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Washington-Washington State Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 11/19/2005
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Nov. 19, 2005

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Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham

On the events after the game: "I am very disappointed to the point of being embarrassed by the aftermath of that football game. There is no place for that in Husky football or college football. It doesn't matter if one thought it was prompted or not. There is no place for that. Our opponents did a better job of executing plays to win the football game. We had our opportunities to do it, but we did not. But regardless of the emotion or the frustration, there is no place in football for that.

On if there is an action committed by one's opponent where he can justify the actions of his team: "It is from the head coach of the Husky program, a blanket statement. You win the football game; that is where you take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. If you win the football game, then there is no celebration by the opponent. We missed our opportunity to do that; we did not take advantage of that. Their celebration, whether it prompted a response from us -- there is no place in college football for that."

On James Sims: "He had a twisted knee, he would have come back into the game if the game went a little longer."

On the final winning touchdown for Washington State: "We just didn't contain him, he got on the outside of our corner, all of the sudden, there was no one there. If we force him back inside we would have a chance to make a play."

On the overall effort of the team: "I thought it was fitting for a rival football game. I thought both teams gave OK, and both teams took. Like most football games it came right down to the finish the last three or four minutes decided the football game."

On Washington State's defensive scheme against the Huskies: "It was something that we anticipated, because we knew that would be the game plan against our team. Take away our run, and try to put the game in the quarterback's hands. We had opportunities to do things and we didn't get them done."

On if Coach Willingham can recall an incident in similar nature: "No, I can't remember one of that nature. I accuse myself of having a defensive back's mentality, short memory."

On if the post-game events effect on the entire season: "No, please understand the statement. I said that I was embarrassed about this moment. The actions that took place in this football game have no place in Husky football and college football. Our young men played a very spirited football game. For the most part the things that you would associate with the aftermath of the football game, personal fouls, cheap shots and things of that nature, you didn't see during the football game. I think that they played the right way; I am disappointed to our response after the football game."

Stanback's performance: "We didn't win."

On if this week's play was a regression from last week: "I don't think so, I thought we played a spirited rivalry football game, our execution, we didn't get our run game going as we would of liked to, their pressure effected some of that, and we had something to say about our own execution, and we did not get it done."

On the overall impact of the post events of the game: "At this moment all that took place will be over shadowed for me, good, bad, indifferent, by the incident that took place after the game."

On why the post events of the game bother him so much: "Forgive me for my soapbox, but I think that football is man's greatest game, I truly believe that. Not chess, not boxing, not rugby, this is man's best game. It involves all of the ingredients that you see in any other sport. And for it to be played the right way, it has to be played by tough bodied and tough-minded young men who play the game with the greatest competitive spirit and the greatest respect for their opponents. I am not addressing Washington State, that is not my team, I am addressing the Huskies. And what happened after the game bothers me because that is not how the game of football was meant to be played."

On Washington State taking away the Husky's run game: "They tried very hard to take it away, and at the same time we had some execution flaws that did not allow us to do what we needed to do. The combination of those two didn't give us the chance to do what we need to do. And when we had opportunities, I am willing to bet we had three maybe four opportunities where we had open receivers down the field and we didn't get the ball to them. If they are crowding the line of scrimmage like that, then we have to make them pay another way."

On the letdown of the loss for the seniors on their last home game: "A tremendous let down, this is their last one and they wanted to get the apple cup as we called it back home "."

On taking more offensive risks: "It is just a great game to have some of those in, take a few more risks and do some things a little bit different."

On Huskies' defense: "Obviously, we didn't succeed. We didn't succeed in taking away their offensive threats the way we wanted to. Their number one threat was Jerome Harrison, the running back. When you stop him, you stop them."

Washington Players

TAILBACK Kenny James
On touchdown pass:
"I felt pretty comfortable with throwing that pass. I told Sonny (Shackelford) in practice that if we ran the play that he should just run. He kept on running and I threw him the ball, he just made a great play and got the score. We had practiced that play a few times before in practice."

On fumble recovery:
"Durrell Moss was the other gunner and he was able to get through his double team to put some pressure on the ball. I beat the double-team on me and got down there, as soon as I did I saw the ball come out and I just dove on it. At that moment I felt like something was going to happen, because I have been due for a play."

On getting pressure on punt returns: "We felt like we could do a good job of getting some pressure on them and we were able to throw some different formations at them to try and mix it up and create some imbalances. The coaches did a great job of getting us ready and it worked."

On Washington States running game:
"We knew that they were going to try and get their running game going against us. We just tried to stay in our gaps and fill the holes."

