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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 01/07/2009
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About California...
"They're playing at a very high level. Jerome Randle is playing excellent basketball. They've got upperclassmen, they've got Theo Robertson, who sat out last year, he's been a great addition shooting over 50-percent from 3-point. He's real sound, real steady. They have three juniors, (Patrick) Christopher, Randle and Robertson who really have given them a great attack on the perimeter. They're very rock solid defensively as all of Coach Montgomery's teams are. Well coached, disciplined, and they certainly have some momentum the way they've played."

"They have capable inside guys who know their roles and are very sound, they understand what they're supposed to do. Look at what they did to Arizona and Arizona State, they established a pretty solid performance and they won going away. They're a great challenge and again a very strong, guard oriented team, as Stanford is."

On the so-called `showboating' by the Huskies Saturday...
"They thoroughly outplayed us in that stretch in the second half and they were being aggressive. I think Lorenzo (Romar) called the timeout to tell them `that's not what we're about.' When Lorenzo called the timeout, I thought `let's get this game over with, let's not prolong this any longer,' I kind of looked at him."

" After the game Lorenzo and I talked, and like I said in my press conference, he's an honorable man and his reason was to say `hey, you don't need to do that,' if he thought they were. They outplayed us. Their talk was loud and clear on the court by their play. I was just frustrated that we weren't able to match what they threw at us late in the game."

On WSU's offensive struggles...
"When you don't does put some pressure on you defensively. We just have to keep finding ways, looking at adjustments, certainly, personnel, just finding ways to score and to get quality shots. That's what we're trying to look at. Are we getting good looks, are we getting quality shots? And then, you've got to make them go down. Some nights they'll go in, some nights they won't. They haven't been going in much lately, but we've got to keep adjusting ."

"When you're struggling, you look at things and almost work harder in a sense, to try and find ways. The things that have to start, and you can never go away from, are some keys for us. The stuff that will get you beat is when you turn the ball over and you don't get a shot on goal. You need to get shots and when you have too many turnovers and don't take care of it, whether it's the defensive pressure or carless turnovers, you have to try to eliminate those. We just have to be that much better and solid on the defensive end, because that has to hold you in there while you're laboring to manufacture points."

" We don't have as many creators off the dribble as we did last year. You have to come to grips with that, that's who we are. I tell that to our team. At times you have to make plays off of dribbling, you have to try, but you have to look for other ways to do it, with screens or ball movement, or just being rock solid."

On potential lineup changes for the week...
"I'll make that a day-of-the-game decision. A lot has to do with matchups defensively, but we'll take a look and see what we're going to do. It's either been (Nikola) Koprivica or (Daven) Harmeling sort of at that three/four spot, the last couple of games since I put Caleb in there at the four. We'll take a look, but we just need to get some quality play from everybody."

On Daven Harmeling's play...
"Daven, I played him some at the three against Washington to match up with Quincy (Pondexter). Offensively that was tough, because they really pressured him. Daven scores a lot off of screens. He has to continue to look for those and be aggressive. He had some nice games for us early. We need some production from that spot and it's not a lack of effort from his part, but he has to be concentrated on that when he's out there, looking to be aggressive for his shot. And then, you know, shoot it with confidence."

On Klay Thompson...
"He's wired to score. Certainly, he's getting a lot thrown at him and being a young guy, this is a tremendous learning experience for him. We have to continue to keep our confidence in his spot, but we always talk about feel, letting the game come, but not being hesitant. That's a process. That's a learning process. A couple of times, maybe he shot it quick, then a couple times, he's maybe passed some up, but he's just got to keep working towards that. Again, he's getting some pretty good defenders on him and we've got to work to get him some good shots and he's just got to keep trying to grow, just keep growing and help his team win on both ends of the floor. He certainly wants to do that, he's such a coachable kid. Some of the kids, Taylor and Klay, sometimes think, `I can help if I can get a good shot.' I don't' mind that as long as it's in rhythm, but our strengths have got to be relying on each other as unit, sharing the ball, and we've got to find different ways to manufacture points, or at least try to, and that's what we're working on in practice."

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