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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 01/14/2009
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Jan. 14, 2009

On the impact of Stanford win ...
"When you're walking a fine line, just a bit of confidence and a positive result is significant. In that locker room, they were pretty happy. Anytime you can get a win... it was rough for us... we finished better than we have in any of the games in terms of... Taylor really did a great job of making some plays. DeAngelo and Aron made some key blocks. The guys kept their composure and showed some glimpses of improvement when the game got in to a tight spot. This was a positive result. I think they feel a little better."

"Confidence is a great thing. We have just got to get to work. That's the good thing about the Pac 10; win or lose, you're playing pretty quick and you have to get back to it. You can't rest either way".

On Taylor Rochestie's leadership...
"He (Taylor) said, `We're not losing this game! We are not losing with five seconds left! We are not losing! We are back!' He was just real adamant. He told DeAngelo, `Great block, now just calm down. You are going to go to the line.' You could see how excited he was. That is part of the fun of youth, part of the fun of college basketball. Guys have got to enjoy themselves and get going. You saw the smile on Klay's face. There have not been a lot of those because they have hung in there and not been able to pull them out. Taylor knew there was still a lot of game left, another possession or two that would be significant. It might have been an advantage that DeAngelo missed it. Goods tracked it down and we made him take a dribble. Then we corralled him and he couldn't get there, opposed to if DeAngelo had made it, they would have gotten a straight running start."

"More so this year (Taylor) has to do more and say more. He is a natural leader that way."

On Rochestie's play this season...
"He has played better and better as the games have worn on. He has struggled to make some shots, but I think he played very well on both ends of the floor against Stanford and Cal. Maybe he shoots a couple forces but he does aggressive stuff around the rim so I don't get too caught up with his shooting stats. I liked the job he did on Randle and Goods and I thought that may have gone unnoticed, but I thought that was significant to take two big time scorers in our league and make them work to get their points and then have the mental and physical stamina to produce on the other end of the floor. That's a lot required, but he's a fifth-year senior and that's the way it is this year with him. I like what he brought to the table the last couple games."

On the freshmen...
"I think they have taken some strides. Certainly you saw DeAngelo give us a lift with some energy he brought to the floor with some hustle plays, whether it was a steal, a post move, a couple of major blocks that were significant...offensive rebounds. Klay in the first half got us going, and in the second half had that dunk that ignited the crowd. I think he let it come more in the second half. Lodwick hit a big three and almost had another; he took them with confidence. Marcus also, with the four freshmen to bring energy on the defensive end. Those are things that are positives. We have to call on them more than most freshmen, and that's important that they are having some success. We will keep using them; they are part of our rotation. Abe is the newest one, it's by necessity. He gives us a threat on the perimeter and has size to get some rebounds. It's nice to see. That was a big three he hit and then almost put us up six with the one that was in and out."

On the differences in Oregon State this season...
"They have a little more confidence. They play a lot different system, predominantly 1-3-1 zone that really bothered USC. They trapped them, and forced them into turnovers and got them standing, also mixing in the 2-3 zone. They are very disciplined offensively with the Princeton offense that gets the five man way up on the floor. If you relax they get a lot of easy baskets. Our job is to not give them any easy back door cuts. When their five man can step out and shoot the three, that poses some interesting match ups. They also have some athleticism. They have older kids who have been through some tough years, some juniors who know how to play. We have lived that, and when you get that group of kids who become upperclassmen they are much more adjusted and ready to play and you can see that with some of their key guys."

On Oregon State's Calvin Haynes...
"Huge. When he is rolling he is a dynamic scorer. He is very athletic and he's won some games for them like Taylor did for us, just kind of made some plays. The big kid, Schaftenaar, against USC was just terrific. He showed some skills and played with confidence. Coach Robinson has done a good job, they look like they have bought in and they are playing basketball with older kids in a system that's a little different in terms that they are thinking outside the box and doing (it) in a way that gives them a chance."

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