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Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/24/2009
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Oct. 24, 2009

Recap |  Final Stats


"It's always important to start fast. We talk all the time about starting fast and finishing strong. Today it was really important to get some momentum early and it felt like we did that."

"We had an advantage when we got our guys with speed out in space and they had an opportunity to make some big plays. Anytime we can get our speed in space we feel like we have a pretty good shot at making some big plays."

On the end of the first half:
"I felt like we got sloppy with our fundamentals. We didn't tackle very well. More than anything, I was disappointed with the tackling. We missed some tackles in space where we needed to make sure that we were focused and using good fundamentals."

On holding Washington State scoreless in the second half:
"I thought the defense responded pretty well. I made a point to get after them at halftime because I didn't think we tackled well in the second quarter. That's something that we can control. I thought they played hard in the second half and did a better job of tackling."

On the rest of the season:
"We're not going to look back. We are going to move forward. We made a pact as a team that after the bye week we were going to start a new season. We have a lot of football left to play. We are 5-2 with a lot of tough games to play still. There's a lot of football left, and we need to take each game one at a time and keep focusing on the details and play our best."

"It's really important that we look at our immediate short-term goals which are week to week. We'll let the big picture take care of itself. We're not going to get caught up in the Pac-10 race."

On Cal's special teams play:
"Special teams plays that change the complexion of the game with either field position or points are always a boost. Anytime that can happen it's definitely a momentum changer."

On junior WR Jeremy Ross:
"Jeremy has great speed and he's tough and strong, and if you give him a crack he can make people miss. He's doing a good job on special teams and on offense."


On his three first-quarter touchdown passes:
"On the first one, I think it was just miscommunication on their side because the corner was kind of sitting like he had over-the-top help, but there was nobody there, so I kind of just let it go and Jahvid [Best] made a good play on it. With the other ones, Marvin [Jones] made a nice catch and there was nice blocking up front on the screen pass to Shane [Vereen]. It was a good start to the game."

On how important it was to get off to a good start:
"It was definitely a big thing and we did a good job of not turning the ball over too much except for that interception. We watched Arizona State film and they turned the ball over six times against them [Washington State], and Washington State stayed in the game with them for a while. It was definitely huge getting out to a good start."

On getting pressure on Washington State QB Jeff Tuel:
"He was definitely scrambling a lot. I guess that would be on the D-line for getting a lot of pressure on him because between me, Derrick Hill, Tyson [Alualu], Trevor Guyton and Aaron Tipoti, we were getting some great push. I think our defensive line did an impressive job today and we've built upon it since last week."

On slowing down Washington State's momentum at the end of the first half:
"We had some nice fire words in the locker room at halftime. It came from the head coach, and it even came from one of the young bucks. Steven Fanua came in and he fired everybody up. He doesn't like losing; the boy is crazy. We came out strong in the first quarter, and we came out strong in the third quarter."

On his punt return touchdown and long kick return:
"I feel really good, that was my first time doing that. It was really exciting for me to make a big play like that for my team. I've been waiting a long time to make a big play like that, so it was definitely exciting for me to be able to take that back. I was able to make two defenders miss, but after that, it was all my teammates in there blocking for me. On the kick return, there was a hole there for me, and I was able to hit the hole full tilt. That enabled me to take it up the field."

On Cal's first-quarter offensive barrage:
"It was real fun, back-to-back scoring and back-to-back big plays. We were rolling, and it was very exciting. I was juiced."

On his 27-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter:
"We knew we were going to get one-on-one on the outside, and we exploited it."

On his 61-yard touchdown run:
"It opened up in the middle, I broke a tackle and then from then on it was just a footrace."

On Cal's offensive line:
"The O-line did a great job today. It shows when all the running backs are being productive out there."

On what the bye week after the Oct. 3 USC loss did for the team:
"We just got refocused. That's the biggest thing. We got our mindset right; we got those two losses [at Oregon and vs. USC] out of our head. Now we're back to playing how we should be ... During the bye week, we just said 'forget about that, it's a new season, we've got a seven-game season.' So that's how we're look at it now, we're 2-0."


