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Post Game Quotes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 03/24/2011
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Washington State vs. Northwestern - March 23, 2011 - Pullman, Wash. (Beasley Coliseum)
NIT Quarterfinals

Final Score: No. 2 Washington State 69, No. 4 Northwestern 66 (OT)

Washington State Quotes:
WSU Head Coach Ken Bone
On the win...
"Great win for Washington State University. We are excited about the win. The guys had to obviously battle through a lot of adversity and I thought our guys showed great character down the stretch and fighting through that adversity. But we're excited not only for our team but for Washington State. I think this is a big deal for our university and we're going to go back and make the most of it."

On preparing for the game...
"I thought their focus in practice was very good yesterday and in our shootaround today. I thought they did a very good job in guarding Northwestern because they are hard to defend. That Princeton offense is very, very difficult to defend especially on short notice with only one day to prepare. I thought our guys did an outstanding job of not getting back-doored too often, and at the same time trying to protect the arc and contest three's."

On the team's performance...
"They have a lot of outstanding shooters and to be able to guard that backdoor and also be able to contest 3's is difficult when they shoot the percentage they shoot."

"There were a lot of times when they would beat us one place, and somebody would go out to help, and then somebody else will rotate. I just thought our activity was outstanding."

"I really thought that our defense was good all night. They were extremely hard to defend and our guys were very focused."

On the NIT Tournament...
"Our sites were on trying to get to the NCAA but once we were knocked out in L.A. by Washington we thought our chances were pretty slim of getting into the NCAA but we thought we would have a great chance of getting into the NIT. We talked about it as a team and decided to go make the best of it and end this year on a positive note and make the best of our situation."

On Abe Lodwick's missed free throws...
"It was quiet for about 15 seconds and then the guys realized we have a five minute game and we have to go forward."

Junior Forward DeAngelo Casto
On the game...
"I thought we did well and battled inside. It's fun to play on a team like this and it's fun to get busy on defense. There were distractions but we moved forward and now we are on our way to New York and hopefully to win the NIT Championship."

"I was really excited to play but more excited about the game. This is the last game on the court this year and if you lose you go home, and a win you go to New York. That was a hard game not to be revved up for it. I mean, if you weren't revved up for that game then I don't know."

On the start of the game...
"You want to come out with that kind of energy and just explode and move forward. Basketball for me is a great tool just to move forward and take my mind off of what life is around me. I got to play ball and I was able to play with my teammates to get a win."

Sophomore Forward Brock Motum
On missed free throws...
"Abe is one of our best free throw shooters and he is really strong minded so I knew that it wouldn't affect him. He played the end of the first half and then moved on from that and played the end of the second half and moved on from that and we got the win."

On going to New York...
"This win was pretty exciting. Being from Australia, New York is pretty cool because you see it in the movies and now we get to go down there and play in Madison Square Garden so it is pretty exciting."

Junior Guard Klay Thompson
On holding his index finger up to the crowd at the end of the game...
"I was just saying one more game at a time and I'll wait to make that decision until after our season is over."

On the game...
"I knew we were going to win this game. We fought too hard to get into this position and we wanted to go to NYC very bad and end this season on a win and not all teams can do that, so we got the opportunity to."

On the end of the game...
"At the end of the game I was just thinking to be aggressive and no dumb fouls and to just play my game for the 45 minutes we were out there."

On DeAngelo...
"We have dealt with a lot of issues this year and faced adversity and it was great having DeAngelo back. He is a big presence on this team and we were prepared to play without him but the fact that he came back made it just that much better."

"I just told him be strong. I think DeAngelo is a smart kid and some people just put him in a bad position. I think he did a good job just playing hard and that is all we ask of him."

On missed free throws...
"It was quiet because we knew how much that hurt Abe, but he is a strong kid and he bounced back and told us that we were going to win this game. He was right, and you know everyone misses free throws so I wasn't worried. It is just like I said before; we just had to overcome some adversity."

On going to NY...
"I have only been there one time in my life and we get to play in Madison Square Garden on a national stage. It is really special for Washington State that we get to put our program in a great position to win this tournament."

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