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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Football Teammate Confidential - Tana Pritchard
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/03/2013
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Who knows Cougar linebacker Tana Pritchard, his roommate and fellow Washington native Max Hersey or his fellow linebacker Eric Oertel better? They both recently took their chances to see who knows the Lakewood, Wash. native better!

Favorite Restaurant in Pullman?
TANA: Red Bento
ERIC: Red Bento (5) 
MAX: Red Bento (5)

Favorite Sports Team?
TANA: Seahawks
ERIC: Lakers (0)
MAX: Seahawks (5)

Highlight at WSU?
TANA: Apple Cup
ERIC: Last year’s Apple Cup (5)
MAX: Apple Cup win (5)

Favorite TV show?
TANA: Friends
ERIC: Friday Night Lights (0)
MAX: Friends (5)

Pet peeve?
TANA: Leaving trash in my room
ERIC: When Max doesn’t do the dishes (0)
MAX: Dirty Bathrooms (0)

Hidden talent?
TANA: Ping Pong
ERIC: He’s an Olympic ping pong gold medalist! (5)
MAX: Everything? (3?)

If he weren’t playing football…
TANA: Playing basketball
ERIC: He’d be playing basketball (5)
MAX: He’d be a professional golfer (0)

Funniest Teammate?
ERIC: Max (5)
MAX: E.O. Eric Oertel (0)

Actor who would play him a movie?
TANA: Channing Tatum for sure
ERIC: The Rock or Tim Riggins (0) 
MAX: The Rock (0)

Best thing about Pullman?
TANA: You don’t have to drive a long time to get places.
ERIC: His friends (me, Max and Aimee) aka TEAM Tana-Eric-Aimee-Max (0)
MAX: Cougar Football (0)

Eric squaks out the victory, 25-23!

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