something is wrong with my account or ZZU Points balance. What should I do?
    • ZZU Points may take a couple days to reflect on your account. If you believe there is still an error or if you are having problems with your account, please contact us at
  • How do I redeem a ZZU Points prize?
    • View the ZZU Points Store and find the item you'd like. Click the 'Redeem' button below the item, then fill out and submit the form. Processing will take 2-4 business days. You will receive an email with specific instructions on how to pick up your prize.
  • Where can I pick up my reward?
    • Rewards will be available for pick-up at the Athletics Marketing Office, Bohler 173.
  • Will my points decrease after I redeem an award?
    • Yes. You use your points to redeem prizes and the cost of the rewards is subtracted from your total. We maintain two separate lists: One of total points earned, and another with an active balance.
  • Can I pick up rewards for a friend?
    • No, you may only claim your own rewards prizes.
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