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WSU vs. Cal
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/14/2006
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Oct. 14, 2006

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"First off, hats off to Cal. I think we played a very talented football team. They have great speed and good skilled receivers, two good running backs, Marshawn Lynch who has a bad ankle really battled, the quarterback Longshore had a great day.

Defensively they really played well also, better than I realized. I can't ask any more of our defense. They battled as tough as they could, they fought it out through injuries and everything else. They shut them out in the second half, a team averaging 41 points a game or more, to approximately two touchdowns really because they (Cal) had the blocked punt.

When you play a team like this you can't afford to have a punt blocked, you can't afford to not score when you are in on the five yard line. You have to get touchdowns when you are in the red zone and we didn't perform. We can move the ball down the field. I don't know if it is a mental thing or what, but when we get down inside the redzone it seems like we struggle. We can't have quarterback-center exchanges. Little things like that we have to clean up.

I thought we covered (DeSean) Jackson well on the punts. You could see what kind of open field runner he was when we missed one tackle and he got a little daylight to run across the field on that short hitch pass. He's electric. Our kids battled and that's all we can ask them to do.

(Is it execution) Execution as much as anything. What do you call? We tried to throw it, we tried to run it. You have to be able to knock someone off the line of scrimmage and get some movement. After the play, oh I wish I had called this or called that, you can always second guess yourself. I thought on the fourth and one it was on the one foot line or so and we had the play in. I thought we hadn't any yards off tackle, maybe they would be slanting out and we could sneak the thing in. It is something we'll have to work on.

It is always tough when you are one dimensional, whether you are running it every time or passing it. I think that makes it tough. Our receivers made some great catches and I don't think Jason Hill was at his peak. He's still a little sore and couldn't use that arm to get off jams real well.

Gary (Rogers) came in and got a separated shoulder, so he's pretty sore.

I think you have to give their defense credit too. Basically they manhandled our front. Not pointing fingers, but that front has been so beat up. Wednesday the only guy (Harris) that has started the same position for the first six games sprained his ankle. He's kind of limping around out there. That's just about a different starting lineup every week. It is difficult. On a double team you have to know when to come off. That's when you have guys playing together.

But I give credit to their defense. I thought their defensive front attacked us well, came of the ball and they got some pressure with three-man rushes. They are darned good. Don't ask me who's best, them or Southern Cal. I think I would pay to go watch that one.

(use of Brink and Rogers) We were planning to take him (Brink) back in. Gary struggled and threw the pick at the end too. He was a little bit sore. Coach Rosenbach makes that call. We wanted to get Alex in because he hadn't seen the spread before. He had a chance to stand by the side and watch the spread formation while Gary worked the ball down the field. We went back with the spread with Alex to see what he could do. It is his non-throwing shoulder (Rogers injury).

(Rogers) We just thought we would give him a chance at the start of the half to see what he could do. Give him a shot and let Alex stand on the side and take a look at it.

(What to do about redzone) Obviously we are going to have to try something different. Revamp it, motions. I even called it, I said run the boot and shoot they had that covered. What are we going to do. They are good, lets put it that way. They stayed home, they played a good balanced front, they are a real good football team. I think we hit them as they are starting to peak. Watch out, watch out SC.

(TD called back on review) I can't argue and I couldn't see it well enough and they reviewed and you don't really have any recourse.

(Brink's interceptions) I know on one of the routes the receiver ran the wrong route.

(fourth down) It was on the 35 yard line or 30 or 40 and we are behind 21-3. A field goal isn't going to do that much good. It wasn't because of the kicker. We needed touchdowns, we didn't need field goals. I didn't think we could get six of them to tie it up, I didn't think we would get there that many times.

(loss of tight end) It sure doesn't help the running game with out Cody Boyd. We put a tackle at tight end, you saw Hunter go out there and try to get some blocking. But again you are piecing things together on Tuesday and Wednesday and trying to put together a running game, it gets hard.

WSU DB Eric Frampton

"I think we played well against the pass. They are suppose to be averaging 40 some points a game. Another tribute to the defense, we got running a little slow bit slow but in the second half held them to zero points, which is awesome.

We were thinking the offense would get a spark. I give credit to the offense they got it into the redzone. They made some plays. Things just turned the wrong way, went the wrong way, and didn't punch it in. It is a balance, defensively and offensively. The defense played good but at the same time there were times we could have kept them from getting into the endzone.

(Defense making plays) It is not frustrating. The past couple of games the offense came up big when they needed to. We have complete and total trust in the offense, they are going to go out there and put up points. It happens. Cal had a pretty good defense. I was watching on the sideline.

(as good a team as you have seen) Close to it. Running back Marshwn Lynch, gerat running back, powerful. It was a solid team. I felt as a defense we matched up really well. We should have played with them. A couple of mistakes realy.

(controlled ball running) they ran a little bit more. We gave up a couple of big runs, but at the same time the defense for the most part held them. He had over 100, but the other side of that is we stopped them on the passing game. That's a tribute to the defense.

(Best game) I can always get better. Every time I step on the field personally I am looking to get better. I want to make one more play, something better than I did the last time. So I just need to get in the film room, check it out and see what it looks like on film and improve.

WSU DE Mkristo Bruce:

"They were a really good football team. We started off slow. We started mixing things up and we did a better job in the second half. They won the game. I didn't really have any production. We came out a little more fired up (in the second half). I felt like they came out and hit us in the mouth first and we didn't go hit them in the mouth. That basically is what it came down to. They hit us in the mouth. We resonded in the second half but it is too late by then.

