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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Cougar Q&A With Kim Bonnes
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 09/18/2006
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Sept. 18, 2006

Kim Bonnes...Junior forward from Longview, Wash.


Favorite movie(s)...I love chick flicks or sports movies.

Favorite color...I don't have a specific favorite color. I am just attracted to anything bright.

Favorite restaurant food...I love Italian food. Chicken fettuccini alfredo is my favorite.

Favorite class at WSU...Entomology (Bug class) because I had it with a bunch of girls on my team and other athletes and our professor was awesome. He actually made learning about bugs fun!

Three things I have with me on the road...My iPod, my portable DVD player and snacks.

My pre-game superstitions or phobias...None really....I just believe in the "feel good, look good, play good" mentality. Oh, but I do have to hit our Cougarland sign every time before I walk on the field.

What or who makes me laugh the hardest...My teammates. When you spend so much time together on and off the field, you're bound to say stupid things at some point. We just have a blast making memories. Our quote board is hilarious.

My biggest pet peeve...When someone driving in front of you leaves their blinker on!

Coolest person you've ever met...Definitely my teammate Angela least she wants to think so.

When I grow up, I want to...Live in California or Seattle and work in fashion either at a fashion magazine or a huge company. Who knows, I might even open my own store.

Best thing about WSU (Pullman)...The outrageous school spirit. I love that everyone gets so into athletics.

My life is like an episode of...Probably the OC, but I think the team should have its own reality TV show. I would watch it.

Word or phrase I use way too much..."That's so funny..."

My most prized possession...My childhood blanket. It has been through a lot!

Since coming to WSU, I have learned...Take each experience in stride, but never stop challenging yourself. Appreciate the people around you that make you smile everyday.

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