On Washington State's 13 penalties:
"I felt like we had 30 penalties. We had a lot of little [procedural errors], we were trying to handle the noise and we didn't do a good job of that. We just had some things that didn't go our way in the penalty department."

On Washington State's youth:
"[We made a big improvement] getting [QB Jeff Tuel] to trust his protection so he can see his field. The more he sees the field the better he is going to be. It is a work in progress. We have guys like Johnny Forzani and Gino Simone - this is the first year they have ever played college football. They are working hard, they are getting better. They are just raw."

On Cal's strong start:
"Special teams was a big piece of that. We open up and give up a big return and they score right away. Then there was the punt return. We just put ourselves in a hole. Special teams was a big part of that, and we didn't move the ball on offense right away."

On WR Johnny Forzani:
"He has got good speed. He seems to be making the plays with his hands. It is good to see him doing that. It is going to open up our offense more. He is coming along; he keeps taking steps in the right direction."

On Washington State's biggest offense output of the year [440 yards]:
"Just being able to throw the ball [helped a lot]. We haven't been able to throw the ball since I've been here. You have got to have the right guys to do that. We are going with a true freshman [at quarterback], and he is doing some good things."

On why the passing game was so much better [385 yards]:
"The quarterback. He can actually get it done. Our protection has not been great. At times when we have had [good protection] we have been successful; when we didn't, it broke down. We have so many young guys playing at receiver they just haven't been working together long enough. They have been together 3-4 months. As we mature we are going to get a lot better."

On QB Jeff Tuel's progression:
"[His progress] is good, I think he is on a good pace. He needs the help around him. The receivers are young and the O-line is young, but all the parts need to do their job. The other 10 guys need to do their job, and he is only going to get better."

On Cal's speed:
"When you have got speed in their skill positions like they have got, it is tough. They make plays. They are a big-play offense. If you can slow them down you can really slow them down a lot. I knew going into the game [slowing them down] was key, and we didn't. That is why the outcome is what it was. They have as good of skill players top to bottom on offense as anybody we have played, including Oregon and USC."


LB Myron Beck
On the slow start:
"It was lack of execution at first. Then we settled ourselves down around the middle of the second quarter and we started executing and fighting. Then the game started getting a lot closer. We knew that they were fast. It wasn't so much their speed as our jitters. We came out kind of hesitant. Of course, they are a very good team and they have a very good back. They are probably one of the fastest teams we've seen this year."

On Cal's offense:
"They didn't do anything we didn't expect or prepare for. We knew what was coming at us. It was just a lack of execution. The coaches coached us up on everything they ran, including the wildcat. It was just about being what we were supposed to be and playing '11 as one'. We didn't do that. We didn't show up like that."

On the 13 penalties:
"We are very disappointed. It is tough enough to go out on the road and play. When you beat yourself like that, it's pretty hard. We put our backs against the wall with all of those penalties. We have to learn to eliminate those things."

On positives to take from the game:
"The positives are that we can prepare more to come out faster. Preparation means a whole lot. Next week starts tomorrow. It starts as soon as we meet tomorrow and prepare for the next game, because that is the most important one."

QB Jeff Tuel,
On his pass protection:
"It was pretty nice. It made a big difference. I was able to step up in the pocket and deliver a few times. For the most part I felt like I was able to step up. I had a lot more trust in my O-line and the things they were doing. So I feel pretty good about it. It was really nice to have B.J. Guerra and Zack Williams back."

On the lack of execution of the offense:
"We put together some great drives in the second half, but we were unable to convert on the fourth down and short yardage situations. If we are able to convert those, who knows what we would be able to do? We shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times at the end. The penalties were because of lack of concentration. The false starts are because we are trying to draw the defense offsides sometimes and our guys have to mentally stay in it."

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