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Auction Request Guidelines

Thank you for your request for Cougar Athletic items. We appreciate you contacting us for your special event. Due to the number of requests we received last year, below are some guidelines that have been established to make the process as easy and timely as possible!

1. Donations are limited to local/state/regional requests.

2. Washington State University athletic items will not be donated to other colleges or universities.

3. Ticket requests (for home athletic events) are given first priority for donations. All other requested Cougar Athletic items will be considered, but are less likely to be donated, due to expense.

4. Auction item(s) or proceeds can not be used to benefit high school-age students or student groups in any way, due to NCAA regulations.

5. Requests must be submitted, in writing (preferably on letterhead from the sponsoring school, organization, etc.).

Please include in the request:

  • who is hosting the event
  • what age group(s) will be represented
  • what the proceeds will be used for
  • date of event
  • deadline for receiving the auction item(s)
  • contact name, phone number and address for where the item(s) should be sent
You may request specific auction item(s) in the letter, however we can not guarantee the requested item(s).

6. All auction requests must be received at least three weeks prior to the event. Consideration cannot be guaranteed after this time.

7. All requests will be reviewed for accordance with compliance with WSU, Pac-10 and NCAA regulations. Only after the request has been approved by Compliance, will it be considered for a donation from WSU Athletics.

8. Washington State University holds the right to deny any requests for auction items.

9. Please submit your request to:

    WSU Cougar Marketing
    Bohler Addition, Suite 173
    PO Box 641602
    Pullman, Washington 99164-1602
    (509) 335-0214 Fax: (509) 335-0299

Thank you for your support of Cougar Athletics!

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