On Jerome Harrison: "I think sometimes we pushed too hard and overplayed our gaps. He was able to catch onto that and get through the holes."

On pressuring WSU's passing game: "We ran a lot of different plays and tried to send different blitzes at them. We were able to flush him out of the pocket a few times."

LINEBACKER Evan Benjamin
On WSU's offense:
"We saw a lot of things from them. They were able to throw and run the ball real well and I think that they were very consistent. We played well at times, but I don't think that we came up with the big plays that we needed to create a stop. They didn't do anything different then what we thought was coming, they just did a great job of blocking and setting up plays."

On Jerome Harrison: "He is definitely a good back. I know that everyone has been talking about him because he is quick and he has great vision. He is a tough guy to tackle and I think that their offensive line did a great job and they were able to open some things up around the corner. He made all the big plays he needed to."

On WSU's final touchdown play: "They got to the line real quick and were able to snap the ball and get it to a playmaker. It was hard to see, but he beat the corner and was able to get off to the races."

General comments:
"It was a shame. It was disappointing."

On his overall performance: "I had a couple of chances. Second half we tried to get our running game going, and stuff like that. I had a few check-down passes -- I didn't catch one, and there was one I did catch, and we tried to capitalize on it. But other than that, I thought we were able to run the ball better in the second half than we did in the first."

On their defense: "They pretty much tried to attack us how Oregon State did, with the blitzes and stuff. So when the started doing that, we just tried to capitalize on those things, by moving the ball towards the outside, and more misdirection and things like that."

On his injury: "It is always tough, especially being your last game, and having to cut it that short. It could have been a lot worse, but it is difficult. I really don't have much to say about it."

WIDE RECEIVER Craig Chambers
General Comments:
"We lost."

On how emotional this game was: "I grew up watching this game. There is no other game that I would rather want to win overall than against Washington State. This is the kind of game that can make or break your season, so they broke ours this year."

On what they have to work on for next season: "We just need to finish games. We lost a lot of close games this season, so our main focus for next year is to just finish games. We need to look at the films, and learn what we need to do to win the game. I don't think there is anything else we can do. Also, it is more of a mentality. We have to want it bad enough. Some of us didn't want it bad enough. We have to fix that."

QUARTERBACK Isaiah Stanback
On their defense:
"It was nothing different. We saw the same thing two weeks ago. "

Thoughts going into final drive: "We had to score a touchdown, and get a field goal. That should be the only thing on your mind. Just to score a touchdown."

On how emotional this game was: "It was emotional. It was a big game--everyone knows that. It is emotional for people who aren't even playing in it, so imagine how emotional it is for people who are."

On what they have to work on for next season: "We have to work on everything. There is nothing specific. We have to work on everything. We have to get better at every phase of the game."

WIDE RECEIVER Sonny Shackelford
General Comments:
"We lost. I mean there is nothing better else to say. They are a good team and they showed on film that they are a good team, and they showed that in a lot of their games this season, and they were just like us in being in a lot of games where they just can't get the win, and pull the game out the way they want to. And with us, they just happened to be the team to win the game today. They wanted it more than we did, and they came here to win.

On overall performance: "To me, I didn't do well enough because we didn't win the game. So there is not much you can say about that. People have good games, and people have bad games. I consider myself having a bad game, because our team lost."

On the touchdown catch in the first quarter with three defenders in front of him: "We were running a half-back option pass, and I just ran to the open field. Kenny saw where I was going, and let the ball go, and I just went up and got it. It just so happened that they didn't tackle me, so I ran away."

On if their defenders made it harder for him and the quarterback to connect: "Obviously they did, because we didn't get into the end zone that much. It was hard for us to move the ball up the field in the first half, but in the second half we did a lot better. But as you can tell, there wasn't much that the quarterback and the receiver can do. We didn't do enough, so we just have to get better."

On how emotional this game was: "It was probably the most emotional game of the season. For us, the Apple Cup was pretty much our bowl game. There was just a lot of things riding on the game, and it was another game, and it was an in-state rivalry. We just didn't do enough to win the game. We did what we had to do, but we just didn't do enough."

