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Washington State 17, Baylor 15
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/19/2006
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Sept. 16, 2006

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"I thought both teams tried to give it away. We had a chance to put the thing away.

Give credit to them (Baylor). On Bumpus' fumble he hit it perfect, helmet on the ball, and knocked it out of there..

We finally finished. We've been preaching all fall and all spring, finish. We made some plays when we had to. We ran the ball half-way decent.

I really credit our defense for going a great job. Their (Baylor) offense is tough to stop. They spread all over and throw the football. I thought our coaches had a great plan. They came in with a three-man front. Once we got pressure on him (Baylor QB) he wasn't quite as accurate.

We finished, finally, and won. There is no such thing as an ugly win.

(final drive) We didn't want to panic. I thought Alex kept his poise. I thought our coaching staff did a good job of calling plays.

(Brink) When good receivers are dropping TD passes I think it kind of shakes him up. He came back in the second half and did a nice job. Alex made the right checks and made the right calls. And he made a nice catch (on the TD reception).

(thoughts after Baylor scored) I was thinking we had five minutes and I think 38 seconds to go.

We just weren't clicking (most of the game). I didn't like the way we traveled, to be honest. I thought I saw it coming, but you never know.

The first (pass) was Tardy to Brink and Brink was going to throw it. I think it was Jordan who was standing all alone in the end zone down there. He just threw a bad one. He had thrown it well in practice. This one was just Tardy to Brink and let him run it in.

(Rogers and Brink) If Alex had really struggled we would have gone back with Gary again, but we thought Alex was doing OK.

(Is there a risiliance to those kids) Yeh, they are football players and great kids. I would go to war with all those guys, I would go to war with Brink, Bumpus, all those guys.

You have to give Baylor a little credit, they hit hard. Jed got hit really hard when that ball popped out. And we hit them a few times and got the ball just once.

WSU QB Alex Brink:

It is huge (final drive). It is all we've talked about since last season, finishing ball games. Obviously we didn't play our best, but we had the big drive and hopefully we can get some momentum going into the Pac-10.

(sitting out two series) It gives me a chance to step off a little bit and see what is working, see kind of how the defense is playing.

(Bumpus) He's a playmaker, a guy we know can make big plays for us. He bounced back and made the big play.

Dropped passes happen, just like missed throws.

I choose to play the position and I take the responsibility that goes along with it. There are times they are cheering for the other guy and I hope times when they are cheering for me.

It was a big drive and honestly it was something I was looking forward to. I've taken heat for not being able to win games late. To have the opportunity to do it against a good ball club was something I was looking forward to. We took advantage as an offense and made big plays when we had to.

(Gibson) He's the youngest guy there so you are going to get mistakes, but at the same time he's so talented he can make the big plays. It showed is maturity from his freshman year to his sophomore year.

It gives us momentum, a win against a quality team and winning where we pulled something out late. It gives us confident.

(trick throw back) It is something we've been working on for a couple of weeks. (last time caught a TD pass) My freshman year of high school.

WSU WR Michael Bumpus:

(Fumble) I was trying to make a play and spun and spun right into him. That's why they tell you to be careful with those spins. I know my guys needed me and had an opportunity make a play and went for it. I would have felt this game was all on me if we didn't play out. I guess it just showed a little character of our team.

(covering up near goal line on final drive) You learn from mistakes. It was Oregon State all over again from last year. I just made sure I secured the ball and made as many yards as I could. It (Oregon State) didn't come into my head until we were in the lockerroom and we were talking about it. But at least this time I had a chance to make up for it.

My high school coach just told me to 'bounce back' so I wanted to bounce back and do something.

WSU KICKER Loren Langley

"I really wasn't too nervous out there. It was a pretty short kick. I was pretty comfortable. Actually Josh Brown (Seattle Seahawks' kicker) gave me a little inspiration. He missed his first two kicks last week, then came out and made the next three, including the game winner. That's his decision as a coach not feeling comfortable with me out there (the first time WSU passed on a FG opportunity). In no way was I not ready for that kick. It didn't shake my confidence at all.



On today's loss:
"It really should have never come to that as far as I'm concerned. We just kind of self-destructed again today. I'll take the responsibility for that because obviously I haven't done a good job of getting through to the team yet about turnovers, penalties, dropped balls, all that sort of stuff. I thought we would come in and play well."

"We thought our best people were on the field and that's something we're going to have to re-evaluate. If it's a scheme, we'll change the scheme and if it's personnel we'll make changes to the personnel because we're just not getting it down. For the first three weeks of the season we haven't gotten it done."

On offensive turnovers:
"If we're going to hang our hat on the throwing game, we have to find somebody who's going to catch it."

On this loss vs. TCU loss:
"I take this one harder because today I just felt like we matched up so much better with this football team. We had an edge in speed. We just beat ourselves and that's the frustrating part about it."

On the failed two-point conversion:
"I thought it was a good play. It probably was an execution problem."

On regrouping after this loss:
"I don't know. I like these kids. They can bounce back probably easier than some of us old timers but this kind of thing just drives you insane. We got some talent on this football team and we're not making plays. If we were just raggedy, that's one thing. I don't mind getting beat if I go down swinging and give it all I've got. But losing a game like we lost today, that's what's driving me nuts.


On today's loss:
"I don't like this taste at all. We have to go back to the drawing board which is going to be hard to do. After a game like this it's hard to do."

On holding WSU to a field goal in the fourth quarter:
"That's the thing about the game and the flow of the game. They started to build up their confidence but as you could see our defense got hard. In a situation like that we're not going to let you score and it took a field goal for them to score.

On the overall defensive performance:
"That's our heart. Our defensive line, our linebackers, our safeties, even the corners out on the edge, that's what we have. We're not going to let this team down. So that's what you saw, a lot of heart."

On Baylor feeling as if they had won the game after going up 15-14 with 5 minutes left:
"We celebrated for a minute and then, when we got to the sidelines, we all looked at each other like 'Okay we have to regroup because they're going to come right back at us' and that's what they did."


On today's defense:
"Defense did a good job of getting the ball to the offense but the offense just seemed to have a few problems of their own. I'm not even upset with the offense, though. The thing I'm really upset with is the very end of our game. Our defense had the chance to put it away."

"Our defense is the type of defense that always feels that no matter what kind of a jam we're in, we can always get out of it."

On the controversial fumble:
"Joe Pawelek said that the ball landed in between his legs and he got it. I talked to the ref and the ref said that it was ruled a fumble but that red recovered it. When we got up out of the pile, Joe was holding the ball and he said that as soon as the ball touched the ground it was in between his legs. So we don't really know what to say about that."

On forcing the fumble in the in fourth quarter:
"At the college level it's definitely the biggest hit I've had. I definitely thought that it would make us win the game. Arline picked it up for the touchdown, but we had to go back out right after that and we couldn't put it away."

"[WSU wide receiver Michael Bumpus] spun and it just wasn't good timing. I put my head under his chin and just hit him as hard as I could and it worked. The ball popped out and Arline took it."

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