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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Football Teammate Confidential - Gabe Marks
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/25/2013
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Who knows Cougar wide receiver Gabe Marks better, his roommate and high school teammate Teondray Caldwell or his fellow wideout and southern California native Brett Bartolone? They both recently took their chances to see who knows the Los Angeles native better!

Favorite sports team?
GABE: Don’t have one. I like seeing great players to great things.
TEONDRAY: Doesn’t have one (5)
BRETT: Venice High School (0)

Other position he thinks he could play?
GABE: Quarterback
BRETT: The slot  (0)

Highlight at WSU?
GABE: First career touchdown at UNLV
TEONDRAY: First TD (5)
BRETT: Meeting Brett Bartolone (0)

Favorite TV Show?
GABE: Surviving the Cut
TEONDRAY: Sons of Anarchy (0)
BRETT: Surviving the Cut (5)

Favorite Movie?
GABE: Harry Potter (All of them!)
TEONDRAY: Harry Potter (5)
BRETT: We Were Soldiers (0)

Favorite artist or group?
GABE: Drake
TEONDRAY: Drake (5)
BRETT: Luke Bryan (0)

Celebrity Crush?
GABE: Mila Kunis
TEONDRAY: Mila Kunis (5)
BRETT: Mel Gibson (0)

Biggest Pet Peeve?
GABE: When people walk slow and take up the whole sidewalk in front of me
TEONDRAY: Lazy People (3)
BRETT: When Beau Glover steps out of line (0)

Funniest Teammate?
TEONDRAY: Daquawn Brown (0)
BRETT: Willie Roach (0)

Actor who would play him in a movie?
GABE: Morgan Freeman
TEONDRAY: Denzel Washington (laughing) (0)
BRETT: Whoever plays Boobie Miles (0)

Teondray with the shutout, but Brett might have had the best time!

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