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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
A Letter from AD Bill Moos
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 08/30/2012
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Aug. 30, 2012

Dear Cougar Fans and Supporters,

What an amazing nine months this has been.

In fact, it has been transformational. Not just for our football program, but for our university. Why? The answer is simple - you.

As we head into a new chapter of Cougar Football, I want to thank each and every one of you for helping us get here. I think of that day I travelled to Key West to meet with Coach Leach. During our discussion, it became clear that this man was about more than just football - a lot more as many of you have learned. I told him about the uncommon passion and pride of Washington State, about our desire to rise up to relevancy, to show off our amazing university and to elevate our mentality to what's possible rather than what is not possible. To prove that WE CAN. You have exceeded both of our expectations in so many ways.

Along with the tickets you've purchased and the donations you've made, it's your pride and love for our school that motivates me on a daily basis. It inspires me, and our staff to serve you, to deliver the winning programs you desire, to be a department that doesn't doubt, but achieves. And as you Wave The Flag for Washington State, we wave it back at you for creating the excitement and passion that is required to achieve the excellence we seek.

Today, I ask you to reflect on the last nine months. Celebrate it. Whether it is with a flag, yard sign, ticket purchase, shirt, hat or a visit to this website - understand you have been part of something special. In the past nine months we have seen unprecedented notoriety, front page stories, headlines across the country and we've dominated sports television. This amazing inertia has created the launch, but it is you who have created the foundation. You have written the first chapter. Today be proud of what you have done and own that you have played your part in our re-birth.

Also today, we begin a new chapter. We take what we've gained over the past nine months and we put that away to keep forever. Nobody can ever take the pride, passion and excitement we've felt together over the last nine months away from us - ever. Now, in this new chapter - this new beginning - there will inevitably be ups and downs. Sometimes we'll feel the glow all week of "amazing." Other weeks we'll feel the angst of something in our grasp that eluded us. But always this journey will be travelled together. As we embark today, I invite you to participate and enjoy in that journey and all that comes with it. After all, it is the journey that will continue to elevate our collective pride and aspirations, and what will make arriving at the destination that much more satisfying and exhilarating. I know my staff, and I will ride it and guide it to the best of our ability inspired by our gratitude and pride we have in you.

Abraham Lincoln said it best; "The best way to predict the future, is to create it". Today we start creating our future. It is time to get to work.


Bill Moos
Director of Athletics
Washington State University

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