It hits us hard because this is a game we really wanted to win and felt we could win watching film and coming into this game. It is over. Us seniors, we talked in the lockerroom, we'll never be able to play Cal again. But this game is over, we can't win it. We are going in here, watch film on Oregon and see what we can do about them and hopefully have a good week next week. We can't dwell on this game. The Cal Bears came in here and they had a great game plan and it really worked out.

WSU WR Brandon Gibson

"I just tried to play my game and hopefully help my team. I just tried to play, get a spark going and hopefully get the team going. In our offense any receiver is libel to get the ball a bunch of times. I wasn't really worried about the ball coming. When I got it I just wanted to make a play and see what happens.

It's not really a secret, our offense has struggled. We are going to get it going, rolling, and turn it on any play. I'm ready for it.

Redzone is a different mentality, you have to want it more than the other team, but that wasn't the case today, we just had a couple of problems. Next week we'll come back and play well in the redzone.

They did play a lot the way Oregon State did.

(best game) Receiving-wise I think so. I played pretty well. I would like to come out with a win but that wasn't the scenario today. Just come back and get it next week. I try to play with high confidence every game. I caught a lot of balls today, but I played alright.

I didn't know (about quarterback switch). Arkelon (Hall) said Gary is going in. It doesn't matter to me. Whoever can lead us lead us. I just want to win.

WSU QB Alex Brink.

"We are a better football team than that. They only team that can really beat us is us.

(Redzone frustrations) It is frustrating because I think everybody can see how close we are to getting it in the endzone, which is the point of the game. I guess if we had the answer We probably wouldn't be standing here talking about it like this.

(is there doubt) No, we know we are going to score. We have the confidence. It isn't a confidence issue, it is an execution issue. When a play gets called we need to make that play work. Whatever the defense does, we have to make that play work.

(first interception) I was frustrated. We were in a pretty good rhythm. It looked similar to the one with Brandon (Gibson) earlier in the game from the way I was looking at it. I made I guess a bad read on what I thought was going to happen, I thought the receiver was going to come back underneath it. The way the DB was paying it wasn't the right place to put the ball. It was frustrating. It was just a bad decision, I guess.

(skipped pass on fourth down) I think it was bad mechanics, mostly.

California Head Coach Jeff Tedford

Our defense played great. This was a defensive victory. We really did a nice job of when they got on the short field, even in the red zone, of keeping them out of the end zone. We came up with some turnovers, a couple of interceptions. I'm very pleased with the way they played today.

On Syd'Quan Thompson's run to catch Hutsona: You talk about effort. We always talk about playing snap the whistle and that's a perfect example of someone believing in what's going on and getting down there and making a play. Then we held them out in the end zone so a great, great effort by Syd.

On California's offense: In the second half we just shot ourselves in the foot so many times. I mean things that haven't happened to us -- fumbled snaps and illegal formations and penalties to bring big plays back. It just was not a very good effort today on the offensive side of the ball. We need to regroup and come out ready to play next week because today wasn't good enough offensively.

On the road win: This is a tough place to play. They have a very, very good football team. They're very physical on defense; they do a great job that way. They're very well coached and they can score some points too and so it's nice that our defense stepped up. Any win's a good win in this conference, there's no question about that. Sometimes one side of the ball has to step up and the defense did today, thankfully. It's a victory in the Pac-10 against a very tough team on the road and so we're happy to win, but we need to play better.

It's great to get a win here. Like I told the team we had an opportunity today to erase a lot of past history here and put our mark on Cal football. It's a tough place to play against a very well-coached team and a lot of great players on that side, so it's a great victory.

On running back Marshawn Lynch: He ran hard today. He made some guys miss inside and ran very physical inside. I know his ankle kept bothering him, but he just kept playing and pushing along.

On Daymeion Hughes' guarding of Jason Hill: I think Daymeion had a real focus on this game because of what happened last year. Hill got behind him a couple times, so we matched Daymeion up with Hill a couple times and I think Daymeion did a great job of shutting him down.

Quarterback Nate Longshore

On the offense: It was tough. The offense didn't do what we wanted to do, obviously, but the defense came through and won the game for us.

On the defense: We always knew our defense was good and they showed it today and made us victorious.

On the rushing game: I felt like we ran the ball very well. We had some penalties that took away from some of our yardage that we had, but we ran the ball really well and we were able to sustain some drives in that way.

On the win: Obviously we need to get better. Every win's a good win. There's going to be those tough games where you just have to find a way to win and that's what we did. We'll get better.

I think it was a very big win for us. I don't think we've won here since before 1980, so it was huge for us to come in here and get a win after the big win we had last week. Just to come in and have their defense dominate like they did and get another win for us, it was nice.

Running back Marshawn Lynch

On the defense stopping WSU on the 1-yard line: I don't know what was going through my mind. I saw our defense hold them up so it was a sigh of relief. Great things happened from our defense.

On the offense: We didn't put up the amount of points that we've been doing in the past, but a win is a win no matter how you get it so I'm satisfied.

On the touchdown runs: They were just basic touchdown runs and I had great blocking up front that got me in there.

On the road win: I'd heard that we hadn't won here in 20-odd years. It just feels good to come up here and get the victory.

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