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Past Entries


September 8, 2004

What can we say? We have grown so much in a matter of a couple weeks. We had a crimson and gray game this past weekend. It was great to play and experience a game like environment. Although, that environment wasn't anything like what we have coming our way this weekend with a couple of big games ahead of us. We are pumped to play Denver and Montana this weekend. We've played Montana in the past but Denver is a new challenge. Someone who we know will challenge us to be at our best.

It's been raining here for the past couple days, but it isn't slowing down, we are excited to get the season started on a good note. Off to Montana we go; two games, great food, and a fun road trip.

A weekend full of fun and a bit of disappointment is now over. Our game against Denver on Friday was amazing. We played well and we were/are very happy with our performance. We played hard for each other for the full 90 minutes and didn't let down. We never let Denver play their game and we dominated. It was awesome! Winning is a great feeling and something we wanted to feel again at the end of the weekend but things just didn't work out.

Against Montana we struggled to maintain a rhythm. We didn't capitalize on our opportunities in front of the goal and we let them get one too many chances on to score. They beat us 2-1 in overtime. There is one thing we know for sure about the weekend, we learned a lot from both games. We set a standard for ourselves against Denver and we now need to build on that and not slip again. Practice this week should be awesome! We have a great game ahead of us, not to mention the weather is gorgeous. We play Tennessee this weekend that is ranked in the Top 25 at home. We can't wait to play and defend "our house". A solid week of practice will put us in a great place going into the weekend.

Also, school has started and we are excited about that. Just one more thing that keeps us on our toes!

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