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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Todd Gordon Waves The Flag during the Today Show at the Olympics, Feb. 13.
Meet the Man Behind the Flag at the Olympics
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 02/18/2014
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By Jason Krump

Viewers tuning in to NBC's Today Show, Thursday, Feb. 13, received more than an Olympics update with their morning dose of coffee.

They received a dose of Cougar Pride.

Strategically placed behind hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie was the Cougar Flag, and after the show, Guthrie got into the Cougar spirit.

The individual holding the Cougar flag during the show was obscured to the viewers, but his love for the Cougars became evident once it hit social media.

"I had NO idea it would be this viral," Todd Gordon said via a Facebook message from Sochi.

Gordon is a 1991 graduate of WSU, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. He was in Sochi utilizing his degree for the Olympic Broadcast Services, assigned to work on live television productions for women's hockey.

Todd Gordon Waves The Flag at Olympic Park  in Sochi.

Because of his duties with the OBS, Gordon's opportunities for Waving The Flag were limited. But in addition to the opportunity he found with the Today Show, he recruited others to Wave The Flag, too.

"A few of my international friends were eager to wave the flag," he said.

And some just volunteered to wave the flag, including several Russians. Gordon says the individual pictured below was with three of his friends, all from Russia, and they really wanted to wave the flag.

Gordon's job requires him to travel frequently. When he learned he would be traveling to Sochi, he knew what would accompany him.

"This was a no brainer," Gordon said of bringing the flag.

Gordon's travels allows him the opportunity to see Cougar Pride on display. In fact, he learned of it traveling to Sochi.

"I ran into a Coug in Frankfurt on my way out here and we both sat and chatted for a while," he said. "I run into Cougs all the time. No matter the place, no matter the situation, it's always GO COUGS!"

Gordon is quick to emphasize that Sochi has been great. He said that on a 10-mile train ride up to the mountains, there were security guards stationed every 100 yards.

"The people are great, the accommodations are fine, and safety is solid," he said.

He is returning to the States with the flag that united so many Cougars last week.

 "WSU is not just a school," he said. "It's a family."


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