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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
WSU Varsity Four Highlights a Solid Day of Cougar Rowing
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 04/12/2013
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April 12, 2013

PULLMAN, Wash. - The No. 19 Washington State women's rowing team competed against its cross-state rival, No. 6 Washington in a dual regatta Friday, April 12 at Wawawai Landing. The Cougars' varsity four, second varsity four and third varsity four each defeated their Husky counterparts.

The highlight of the afternoon was the varsity fours crews (bow - Carter Marks, Megan McDonald, Ashlee Bonahoom, Gina Head, coxswain - Sarah Wu) dramatic victory in the varsity four event. The Cougars' varsity four boat narrowly defeated Washington by less than five tenths of a second, finishing the 2,000 meter course with a time of 7:24.14, compared to Washington's time of 7:24.60. In the same event, the Washington State second varsity four (bow - Liana DeMaris, Ella Odland, Alex Waddell, Brianne Gould, coxswain - Emily Boquet) finished with a time of 7:32.33, ahead of UW's time of 7:38.87.

"We were really happy the Snake River provided great conditions and cooperated with us today," head coach Jane LaRiveire said. "All the NCAA boats made great progress and we look forward to getting back in the water next week."

Washington State's third varsity four (bow - Courtney Hammer, Noël Christiansen, Molly Culwell, Alyssa Rumann, coxswain - Lauren Leahy) was also victorious with a time of 7:42.7, outpacing the Huskies' time of 7:54.60.

In the first event of the afternoon, the Cougar's varsity eight boat (bow - Mickey Aylard, Katie Dick, Mollie McCabe, Ieva Adomaviciute, Stephanie Hinkle, Nicole Hare, Allie Reilly, Kendall Boliba, coxswain - Rebecca Burns) fell to the Huskies' varsity eight with a time 6:35.50, nearly six seconds off the pace set by the Washington. The Washington State second varsity eight (bow - Emily Starkel, Carly Johnson, Erin Schuster, Hannah deVos, Jennifer Hale, Alison Smith, Kellen Srb, Elise Jones, coxswain - Heidi Kim) also fell to its competitor with a time of 6:41.50 in the second race of the day.

Competing in the third event of the day was the Cougars novice eight (bow - Savannah Davison, Sarah Steger, Mallory Yost, JoAnne Bates, Jordan Watson, Regina Snider, Chloe Rogers, Katrina Tarrant, coxswain - Cassandra Evans), which finished second to Washington's novice eight with a time of 7:01.50

The final women events of the day were the women's second novice eight (bow - Aley Roberts, Kendall Dougherty, Kyra Ilyankoff, Amy Jacobs, Alex Backsen, Jayme Dailey, Alex Newcomb, Bethany Pupava, coxswain - Cassandra Vandersloot) and the women's fourth varsity eight (bow - Kim Coon, Hayley Lawrence, Martha Jackson, Chloe Payne, Michele Fuerst, Krista Lizardi, Regina Snider, Hannah Jacobs, coxswain - Julia Monroe). Both boats came up short against their Husky opponents in each respective race, with the second novice eight clocking in at 7:29.51 and the fourth varsity eight clocking in at 7:29.50.

No. 6 Washington at No. 19 Washington State Women's Rowing April 12, 2013 Wawawai Landing, Snake River - Pullman, Wash. Wind: Calm conditions. Winds 2-4 mph.

Women's Varsity Eight 1. Washington, 6:29.03 2. Washington State, 6:35.50

Women's Second Varsity Eight 1. Washington, 6:35.66 2. Washington State, 6:41.30

Women's Varsity Four 1. Washington State V4, 7:24.14 2. Washington V4, 7:24.6 3. Washington State 2V4, 7:32.33 4. Washington 2V4, 7:38.87

Women's Second Varsity Four 1. Washington State 3V4, 7:42.7 2. Washington 3V4, 7:54.6

Women's Fourth Varsity Eight 1. Washington, 7:07.98 2. Washington State, 7:29.51

Women's Novice Eight 1. Washington, 6:50.0 2. Washington State, 7:01.5

Women's Second Novice Eight 1. Washington, 6:56.7 2. Washington State, 7:29.5

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