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WSU Rowers Head South for Pac-10 Championships

May 13, 1998

Next Competition:
Pacific Coast Rowing Championships, Novice Four, Lake Natoma, Calif., May 16
Pacific-10 Conference Championships, V8, JV8, V4, N8, Lake Natoma, Calif, May 17

COUGS READY TO ROW AT PCRC/PAC-10 SEEDING: The 12th annual Pacific-10 Conference Women's Rowing Championships (39th annual for men) are on the itinerary for the WSU Cougar women's crew team this weekend…the championships will be conducted Sunday, May 17, from 7:40 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., on Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, Calif…eight Pac-10 members compete in the rowing championships - the Arizona schools are the no-shows…conference championships are determined by a combination of men's and women's finishes - WSU's men compete as a club sport so the Cougars can't win the league title…only varsity eight and four plus junior varsity eight competition counts toward the NCAA Rowing Championships, May 29-31, at Lake Lanier in Georgia.


Varsity Eight
1.	Washington
2.	Washington State
3.	California
4.	Oregon State
5.	USC
6	Stanford
7.	UC Davis
8.	San Diego State
9.	Gonzaga
10.	Santa Clara
11.	UC Irvine
12.	UC Santa Barbara
13.	Sacramento State
14.	Pacific Lutheran
15.	Western Washington
16.	UC San Diego
17.	Humboldt State
18.	Mills College
19.	Loyola Marymount
20.	Willamette
21.	Oregon

Junior Varsity Eight
1.	Washington
2.	California
3.	Washington State
4.	Oregon State
5.	Stanford
6.	UC Davis
7.	Orange Coast 
8.	USC
9.	Gonzaga
10.	Sacramento State

Novice Eight
1.	Washington
2.	California
3.	Oregon State
4.	Stanford
5.	UC Davis
6.	USC
7.	Orange Coast
8.	Pacific Lutheran
9.	Gonzaga
10.	CSU Sacramento
11.	Washington State
12.	Western Washington
13.	Santa Clara
14.	Willamette
15.	Humboldt State
16.	U. San Diego
17.	UC San Diego
18.	Chapman
19.	San Diego State
20.	UC San Barbara
21.	Colorado

Varsity Four
1.	Washington
2.	USC
3.	Sacramento State
4.	San Diego State
5.	Oregon State
6.	Washington State
7.	California
8.	Mills
9.	Santa Clara A
10.	U. San Diego
11.	UC Davis
12.	Western Washington
13.	Oregon
14.	Humboldt State
15.	UC San Diego
16.	Loyola Marymount
17.	Long Beach Statea
18.	Seattle University
19.	UCLA
20.	Santa Clara B

WSU's SCHEDULE AT PCRC/PAC-10 CHAMPIONSHIPS: In all categories, heat races are staged first with the top two boats in each heat advancing to the Grand Final, third and fourth place boats in each heat advance to the Petite Final, and fifth and sixth place boats in each heat advance to Third Final (except in Women's Junior Varsity Eight where there is no third final)…all Heat races are in the morning with Final races in the afternoon of the same day.

Saturday, May 16: Women's Novice Four: approx. 10:00 a.m. Three heats, WSU racing in Heat Two with Santa Clara, Colorado, Seattle Pacific, Univ. Puget Sound , Sacramento State and San Diego State.

Sunday, May 17: Women's Varsity Four: approx. 7:30 a.m. Three heats, WSU racing in Heat One with Washington, California, Western Washington, Oregon, Seattle University and UCLA. Women's Novice Eight: approx. 9 a.m. Three heats, WSU racing in Heat Two with California, UC Davis, Pacific Lutheran, Willamette, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara. Women's Junior Varsity Eight: approx. 10 a.m. Two heats, WSU racing in Heat Two with California, UC Davis, Orange Coast College and Sacramento State. Women's Varsity Eight: approx. 11 a.m. Three heats, WSU racing in Heat Two with USC, San Diego State, UC Irvine, Pacific Lutheran, Humboldt State and Willamette.

COUGAR WOMEN'S ROWING COACHES: Varsity coach Tammy Crawford returns for her eighth season as the head coach of the Washington State women's rowing team and 12th season of collegiate coaching...Jodi Winchell, novice coach, begins her sixth year as a coach with the Cougar rowers...Colin Tindall, assistant coach, is in his first year at WSU but third year of coaching...Paula Curry, a four-year letterwinner at WSU, is an undergraduate assistant coach while Drew Osborne is a volunteer coach this season after spending three years with the WSU men's rowing club.

NCAA WOMEN'S ROWING WEST REGIONAL RANKINGS: As of April 28, By Teams: 1. Washington, 2. California, 3. Oregon State, 4. Washington State; By Varsity Eights: 1. Washington, 2. California, 3. Oregon State, 4. Washington State, 5. USC, 6. Stanford; By Junior Varsity Eights: 1. Washington, 2. California, 3. Washington State, 4. Oregon State, 5. Stanford, 6. UC Davis; By Varsity Fours: 1. Washington, 2. Sacramento State, 3. San Diego State, 4. Gonzaga, 5. Oregon State, 6. Washington State.


Varsity Eight
cox - Marissa Merker (Jr., Poulsbo)
8 - Anna Carlson (Jr., Fair Oaks, Calif.)
7 - Lisa Phillips (So., Vancouver)
6 - Kristin McClintock (Jr., Ilwaco)
5 - Jen Yust (Sr., Seattle)
4 - Connie Turman (Sr., Friday Harbor)
3 - Amy Armstrong (Fr., Victoria, B.C.)
2 - Liz Snook (So., Colville)
bow - Shannon Tyler (Sr., Camas)

Junior Varsity Eight
cox - Sally Moreno (Sr., Mt. Vernon)
8 - Brooke Leyerly (Jr., Costa Mesa, Calif.)
7 - Megan Wedin (So., Ellensburg)
6 - Lydia Prichard (Fr., Nooksack Valley)
5 - Julie Davis (Fr., Sidney, B.C.)
4 - Amber Brown (Jr., Mt. Vernon)
3 - Christy Shanahan (So., Vancouver)
2 - Sara Allen (Fr., Seattle)
bow - Dana Passons (Jr., Spokane)

Novice Eight
cox - Aubrey Mangold (So., Rainier)
8 - Anna Waters (Fr., Richland)
7 - Angela Scott (Fr., Victoria, B.C.)
6 - Danielle Reiger (Fr., Sumner)
5 - Callie Nagy (Fr., Sunnyside)
4 - Meghan Smith (Fr., Kent)
3 - Kim Oergel (Fr., Rainier)
2 - Heidi Schulz (Fr., Newport)
bow - Raina Demos (Jr., Casper, Wyo.)

Varsity Four
cox - Autumn Miller (So., Tacoma)
4 - Erin Broweleit (Sr., Seattle)
3 - Alyson Bonar (So., Mercer Island)
2 - Allison Neal (Fr., Sea Tac)
bow - Alison Wedin (Sr., Ellensburg)

Novice 4
cox - Aubrey Mangold (So., Rainier)
4 - Anna Waters (Fr., Richland)
3 - Angela Scott (Fr., Victoria, B.C.)
2 - Danielle Reiger (Fr., Sumner)
bow - Raina Demos (Jr., Casper, Wyo.)

WSU Women's Rowing Staff:
Varsity Coach:  Tammy Crawford
Novice Coach:  Jodi Winchell
Assistant Coach:  Colin Tindall
Undergrad. Assist.:  Paula Curry
Volunteer Coach:  Drew Osborne
Washington State Cougars Rowing