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Washington State 56, Idaho 10
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/09/2006
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Sept. 9, 2006

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Bill Doba, WSU:
I think kind of like last year they made some mistakes early and gave us a couple. It was a 14-point deal, then they came fighting back.

I am a little concerned about penalties. I don't know how many we had this week, but seemed like every time I turned around we were dropping the ball.

It was a good game for us, a lot of kids got to play. Every running back we had played. We tried to get as many kids in the game as we could.

(goal line stand). I think that was big. I was a little concerned how they got down there. I don't want to wait until they get down there to have a goal line stand, but yes, I think that kind of broke their back.

(Rogers' playt throw it as much. When we first put him in we thought we should throw the ball to give him an opportunity to get better, then late we just ran the ball. We were trying to stay in the huddle and work on a slow the clock play. He was too excited. You are not suppose to break the huddle until there is 15 seconds and not snap until there is four seconds. He kept snapping when there was eight, nine seconds. He was excited to play.

(Jordan) Chris is a really good receiver. They are going to put their best guy on Jason and play over the top and double him. This the first year he's (Jordan) really been healthy. He started for us as a freshman and if I'm not mistaken he got a knee (injury) in the Apple Cup. Every summer or even in the spring when he tried to work out his knee would swell. This year he got through the summer without any swelling and he's been healthy for the first time in three years. He's got good hands. He's doing a nice job.

I thought coaches Rosenbach and Levenseller called a good ball game. It is amazing to me on the headsets and listen to Rosy in the (press) box and Brink. They break the huddle and come to the line and Rosy says 'no, no, they are pressing, we need to check it.' Sure enough he (Brink) checks it. 'And we need to do this, go over the top." It is like he has an earpiece in Brink's helmet. Those two are really on the same wave length. They do a nice job.

(young RBs) Pretty good, huh. And we didn't have Dee (Woolridge) in there either. Hutsona has good speed and was a good fast back in junior college and high school. Dwight Tardy is a good quick (back) and he runs hard. He's a tough kid. A young guy named Chris Ivory that is going to be pretty good. Dang, he sprained his ankle on that last play. He's been on special teams. He's a big strong back. He has good vision, plants that foot and gets up field.

(did you need this game) A lot. We needed to take it to somebody and give our other kids a chance to play.

(Woolridge). They said if he got hit again hard he could be out another two or three weeks. It gives him another week to heal. If it had gotten close at the end we would have played him, but we didn't want to take a chance.

(Injuries) Cody Boyd hurt his hand and we'll x-ray that so he didn't play the second half.

(Brink) He had a little time to throw. There's a whole world of difference when that guy is jumping over the guard and down your throat and you are trying to throw the football. Given a little time he's a very good quarterback. No. I told him he's not O.J. (Simpson). Get Down. Don't be trying to jump over those guys when he's scrambling. I don't mind him scrambling. I think he should run on the boot, but get down. We don't need to try and run over linebackers.

WSU WR Chris Jordan:
(On day's success) "The play calls were real good. They play a lot of cover two, so we knew the middle would be open on the weak side. Basically we exploited that weakness."

(Is this week indicative of the type of WSU team we can expect this year?) "Yes, last week we came out sluggish and this week we wanted to show we are one of the top teams and top offenses in the nation."

(On three touchdowns) "It felt good coming back. Last two years I battling injuries and this year it is good to be healthy and contribute to the team. I felt good about it."

WSU QB Alex Brink:
(Feelings on win) Definitely better feeling (than last week). Offensively and personally we came out and played better, more consistent. We executed pretty well.

(On connecting with Chris Jordan) It feels good to get back with him. We put in a lot of work this summer, working on our timing and getting him healthy and to have him be a playmaker for us is going to be huge later in the year.

(On making a statement in win) That was important for us. The first win is the hardest, especially when you play a top opening opponent. We came out and responded well and did things right.

Throws easier today) We felt comfortable, a good game plan, doing things we were suppose to do. Executing, personally executing throws that I know I can make which is an improvement from last week, where I was missing things I usually hit.

(On offensive line) Our offensive line played really well. We got a couple shaky things, uncharacteristic, some bobbled snaps, we got those out of the way. And then we were protecting well and the receivers were getting open.

(Margin of victory surprising) No. We knew we had the offensive capabilities to put up 56 points. And defensively when we come out and fly around we are as good as anybody. Certainly after last week, they played Michigan State tough, so we expected a tough game which it was early. We jumped out to a lead and that certainly helped.

(Jordan's play) I'm really pleased with him. He's really working hard downfield. All of them worked hard down field. Today was a great day in that we spread the ball all over. When we win games, that's what we do. Last week we made the mistake probably of preaching too long all during fall camp that we were going to get Jason downtown. We kept doing it and trying to do it and do it. We probably should have come back inside and focused on everybody. We saw the mistake and thought in our own minds and rectified it today.

(Jordan healthy) He's been like this since fall camp on he's been liked this. He's not going down hill. It is going to be my job to manage him, to make sure I don't run him in the ground. Sometimes as coaches you rely on guys like that. You run them in the ground because they are the guy when it comes to a crisis get in there, you are the guy, because they know what to do. I have to be good at how I manage Chris for this football team, to help the football team.


(On today's performance) WSU is a good football team and they did really well against us. We came out really flat, we have a lot of things to learn. We came out and played well against Michigan State and today we just didn't play well at all. I don't think we have one person on our team that can say 'I played well.' We have to come back and fix that.

(On coming back from the loss) We are a good team. That team you just saw out there, that is not the Idaho Vandals. I guarantee we're going to come back as a different team. We're going to re-evaluate things and just get a good week of practice in. We've got Idaho State coming and then we have our WAC games coming up and there's no reason that we can't win all of them.

We need to be more focused in practice and take practice a little more seriously. We have got to come out every single day and work like we've always done.

They had a really good defensive line. We could handle them if we could execute our assignments and we weren't doing it. We had some guys doing it and some guys not doing it the whole time. We were never firing at all cylinders.

(On today's performance) Physically they beat us up, ran the football, they did everything. We couldn't answer. We couldn't run the football. There was a momentum change a little bit in the second quarter, but when we didn't make that, the floodgates opened.

Early when the game was in doubt in the second quarter [WSU] had some good plays and passing game and then they just ran the football. I didn't believe they could do that to us, I really didn't, but they did. We played okay in the beginning of the game on defense and then offensively we couldn't get anything going. They just beat us in every facet of the game.

We have got a lot of work to do. Hopefully we can learn something from this. The thing that I really want to check is who played hard in the fourth quarter of this game. That's real important to me, who played hard and who didn't play hard because that gives you an idea of where we're at. If there's anything positive out of this it's finding out who played hard and who quit.

We didn't tackle well. From a physical aspect, we didn't tackle very well, we weren't in our gaps defensively, offensively we couldn't get the running game going with consistency. They did a good job of planning for us and taking some things away from us. We had some opportunities throwing the ball but we dropped some balls and we could never get anything going.

(On the challenge early in the first quarter) It was right in front of me. He was down but we didn't even have to challenge, they looked at it upstairs.

(On junior wide receivers Marlon Haynes and Tariq Ikharo) I thought he made some plays. Marlon and Tariq are going to make a difference for us as we go down the road. We just have to find out who's going to catch it. We dropped some balls again today that we just can't do. It kills our momentum. When we have the chance to make plays we have to make plays and we just didn't do that today."

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