On what they have to work on for next season: "We have to work on everything -- from A to Z. I mean from blocking to passing, to running, to tackling, to shedding blockers, we have to start at the top, and work our way to the bottom. We are only as strong as the weakest link. We have to start at what we are the worst at, and work our way up. "

Washington State Coach Bill Doba

General Comments: "Finally -- finally, is all I have to say. My hat's off to the Huskies, I thought they battled, Isaiah (Stanback) scared the heck out of me going into the game and he proved to be a hell of a threat and I thought he had a great ballgame. Our kids hung in there and finally got that thing turned around. We moved the ball, we missed some field goals, I feel bad for that kid but he made some too and he's just a sophomore and he'll be okay. We've been hanging in all year and finally made the big play when we had to make a big play and got the touchdown and got the lead. I thought they battled really hard so it was a great ballgame. I just want to say that I'm sorry about what happened in the middle. I don't know who started it, it doesn't matter. Our kids are out there on that `W' and they shouldn't do that. That started a few years ago at our place and you can't do that. That will never happen again, I can promise you that. This has always been a very class act and we want to keep it that way. It was unfortunate that that had to happen."

On Will Derting at center: "He played quite a bit and he felt good and we were going to play him as long as we could. He makes a difference, there's no doubt about that. He was one of those hanging onto the trophy when the Governor presented it."

On Trandon Harvey's touchdown: "It's awesome. He's hung in there for five years and I think it's only fitting because over the last few weeks he's really stepped up. He's done a nice job and I think it's only fitting that he makes the catch. It was great to see Alex (Brink) make the throw and win a game at the end but that's a great springboard for next year."

On the team's confidence at the end of the game: "They were making third downs all day long and I think had the highest third down attempts of the entire year. We were moving the ball well, but just got stalled down there. I think if we had gotten to the 30, we'd have probably had to kick a field goal but we were at the 40. But he made the catch and got up the sideline."

On confidence in Cody Boyd on third down: "The one he dropped in the end zone was tipped, I think, or at least the guy's hands were in front of his face and he couldn't see it. Cody, thank goodness, is coming back. He made some great third downs and we overthrew him twice and those could have been big plays too."

On Jerome Harrison: "He didn't hardly practice all week. He had a sore ankle and we asked him, `Do you want to pad this thing, tape it?' and he said no. He's not only pretty good, he's tough. He just has great patience, he hangs in there, I was sorry to see him get that 15-yard penalty but I was glad to see us get a first down on that drive so it didn't kill us. We had some penalties that hurt. The kicking game, we dropped the punt, we weren't really sharp in the kicking game, as sharp as we should be, but we were fortunate to win."

On winning game after falling short in others: "If I knew the difference, I'd write a book and make a lot of money. We've been this close a lot and we just made a play."

On the team's outlook for next season: "It depends on who we recruit. We need some corners and it's really going to depend on how hard they work in the off season and if they all stay eligible but I see two big defensive tackles, I see our two linebackers coming back and defensively, I think we will be a lot stronger than where we were the year before. W e have a quarterback that has two more years and all of those receivers are back if we can keep Jason (Hill). It depends on what Jason does and where he is projected in the draft."

Washington State Players

WIDE RECEIVER Trandon Harvey
On Touchdown Reception:
"I'm glad they thought they could double-cover Jason Hill and leave us open, with one-on-one coverage and stuff like that. It was almost like a disrespect, but it really wasn't, because we knew we were playmakers. We are playmakers and we are glad we get the opportunity to play."

On Finishing Career on Winning Catch: "Just the other day, I was talking to Jason Gesser, and I was like, `Man, you threw me my first touchdown pass.' What a way for my last catch to be a touchdown; I couldn't ask for anything more."

On Touchdown Play: "All I know was it was a quick throw to the left, and I looked at Greg and I said, `Greg, throw that block for me and I'm going to try to score.' The Huskies, they weren't set, their defense wasn't set, Brink was trying to hurry it up. All I know is he threw the ball and everything just went blank as I was running. I just caught the ball and kept running, the only reason I stopped was because I was about to run into the band."

On Finishing the Game in the Fourth Quarter: "It is the Apple Cup. It was our last game, we were trying to win it for me, the seniors, everybody. We knew we were a good team, our record didn't really reflect the team we are. We are really a better team than that. We just couldn't pull it out in the end on a couple of games. But it is going to have to bounce for us one way or another. We play with the same mentality we have played with all year; we didn't change anything, we just had to execute."

On Playing Most of The Game Through Injury:
"You know, it kept feeling good and feeling good. This morning, it felt really good, we didn't have that long plane ride. It pretty much felt good all day, so I just kept playing on it.

On Winning the Apple Cup: "It means everything, it makes your whole season. I won't remember anything from my senior season, in games, unless it is from this one."

On fourth Quarter Stops: "We have had a lot of close games, a lot of games that haven't turned our way, and we finally got one. I think everybody just went out there and had fun. I think we kept worrying about winning and losing, and I think we just went out there like a back yard game and just had fun."

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