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Many times, individuals are unsure if they are considered boosters or not. Below we have designed a quiz to help you determine if you are a booster. There are numerous ways to become a booster and it would be impossible to list all of them here. If you have any questions, please ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

  • ► Are you a member of the Cougar Athletic Fund?
  • ► Have you given money or a donation to an individual WSU sport or any portion of the WSU Athletics Department at any time in the past?
  • ► Are you a corporate sponsor of the Athletics Department?
  • ► Have you volunteered your time to the Athletics Department or any individual sport?
  • ► Have you provided benefits to enrolled WSU student-athletes or their families?
  • ► Have you assisted or been asked by a WSU Athletics department staff member to assist in the recruitment of PSAs?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you are a representative of athletics interests, also known as a booster or donor. Once an individual has been identified as a representative of athletics interests, he or she retains that identity forever and is governed by the same NCAA and WSU rules and regulations as our athletics staff members.


NCAA rules PERMIT an Athletics Representative to:

  • ► Notify WSU coaches about prospects in your area who may be strong additions to our teams
  • ► Attend high school or two-year college athletics contests or other events where PSAs may compete, however, you may not have contact with the PSAs or their relatives for the purpose of providing information about WSU
  • ► Continue relationships with a PSA, his/her parents or relatives, provided the relationship pre-dates the PSA entering ninth grade and the relationship did not develop as a result of the PSA's athletics participation, but you may not recruit them to participate in WSU Athletics
  • ► Continue involvement with local youth sports that may include PSAs, provided you do not solicit any prospect's participation in WSU Athletics.

NCAA rules specifically PROHIBIT an Athletics Representative from:

  • ► Contacting PSAs or their families in person, on or off campus. This includes calling, writing, emailing or text messaging
  • ► Making arrangements for PSAs or their relatives or friends to receive money or financial aid of any kind
  • ► Providing transportation for a PSA or the PSA's relatives or friends to visit campus, or reimbursing another party (including a PSA's coach) for providing that transportation
  • ► Providing free tickets or tickets at a reduced cost for PSAs or their relatives or friends to attend an athletics event
  • ► Entertaining high school, prep school or community college coaches
  • ► Attending a PSA's sports event for the purpose of providing an evaluation requested by the WSU coaching staff.


NCAA rules PERMIT an Athletics Representative to:

  • ► Invite student-athletes into your home for an occasional or special occasion meal on an infrequent basis. You may not provide meals to student-athletes in restaurant facilities or provide free meals to parents at any time
  • ► Provide summer employment for enrolled student-athletes at the going rate for similar positions
  • ► Invite current student-athletes to attend alumni functions. Prior approval must be obtained from the WSU Compliance Office.

NCAA rules PROHIBIT an Athletics Representative from:

  • ► Providing cash or loans in any amount, or signing or co-signing for a loan for a student-athlete or parents
  • ► Providing gifts of any kind, including birthday cards and holiday gifts, clothing and entertainment, or cars to student-athletes
  • ► Providing special discounts for goods and services (e.g., car repairs, legal services, meals) to student-athletes or their families
  • ► Providing free housing or reduced-rent housing to student-athletes or their families
  • ► Purchasing complimentary admissions from a student-athlete (i.e., paying for the use of the athlete's game-day pass)
  • ► Providing an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking engagement
  • ► Allowing free telephone or cellular phone usage by a student-athlete
  • ► Providing room, board, transportation or any other special arrangement for a student-athlete's family or friends.


  • Q: What if a prospect calls an Athletics Representative?
    A: An Athletics Representative may have a telephone conversation with a prospect that is initiated by the prospect and is not prearranged by the institution (including providing a prospect with the phone number). Additionally, any questions about WSU's athletics programs during the conversation must be referred to members of WSU's coaching staff.
  • Q: Does this apply to "established family friends" or neighbors?
    A: No. However, it must be understood that such contacts cannot be made for recruiting purposes and questions about WSU's athletics programs should still be referred to members of WSU's coaching staff.
  • Q: Is it permissible for an Athletics Representative to employ a current student-athlete?
    A: It is permissible to employ a current student-athlete either during the summer or the academic year. Student-athletes cannot be paid more than the going rate for the particular position and can only be paid for actual work performed.
  • Q: Is it permissible for current student-athletes to be involved in any type of promotional activities?
    A: Yes, provided the activities are for institutional, charitable, educational or nonprofit agencies and the activity receives prior approval from WSU's Athletics Director (via the Compliance Office).
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