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Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Get To Know Marcus Moore
Courtesy: Washington State Athletics
Release: 10/09/2003
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Oct. 9, 2003

FAVORITES: Movie - Menace to Society, Food - Cheeseburgers, TV Show - SportsCenter, Video Game - Madden 2004.

What CD has gotten heavy rotation in your player recently? Blue Print 2 by Jay Z.

If you couldn't play basketball for a career, what would you want to do? Coach basketball.

Which celebrity would you most like to date? Vida Guerra.

What is your favorite college course you have taken so far? Billiards.

Nobody can believe that...? I cannot swallow pills.

I never miss... Practice.

Best basketball player you've played against - Magic Johnson.

What NBA player would you compare your game to? Nick Van Exel.

Who do you think will win the NBA championship this year? MVP? Los Angeles Lakers. Shaquille O'Neal.

What is the noisiest arena you have played in? Haas Pavilion at California.

Who is your basketball idol? Magic Johnson.

What part of your game needs the most work? Quickness.

What person has had the most impact on your game? My mom.

Pregame superstition - Taking a shower.

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