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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Football Teammate Confidential - Nolan Washington
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/10/2013
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Who knows Cougar cornerback Nolan Washington better, his roommate Leon Brooks or his fellow senior defensive back Anthony Carpenter? They both recently took their chances to see who knows the Seattle native better!

Favorite Restaurant in Pullman?
NOLAN: South Fork
ANTHONY: Loco Grinds (0)
LEON: South Fork (5)

Favorite Sports Team?
NOLAN: Seahawks
ANTHONY: Seahawks (5)
LEON: Saints and Lakers (0)

Highlight at WSU?
NOLAN: Last year’s Apple Cup
ANTHONY: 2012 Apple Cup (5)
LEON: His entire RS-Freshman year (0)

Favorite TV show?
NOLAN: Walking Dead
ANTHONY: Walking Dead (5)
LEON: Keeping up with the Kardashians (0)

Favorite artist or group?
ANTHONY: Jay-Z (5)
LEON: Jay-Z (5)

Celebrity Crush?
NOLAN: Paula Patton
ANTHONY: Rihanna (0)
LEON: Paula Patton (5)

Hidden talent?
NOLAN: Dancing
ANTHONY: He can dance (5)
LEON: Great cook (0)

Funniest Teammate?
NOLAN: Eric Oertel
ANTHONY: EO (Eric Oertel) (5)
LEON: Me of course (0)

Actor who would play him a movie?
NOLAN: My uncle! Denzel (laughing)
ANTHONY: Denzel Washington (5)
LEON: I’m sure he will say Denzel Washington (5)

If he wasn’t playing football, he’d be?
NOLAN: Police Officer
ANTHONY: In the police academy (5)
LEON: pursuing a career as a cop (5)

The defensive backs stick together as Anthony notches the win, 40-25!

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