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Past Entries


August 20, 2004

We arrived on campus Monday, Aug. 9, and after meeting and greeting everyone, the returnees were successful in getting to know the freshmen and making them feel at home. After two days of meetings and filling out paperwork we had a great dinner at coach Potter's and it was time to begin the season!

The next two days of preseason consisted of a couple fitness assessments and a little soccer. It looks like we all worked pretty hard this summer to come in fit and ready to play and being able to kick the ball around helped each of us begin to figure out our role on the team.

So far the greatest part of preseason has been Camp Shawshank. It was awesome!!!! It began Thursday when we were taken into the middle of the forest, where we were then stripped of our pillows and slept under a canopy on a cement floor. Little did we know this was not only the first of many tests we would undertake over the next couple of days, but it was also going to be the easiest.

Friday morning we woke up with the sun, and began our day. We got some food into our stomachs and were then given our first task after being informed that completing each test was the only way to earn our pillows back. For our first task we were each tied to two other girls by the wrist and we had to all get up to the top of the mountain tied together, carrying everything that we came upon! We carried huge water jugs, giant woods slats, sand bags and Haley Thompson-Miller. It was a great test and we learned a lot about our team, the individuals on the team and about ourselves.

Each task we faced taught us something different and we applied what we learned to conquer each new test we faced. Toward the end of the day we were tired and hot, but we didn't stop. We kept working hard for each other. Whether we were divided into groups or not, we learned a lot, came together as a team and helped each other out.

Who can say they made a raft out of driftwood and rope? We can, and we can also say it carried four people! We conquered each and every challenge that was thrown our way whether it was carrying jugs of water up a hill, searching through the woods for treasure or sacrificing our bodies for the sake of the team. Despite being hot and tired we came together as a team and had a great time doing it.

In the end we hadn't earned back all of our pillows, so we played the biggest game of charades…ever! The game was to decide who on each team would get their pillows back. We had all been competitive as a team as far as beating the challenge, but with our comfort on the line, charades brought our competitiveness to the next level. The great guessing of Ashley Lara on one team and the excellent acting abilities of Christie Spear on the other made for a pretty close game. In the end there were four people without pillows so as a team wel made a sacrifice and played the staff for "all or nothing." If the coaches won, none of us would get pillows but if we won we got everything back. After a much controversy, the team came out on top, and we all got our pillows.

Camping was an awesome experience, and we all got something positive out of it. The girls who weren't fond of camping to begin with really came through and showed how tough they were.

We have one week left of preseason and a few more double days before our first game against Denver. BRING IT ON!!!!!!

Washington State Cougars Women's Soccer