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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Bill Moos Cougars Quarterly Interview Excerpt
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 07/10/2013
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The summer edition of Cougars Quarterly hits Cougar Athletic Fund members’ mailboxes this week. Featured in this issue is an interview with Director of Athletics Bill Moos. Below is an excerpt.  For information on becoming a Cougar Athletic Fund member click HERE

CQ: The view from your Bohler Athletic Complex office window changes every day with the football operations building construction. Facility development has been a priority since you took over as AD. Why is this project and last year’s construction of the Premium Seating Building important to not only football but to the entire athletic department?

Moos: We have to have football healthy and our coaches in all sports know that. It is the major revenue producer for us and it can provide us with monies that will enhance all of our programs. All boats will rise if football is successful. That was the first investment. At capacity our premium seating produces a net of over $3 million a year into our budget that will help all programs. Everybody is coming out a winner in these facility enhancements. At the end of the day it’s going to allow us to hire and retain the best coaches and attract the finest talent in regards to our student-athletes. 

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CQ: Why is membership in the Cougar Athletic Fund so critical to the success of Cougar Athletics?

 Moos: We now have the largest donor base in the history of Cougar Athletics and we’ve raised more money on an annual basis than we ever have. People are getting involved and having skin in the game, as I like to say, but we need to continue to grow. We need to move our annual giving numbers to the point where it covers the cost of scholarships. People love to say they are Cougars, yet I don’t believe they are true Cougars unless they have made an investment. You can be a member of the Cougar Athletic Fund for as little as $50 a year. That’s a little over $4 a month.

CQ: Hypothetically, if the costs of our scholarships were covered, what would that mean for the department?

 Moos: It would create an additional 3 plus million dollars, which we could be investing in other areas. One would be to pay down the deficit that was created in order to kick-start our plan and begin moving us forward. It could also be invested in infrastructure, recruiting and travel budgets. Because we are playing a lot of television games mid- and even early week, we want to be chartering more flights for both our men’s and women’s basketball teams.  This would assure that our student-athletes can get home and into the classroom in a timely manner. These are costs that come along with our obligations in regards to our television contracts. We still have one of the lowest budgets in the Pac-12.  We want to compete day in and day out in a tough conference. In order to do that we must grow our budget. 

CQ: Finally what is your message to Cougars as we head into the 2013-14 season?

Moos: I’m excited about our future. Our coaches and staff believe in what we’re doing.  They are seeing results and that is extremely important. It’s not just lip service that I’m talking about. We are seeing it starting to happen. We are on the verge of something very, very special here. We must stay the course, continue to grow, and we have to believe. We are going to stub our toe along the way but we can’t let it be a house of cards. We’re building it from the ground up on solid footings.

The message to our fan base and to those who want to see success on a consistent basis is that everyone needs to be involved. We all need to have skin in the game. If, indeed, that is the case, we could be a contender in all sports year-in and year-out. That is not an impossible dream at Washington State. We have lots to sell here. Our campus and close-knit family feeling are very desirable. Now, with our improved facilities and quality coaches we can become a source of pride to our alumni and friends for years to come.

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