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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Bill Doba Tuesday Press Conference Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 04/06/2004
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April 6, 2004

Thoughts on the upcoming Crimson & Gray Game...
"That's one day when we can put the (first unit) offense and defense on one side of the ball and everybody else on the other and try to beat the heck out of them if we can. It gives us a chance to have some team camaraderie where the defensive guys can cheer on the offense and vice versa. If the injuries keep up it's going to last about 30 seconds. We hope we can get them all healthy and have a great workout."

Quarterback situation...
"I'm really pleased with the whole situation. (Josh) Swogger is the most consistent with his reads and checks. It's a real battle between Alex Brink and Chris Hurd. Brink gives us a little different speed and a little different style. Chris is more like Josh. Missing all last year hurt him some, but I think he has really improved in some aspects. Mike Reilly has great feet and is a really good walk-on. He is a good kid. Swogger is a little more consistent at the position. We will probably start giving him a few more reps and see if he can take charge."

Offensive line shaping up...
"Patrick Afif and Bobby Byrd are battling for that left guard position and neither one has really taken charge. Nick Mihlhauser is pretty solid at center, and I think Sam Lightbody and Calvin Armstrong are pretty solid at the tackles. There is going to be a fight between Riley Fitt-Chappell, Charles Harris, and Sean O'Connor at the other guard spot. We are pleased with Sean. We might even see him jump into a receiver's number and play a little tight end like he did last year."

Injuries to tight ends and receivers...
"I don't know if we will get Troy Bienemann back this spring. He is cleared but it is just kind of day-by-day right now. I think Cody Boyd could come back today. He has been in a yellow jersey but they might free him for some contact. Jesse Taylor will come back out and give it a go. We are little thin there right now, but we will be fine in the fall. We won't have Jason Hill or Chris Jordan this spring, but Trandon Harvey can get back out and get some reps. He injured himself in track. We are throwing to a lot of walk-ons, but we are concentrating on our protections and working the running game pretty hard."

Scaling back the workload for veterans...
"We are at the point now where I told Leon Burtnett (linebackers coach) that I really don't care if I see Will Derting scrimmage anymore, other than the thud stuff. He has proved he can hit and run so I don't know how much he will scrimmage Saturday."

Running back Chris Bruhn's role in the offense...
"He will play a major role until our receivers can get into gear and get back in shape. I think we have a good enough line to where he can really run behind them. He will be very, very important to the success of this football team."

More on Bruhn and the running game...
"We will still be a one-back offense, but we can bring a tight end off the line to lead him through so we get some two-back looks. I'm not so sure that Allen Thompson couldn't play some fullback. Chris hits the crease so quickly and he has great burst and great lateral movement. He is starting to carry the ball with both arms. Last year he carried it in his right arm all the time and scared us to death. Coach (Kelly) Skipper has done a great job of getting him ready to play in the Pac-10."

Competition for roster spots...
"We have about 93 kids working out. We are going to bring in 25, so there will be some kids that we can't keep. We are also going to bring in some walk-ons that we invited early next fall, so competition is tough. We can only bring 105 to camp maximum. After school starts, we can bring in another 15. We have a lot of guys that want to be a part of this football team and that is a compliment to our coaching staff and the rest of the players."

Thoughts on football student-athletes playing basketball recreationally...
"The Student Recreation Center is a great entertainment center for all of our kids on campus and our guys get over there on Fridays and Saturdays after spring ball. I would rather have them over there shooting baskets than partying."

Facilities update...
"The Cougar Food Buffet is open to anybody on campus and it is open all year. This year we are going to close it and remodel it, put in a grill and make the food a little more tasty. We are going to move into the CUB for this year and then open back up and it should be a nice facility."

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